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Updated September 6, 2009 - 11:29 PM EDT
New Afghan 'Poll Frauds' Emerge
  At Some Polling Places, Karzai Got Every Vote
  Warning of Instability Exacerbates Afghan Vote Fraud
Outrage as US Forces Attack Afghan Hospital
  Rift With Karzai Worsens as 95 Die in NATO Strike
  McChrystal Goes on TV, Tries to Calm Afghans After Air Strike
  Germany Defends Afghan NATO Strike That Left Up to 90 Dead
  Taliban Attacks in North Afghanistan Spike
  UK and US Gives Up Hope of More European Help in Afghanistan
Iraqi Arabs Protest Plan for US-Kurdish Patrols
  Iraq Prime Minister Attacks Neighbors 'Who Shelter Criminals'
Moussavi Says Ahmadinejad 'Misusing Islam'
  Ahmadinejad: 'Iran Prepared for Pressure Over Nuclear Program'
Pakistan Kills at Least 57 in Khyber Offensive
Georgia Jails Turkish Captain for Ignoring Abkhazia Embargo
Afghanistan Isn't Worth One More American Life  by Joe Galloway
Churchill Spurred the Decline of the West  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Rethinking the Good War
by Laurence M. Vance
The Missing Link in Palestinian Organ Theft  by Jonathan Cook
Another Krock of Krepinevich
by Jeff Huber
ElBaradei's Swan Song  by Gordon Prather
Deeper Into the Tunnel
by Alexander Cockburn
How to Deal With North Korea
by Doug Bandow

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Administration Seeks to Keep Terror Watch-List Data Secret
Sudan Militias in Deadly Raids, 25 Villagers Killed
Several Dead in Somali Clashes, Possibly Including US Jihadist
'Dozens Killed and Wounded' as Yemen Ceasefire Cracks
Website Says to Carry bin Laden 'Present' to Muslims
The War at Home
Pictures of Dying Marine Bring War Home to America
Custody Battles Can Become a Rude 'Welcome Home' for Military Parents
US: Photos of Nuke Transport Trucks Released
Veterans Unemployment Rate Hits 11.3%
How Team of Geeks Cracked Spy Trade
Basra Alcohol Ban Triggers Fear Among Christians
China Oil Deal Is New Source of Strife Among Iraqis
Iraq-Shell Gas Deal Likely to Be Delayed
Saturday: 4 Iraqis Killed, 7 Wounded
Iran's Universities Punish Students Who Disputed Vote
Iran Reformist 'Under Pressure to Confess'
Iran: Nuclear Cooperation Part of Proposals to Powers
Woman's Case Reflects Prisoners' Treatment in Iran
Iran: Jailed Former Government Official Tells His Story
Doctor: 90% of War Casualties at Gaza Hospital Were Civilians
Abbas Rejects Netanyahu Talks if Settlements Grow
Holy City Twist: Arabs Moving Into Jerusalem's Jewish Areas
Alleged Plot to Kill Israel's Army Chief of Staff
Fatah Vows to Hold Palestinian Elections on Schedule
Hamas Fights Over Gaza's Islamist Identity
IDF Filmed Lobbing Tear Gas at al-Jazeera Reporter in West Bank
Palestinians: Gaza Teen Dies After Being Shot by IDF Near Israel Border
Hamas Rejects Rights Group Accusation Over Religious Dress
Anti-Rocket Alert Activated in Southern Israel, but Mortar Shell Lands in Palestinian Territory
Global Israel/Palestine Impact
Hamas Chief Arrives in Cairo to Discuss Shalit Deal
EU Urges Israel to Rethink Settlement Plans
Swedish FM Cancels Israel Trip Amid Tensions Between Nations
Army Arrests 11 Suspects Involved in Clashes in Northern Lebanon
Likely PKK Landmine Explosion Kills Civilian in Southeastern Turkey
Armenia, Turkey Look to Economic, Diplomatic Gains
Libyan Arms Dealers to Visit London Defense Show
Lockerbie Bomber Release: The British Aid 'Sweetener' to Libya
Charge: Libya Paid for Medical Advice That Helped Lockerbie Bomber's Release
