British Defense Secretary Also Presses to Escalate in Afghanistan    Israeli, US, and French Military Chiefs Meet for Iran Strategy Meeting    Security Adviser Calls Troop Increase McChrystal's Opinion    Black Market Shows Iran Can Adapt to Sanctions    Attacks on Remote Posts Highlight Risks in Afghanistan    Clear Voice of Bush's Pentagon Becomes Harder to Hear    Retired Colonel Wants Military to Answer for Son's July 2008 Death    Deadly Attack by Taliban Tests New Strategy    Obama 'Furious' Over Gen. McChrystal Speech    Eight US Soldiers Killed in Afghan Offensive    IAEA, Iran Settle on Date for Qom Inspections    UK Treasury Blocks More Helicopters for Afghanistan    US Lawmakers Vow Swift Action Against Iran    North Korea Open to Nuclear Talks: State Media    Pakistan Has Forces, Equipment for Taliban Assault: US    Somalia President Condemns Minn. Terror Recruiting    Pakistan Army Orders Inquiry Into Internet Beating Clip    Israel's Friends Are Losing Patience    IAEA Is 'Not Panicking' About Iran    Americans Manufacture Another Nuclear Crisis    Goldstone: As a Jew, It's My Duty to Probe War Crimes    Obama Adviser: No Immediate Threat of Afghanistan Falling to Taliban    India to Station All MiG 29s Along Pak Border    Hakimullah Mehsud May Have Been Killed Again, US Guesses    US Storms Troops Into the Philippines    Who Are 'the Deciders'?    Test of Laser From C-130H Melts Hood of Car    GOP Senators: US, Not Israel, Should Attack Iran 'if Necessary'    ElBaradei Says Nuclear Israel Number One Threat to Mideast: Report    Achieving America's Objectives in Afghanistan    Exit Afghanistan and Leave Iran Alone    
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Obama Furious at McChrystal Afghan Speech
8 US Troops Killed in Afghanistan Battle
  Pentagon: Extra GIs for North, West Afghanistan
  Is the White House Signaling an Afghan Exit Strategy?
  Afghanistan Opposition Leader Abdullah Questions UN Neutrality
  Top UK General Says UK Ready to Boost Afghan Force
  Innocent Teens Killed by Canadian Soldiers on Patrol in Afghanistan
  Afghan Cop Patrolling With US Troops Opens Fire, Killing 2 Americans
Iran, IAEA Set Date for Qom Inspection
  UN Staffers Say Iran Has Data to Make a Nuke
  Israel Names Russians It Says Are Helping Iran Build Nuclear Bomb
  Iran's President Says Obama Made a Big Mistake in Nuke Accusation
  Iran Is Home to Biggest Population of Jews in the Mideast Outside Israel
Iraq: As GIs Draw Down, More Contractors Hired
  In Anbar, US-Allied Tribal Chiefs Feel Deep Sense of Abandonment
  Mosul: 139 Random Arrests, 100 Detainees Have No Criminal Records
NATO Commander Warns of Arctic Conflict With Russia
Obama and the Graveyard of Empires  by Frank Creel
Obama Should Adopt the 'Public Option' in Afghanistan  by Leon Hadar
Exorcising America's Diplomatic Demons  by Robert Scheer
How Similar Are the Cases Against Iran and Iraq?  by Glenn Greenwald
Obama the Great  by Gordon Prather
A Tale of Two Op-Eds  by Stephen M. Walt
The Right to a Guilty Verdict
by Jacob Sullum
The Hayden Letter
by John Prados

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Iraqi Who Fought for US Is Left Stranded
Maliki: Some Sides Try to Reignite Sectarianism
IMF 'Confident' About Iraq Loan, Says Official
Iraq 'Not Sure' on Meeting IMF Conditions, Says Senior Iraqi Bank Advisor
Iraq Delays Hydrocarbons Law Until After Election: MP
Iraq and Oil Majors Agree Terms on Oilfield Project
Saturday: 3 Iraqis Killed, 8 Wounded
Congress Ready to Penalize Iran if 'Diplomacy' Fails
Iran Should Allow Water Into Iraq to Prove Friendship, Urges Iraqi VP
Israel Bombs Gaza Weapons Lab Following Hamas Rocket Attack
Palestinian Minister Quits Over PA's 'Capitulation to Israel' on Goldstone Report
