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Updated October 6, 2009 - 11:18 PM EDT

Pakistan Resists US Presence, Influence


The Many Deaths of Hakimullah Mehsud

Gates: Taliban Strength Due to Lack of US Troops

  White House Rejects Afghan Pullout

UN Watchdog's New Rules Likely to Ensure Karzai Win


Gates Urges Officials to Keep War Advice Private

Fatah, Hamas to Reconcile Later This Month
  Palestinian Voices of Gloom Get Louder
Instead of Bombs and Bribes, Let's Try Empathy and Trade  by Rep. Ron Paul
State Dept. Terror List a Purely Political Product  by Philip Giraldi
Questioning the Assumptions About a Nuclear Iran  by H.D.S. Greenway
McChrystal's Ultimatum  by Jeff Huber
The Tropes of 'Jewish Anti-Semitism'  by Antony Lerman
Keeping Lone Wolves From the Door  by Julian Sanchez

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Obama to Meet With Lawmakers on Afghanistan

Voice of Bush's Favored General Is Now Harder to Hear

UK Military 'How to Stop Leaks' Document Is Leaked

Arrest Puts Focus on Protesters' Texting

AP Sources Claim NYC Suspect Contacted Senior al-Qaeda

US-Cuba Travel Flourishing

Probing the Arctic Sea Conspiracies


Sistani Denies Boycotting Elections

Army Continues Criminal Probes Into Iraq Electrocutions

US Soldiers in Iraq Disappointed They Can't Engage in Combat

Iraq Christian Leader Denounces Latest Attacks

Iranian Rebels in Iraq Transferred to Remote Prison

Monday: 12 Iraqis Killed, 62 Wounded


Iran Says No Change in Nuclear Stance After Geneva Talks

Iran Names New Militia Commander Who UN Sanctioned

Russian FM: Iran Enrichment Deal Needs Finalizing

'War on Terror'

Judge Says Dallas Bomb Plot Case to Proceed

How to Avoid Torturing Your Prisoners

Terror Chiefs Eye Intrusive New 'Exams' to Detect Suppository Bombs

NYC to Expand High-Tech Counterterror System

MI5 Historian: Guantánamo Creates 'Long Grievances'

Al-Qaeda Offshoot Claims Algeria Attacks

US Will Not Seek the Death Penalty for Suspect in Embassy Blasts


Outrage as Zelaya Says Israeli Mercenaries Backed Coup

Honduras Gov't Revokes Rights-Limiting Decree

Fla. GOP Lawmakers to Visit New Honduras President

North Korea

China, North Korea Laud Ties on Scrutinized Visit

North Korea Considers Return to Nuclear Talks

North Korea Got $2.2B Under Failed Disarmament Deals

In Other News
Emirates Leader Signs Law to Develop Nuclear Power

Student Protester's Saga Shines New Light on Chávez's Approach to Dissent


Gates Cites Importance of Obama's Afghanistan Decisions

Sharp Division Inside White House on Afghanistan, Analyst Says

Strikes Shape Afghanistan Debate

2 NATO Soldiers Reported Killed in Afghanistan

Public's Views of Afghanistan War Have Turned Sour

Afghan FM Insists Insurgency 'Global,' Not Domestic

Afghanistan Begins Sample Audit of Presidential Vote

Karzai's Running Mate Poised for Return

France, Spain to Return to Kyrgyzstan Air Base


Pakistan Readies for New Assault on 'bin Laden Lair'

Suicide Bomber Kills 5 at UN Office in Pakistan

Bathroom Break a Ploy for Pakistan Suicide Attack

UN Offices in Pakistan Closed Temporarily

India Increases Number of Battalions Along Pakistan Borders

Israeli Deputy PM Cancels Trip to London, Fearing Arrest for War Crimes

New Israeli Settlement Construction Underway: Report

Damascus Shuns Abbas Over Goldstone's Gaza Report Delay

Jerusalem Police Chief Slams 'Ungrateful' Muslims After Clashes

Israeli Police Deploy Around Tense Holy Site

US Group Vows Never to Give Up 'Right' to Jerusalem

Russia and Her Neighbors

Ukraine-Russia Tensions Evident in Crimea

Ingushetia's Government Dismissed After Series of Terrorist Attacks

Justin Raimondo
Israeli Exceptionalism

Kelley B. Vlahos
PATRIOT Act Fight Needs More Patriots

Charles V. Peņa
The Real Deal?

Philip Giraldi
WMD All Over Again

Ivan Eland
Empathy for 'Adversaries'

Nebojsa Malic
Only in Bosnia

David R. Henderson
An Evening With Cindy Sheehan

Ran HaCohen
Fascism Needs an Enemy

Alan Bock
Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

Edouard Husson
The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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