Medical Experts Were Urged to Predict Bomber's Early Death
Autocrat's Heir Claims Victory in Gabon
Gabon Troops Outside Stadium as Unrest Continues
French Oil Staff Evacuated Amid Election Fraud Allegations Toward France
Nigeria Rebels Want Clear Plans for Those Who Disarm
Opposition Calls to Boycott Central African Republic Election Body
Marches For, Against Chavez in Divided Venezuela
Chavez Welcomes US Decision to Cut Aid to Honduras
Chavez Minister Vows More Venezuela Radio Closings
Grenada's Last 1983 Rebels Freed
Ecuador's Correa to Seek Suspension for TV Channel
Weekend Reviews
Super K and the Perils of Power
Rethinking the Good War
An Iranian Kurd Hearts Paul Craig Roberts
Eight Bailed Out
Afghanistan Election
Afghan Presidential Challenger Wants Results Held
Karzai Brother Takes 100% of Votes in Opposition Stronghold
Afghan Election Body Dismisses Allegations, Ensures Fair Election
UN to Host Post-Election Summit in Kabul
Afghanistan Occupation
Brown Faces Labor Party Motion to Pull Out Troops From Afghanistan
Vietnam Has Ominous Echoes for President Stuck in Unwinnable War
Ashdown Asks Whether Afghanistan War Can Be Won
Sole Informant Guided Decision on Afghan Strike
EU Ministers Chide NATO Over Afghan Attack Deaths
US General: Afghan Civilians Wounded at Bomb Site
Afghan Villagers Bury Their Dead as Taliban Watch
Spain Eyes 200 More Troops in Afghanistan
Bomb Targets German Troops in North Afghanistan
Target Germany: A Second Front in Afghanistan?
Queen Is 'Displeased' With Gordon Brown Over Afghanistan
'We Pity the Brits': The View From the Marines in Afghanistan
Australia Defense Tight-Lipped on Claims Military Stopped Afghan Refugees From Boarding Rescue Boats
Biden: Pakistan More Important Than Afghanistan
US Terror Suspect Fails to Show in Pakistan Court
Pakistani Court Resumes Trial of Mumbai Suspects
India: Islamabad Not Sincere in Punishing Mumbai Attackers
UK's Brown: Zardari Assured Waziristan Action
A Law Unto Themselves: Americans in Pakistan
Experts See No Construction at North Korea Nuclear Site
US, South Korea Envoys Discuss North's Nuclear Claim
China Web Sites Seeking Users' Names
China Ousts Regional Leader in Wake of Unrest
Nepal: Maoists Protest Indian Priests in Hindu Temple
Mastermind of Ingush Leader Attack Killed: Reports
Russia Kills Man 'Planning Moscow Suicide Attack'
3 Police Killed in Southern Ingushetia Blast
Officials: 5 Rebels Shot Dead in Southern Russia
Russia's Troubled Caucasus, Five Years After Beslan
US Sees Progress on Nuclear Arms Deal With Russia
Violence at Anti-Islamist Protest in United Kingdom
While Europe Sleeps, Bosnia Seethes
Suspects Released in Sarkozy Death Threats Probe
Americans Still Dying
Fallen Federal Way (WA) Soldier Worried About Lack of Equipment
Columbia (SC) Soldier Was to Return Home in October
Mom Says Son Killed in Convoy Attack 'Was a Sweet Kid' (LA)
Missouri Soldier Killed by IED in Afghanistan
Wife Wants Memory of Fallen Arizona Soldier Kept Alive
Memorial Service Held for Williamsburg (VA) Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Amesbury (MA) Soldier Killed on Second Tour in Iraq
Maine Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Was Top Athlete, Cook
Funeral Held for Vermont Soldier Killed in Iraq
Parents, Sisters Mourn Ohio Marine Killed in Afghanistan
Army Ranger (FL) Killed in Combat in Afghanistan
Spec Ops Soldier From Monroe (MI) Killed in Action
Memorial to Be Held for Yorba Linda (CA) Soldier

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