Hamas Official Says Prisoner Swap May Be Done Within Months
Noam Shalit: It Could Be Years Before Son Gilad Is Freed by Hamas
Freed Palestinian Prisoner, Her Child Warmly Received in Gaza
Hamas: Carter Played Key Role in Shalit Video Deal
Mubarak Urges Israel to Start Final Status Talks
Middle East
Syrian Visits Washington as Part of Regional Détente
Egypt UNESCO Loss Stirs Debate on Ties With Israel
Turkey Holds 17 Over Alleged Terror Plans
EU Treaty
Ireland Approves Lisbon Treaty by 67%
Foes of EU Treaty Urge Czech PM Not to Sign It
Eyes on Czechs After Irish EU Vote, Poles to Sign
UK Opposition Reinforces EU Treaty Referendum Pledge
Georgia Sees Vindication in Report That Blamed It for Starting War With Russia
100,000 Protest for Press Freedom in Rome
Bosnia-Herzegovina Submits Request for NATO Membership
Honduran Leader, Zelaya Inch Toward Crisis Talks
Micheletti Slow to Keep Pledge on Civil Rights in Honduras
Curacao Cops: Witnesses Saw Missing US Diplomat
Curacao: DNA on Bloody Clothes Matches Missing US Diplomat
As Colombian War Crimes Suspects Sit in US Prisons, Victims Protest
Jamaica Cops Detain Man in Death of British Consul
Americans Still Dying
Yonkers (NY) Marine Killed in Afghanistan, Was Anxious to Go Home
Bethany (OK) Soldier Killed in Philippines Blast
Ft. Lewis (WA) Soldier, Father of 5, Killed in Philippine Bomb Blast
Virginia Beach (VA) Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Murfreesboro (TN) Soldier Dies in Action in Afghanistan
Dalhart (TX) Soldier Dies in Afghanistan
Bibb Co. (GA) Deputy Killed in Afghanistan
A Protection or a Provocation? Residents of Afghanistan's Shomali Plain Deeply Conflicted Over Presence of US Troops
British Army Chief Warns of 'Terrifying Prospect' of Failure in Afghanistan
Dutch Troops Look Set to Leave Afghanistan
Audit of Afghan Suspect Ballots to Start Soon: Officials
Western Afghanistan, a New Worry?
South African Contractor Held for Killing Afghan Guard
Afghan Election Whitewash 'Not On' for the UK
Four Finnish Peacekeepers Wounded in Afghanistan
3 US Troops Killed in Attacks in East Afghanistan
Four Civilians Killed, 20 Injured in Blast in Northern Afghanistan
A Month in Helmand: British Soldiers' Stories
Pakistan Prepares Assault, Eyes Taliban Infighting
11 Militants Killed by Pakistani Forces in Khyber
Pakistan: Anti-Taliban Tribal Elder Fatally Shot
Pakistan Postpones Mumbai Trial Again
Musharraf: US, Pakistan 'Suddenly' Lost Track of bin Laden
Rocket Hits School in Peshawar, No Casualties Reported
Pakistan, China One on Regional, World Issues, Says Zardari
Taliban Leader: Dead or Alive?
Pakistani Taliban Chief May Be Dead, Says US Official
Pakistan Taliban Under Pressure to Prove Leader Is Alive
Uzbek Militant Leader Was Killed in August, Says Pakistan
India Arrests 11 After Maoist Massacre: Police
Protesters, Police Clash in Kashmir, 22 Injured
Myanmar Minister Promises 'Free and Fair' Elections
Myanmar-American to Get Suu Kyi Lawyers
Myanmar Junta Official Meets Aung San Suu Kyi
Japan: Myanmar Says Nuclear Ambitions Are Peaceful
Sri Lanka Protests Clinton's War-Rape Remark
US Officials Meeting With UAE, Egypt on North Korea
Rift Between Somalia's Rebel Groups Deepens
Somalia's President Says Terrorism Growing There
Militant: 3 Aid Workers Freed in Somalia
Somalia: Spain Says 36-Man Crew on Hijacked Boat Safe
Top Nigerian Militant Leaders Disarm Under Amnesty
Three Key Militant Leaders in Nigeria's Oil Delta
What Is at Stake in Nigeria's Niger Delta?
16 Killed in Clashes in South Sudan Oil Region: Army
Sudan's Bashir Runs for President Despite Warrant
Six Soldiers Killed in Senegal's Casamance Region
Abducted Moroccan Leader's Son Slams Suspension of Arrest Warrants
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