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Updated September 11, 2009 - 11:19 PM EDT
Pelosi Lining Up Against Obama on Afghanistan
  Democrats Support for Afghan War Waning
  Afghanistan: Doubt Grows Over Another Distant War
Afghan Electoral Panel Throws Out More Ballots
  Fears of Violence as Top Warlord Defends Post-Election Protests
  NATO: German Colonel Breached Rules in Air Strike That Killed 100
US: Six World Powers Accept Iran's Offer for Talks
  Iranian Weapons Cache Found in Afghanistan: US
  Iran Proposes Control System Aimed at Eliminating Nuclear Weapons
Envoy Insists US Sticking to Iraq Timetable
  Rioters Set Fires at Iraq's Abu Ghraib Prison
  At Least 25 Killed in Northern Iraq Bombing
Officials to War-Weary Americans: Al-Qaeda Still a Threat
  Senate Panel OKs $128 Billion More for Wars
DoD Lawyer Hedges on Closing Gitmo by January
  Some Guantánamo Prisoners Fight Release
US Risks Being Sucked Into Yemen Civil War
The Causes, Aftermath and Lessons of 9/11  by Anthony Gregory
Hamid Karzai and Memories of Indochina  by William Pfaff
The Post–9/11 Roundup of Innocents  by James Bovard
A 9/11 Reality Check  by Robert Scheer
Bananas in Bananastan  by Jeff Huber
Accelerated Roadmap to War  by Jim Lobe

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US Muslims: Backlash Fear Builds Each 9/11
Hayden's Appointment to Declassification Panel Draws Fire
Al-Qaeda Extends to Somalia, Yemen
Japan Must End Afghan Mission: Coalition Party
Gun Prices Soar After Afghanistan's Election
Thatcher Did Not Want Germany Unified
Spending on UK Military Could be Cut by Tories
The War at Home
9/11 a Distant Memory for Teens
Senate Panel Votes to Kill F-22 Fighter
Wounded Troops Recover as US War Coverage Wanes
Texas Couple Pleads Guilty in Afghanistan Fraud
'War on Terror'
Detainee Files Emergency Writ to Halt Hearings
Algerians, Freed From Guantánamo, Still Paying the Price
Brown, Obama Discuss Lockerbie Bomber Release
Museum Scours World for New Videos of 9/11 Attacks
Kurds Demand Security After Latest Bombing in Iraq
Iraqi Shoe Thrower Might Drop TV, Turn to Activism
Iraqi Pair Are Cleared of Killing Two British Soldiers
Iraqis Turn to Private Schools Amid Charges of Corruption
Police Arrest al-Qaeda Leader in Baaquba
Iraq Market Bombs Kill Four, Wound 29
Thursday: 12 Iraqis Killed, 86 Wounded
Russia Opposes Iran Sanctions
No Suspension of Uranium Enrichment: Iran
Iran Commander Says 36 Died in Vote Unrest: Report
Top French General: Iran Intervention Not Viable
White House: Iranian Leader Unlikely to Go to Obama Event
Lawmaker Sees Vote on Iran Petroleum Sanctions
Interview With Iran Presidential Aide
Netanyahu: We're Ready for Peace, but Won't Be Suckers
Judge Orders One Jerusalem Settler Project to Stop
Netanyahu Draws 'Friendly Fire' Over Secret Trip to Russia
Plot Thickens Over Israeli PM's Secret Trip
Netanyahu Agreed to Golan Withdrawal in 1998: Report
Israeli Soldiers 'Not Authorized' to Beat Palestinian Civilians
Palestinian TV Satire Targets Politics for First Time
Israeli DM Warns Leftist to Tone Down Criticism of Settlement Expansion
Hariri Gives Up Bid to Form Lebanon Unity Government
Are the Shebaa Farms Key to Lebanon's Security?
Think Tank: Taliban Return to Most of Afghanistan
Abdullah: Afghan Vote 'State-Engineered' Fraud
US Says 16 Guards Removed in Afghan Embassy Scandal
2 Say They Reported Abuses at Afghanistan Embassy
Afghan Reporters Blame NATO for Colleague's Death
British Rescue Was Reckless, Media Club Says
British Government Defends Raid That Freed Reporter in Afghanistan
Pakistan: Khyber Offensive to Continue Until Area Is Cleared
US Eyes Military Equipment Transfer to Pakistan From Iraq
Zardari Rejects Obama's Af-Pak Strategy
Pakistan Envoy in Denver to Discuss Terrorism
Aid Group Seeks Funds for South Waziristan Displaced
China Protests Dalai Lama, Uighur Speeches
Indonesia Warns Australia on War Crimes Probe
European Envoy Asks Russia About NGO Killing
Medvedev Targets Russia's Weaknesses, Pledges Change
Spanish Judge Who Indicted Pinochet, bin Laden Is Accused of Overstepping in Franco Case
Sudanese Ex-Foes Fail to Reach Deal in Talks
Uganda Army Says LRA Security Chief Captured
Ethiopian Opposition Says Government Detaining Its Members
Nigeria in $25 Million Arms Deal With Israel
African Union Opposes New Madagascar 'Unity' Government
Venezuela's Chavez Draws Closer to Moscow
Venezuela Recognizes Georgian Separatist Regions
EU to Warn Honduras of Further Sanctions Over Coup
Middle East
Yemen Launches Fresh Assault on Shiite Rebels
In Egypt and Kuwait, Censors Pull Plug on Shows That Mock Politicians
Jordan Says Israel Settlement Plan Will 'Derail' Peace

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Obama's Turning Point

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To Escalate the Escalation?

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An Evening With Cindy Sheehan

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Different Country, Same Problem

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Fascism Needs an Enemy

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Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

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The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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