US, Afghan Forces Kill Afghan Child in Raid    Bomb Strikes India Embassy in Kabul, 17 Dead    Pakistani Army Slams 'Insulting' US Aid Bill    Pakistani Government Battles Army Over US Aid Deal    Pentagon Lacks Oversight on War Costs    Report: Afghan War Debate Now Leans to Focus on Al-Qaeda in Pakistan    Army Officers Criticize Rebuke of Gen. McChrystal    Budget Deficit Hits Record $1.4 Trillion in 2009    Is Medea Benjamin Naive or Just Confused?    Arlington Unveils a New Kind of Unknown Soldier    'Terror Cell' Found in Cradle of 9/11    Admiral: Last Guantánamo Death Was Suicide    Israeli FM: No Point in Permanent Peace Deal    US: Insurgents Breached Base During Afghan Battle    Stuck in Kabul, With Saigon Blues Again    Mideast 'Peace Partners' Finally Taking Off Their Gloves    Tensions Mount Again at al-Aqsa     Is McChrystal Dovish on Iran?    Still Meddling After All These Years    The Suffocatingly Narrow Afghanistan 'Debate'    A War of Absurdity    Harsh Afghan Outposts Raise Serious Challenges for US    Iranian Opposition Detainees Freed in Iraq    Iran FM Accuses US in Nuke Scientist Disappearance    China: North Korea Nuclear Talks Could Resume    Al-Qaeda Showing Smaller Presence in Afghanistan    US Security Firm's Pakistan Role Questioned    Target Iran? MOP Bunker-Buster Bomb Fast-Tracked    Was This Man the First Terrorist of the Modern Age?    Afghan Campaign in Quotes    Taliban Stepping Up Attacks on NATO Supply Convoys    UK Poll: Most 'Remain Against Afghan War'    Epitaph on Empire    Hawks and Havens    
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Updated October 8, 2009 - 11:24 PM EDT
Obama Open to Taliban in Afghanistan Politics
  Obama Rules Out 'Biden Option' on Afghanistan
  Report: Afghan War Debate Now Leans to Focus on al-Qaeda in Pakistan
Bomb Strikes Indian Embassy in Kabul, 17 Dead
  US, Afghan Forces Kill Afghan Child in Raid
  In Afghanistan, US Troop Morale Plummeting
  Afghan Taliban Say They Pose No Threat to the West
  Al-Qaeda Showing Smaller Presence in Afghanistan
Pakistani Army Slams 'Insulting' US Aid Bill
  Pakistani Government Battles Army Over US Aid Deal
  US Security Firm's Pakistan Role Questioned
Maliki Warns Military Straining Budget, Eyes Cuts
  Obama Offers Assurances to Iraqi President
Israeli Foreign Minister: Peace Deal Impossible
  Tensions Mount Again at al-Aqsa
House Easily Approves Defense Policy Bill
Pentagon Lacks Oversight on War Costs
Japan Threatens to Kick Out US Troops
The Suffocatingly Narrow Afghanistan 'Debate'  by Glenn Greenwald
Still Meddling After All These Years  by Sheldon Richman
Why Are Cops in Camo... in Pittsburgh?  by Radley Balko
Is Medea Benjamin Naive or Just Confused?  by Scott Horton
Hawks and Havens  by Benjamin H. Friedman
Is McChrystal Dovish on Iran?
by Stephen M. Walt

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Mideast 'Peace Partners' Finally Taking Off Their Gloves
Army Officers Criticize Rebuke of Gen. McChrystal
UK Poll: Most Remain Against Afghan War
Insurgents Breached US Base During Afghan Battle
Was This Man the First Terrorist of the Modern Age?
'Terror Cell' Found in Cradle of 9/11
Admiral: Last Guantánamo Death Was Suicide
'War on Terror'
Obama: US Targets Terrorists 'Wherever They Take Root'
Key Democrats Would Let Gitmo Detainees Be Tried in US
Bombing Suspect Seeks to Keep Military Lawyers
Egyptian Imam Seeks $10 Million in CIA Renditions Trial
The War at Home
61 Arrested at White House; Start of Week of Afghan War Protests
Afghan Strategy Divides Lawmakers
Field Poll: Californians Split Over Afghan War
GOP Voters More Favorable to Afghan War Troop Hike
Iraq Veterans Protest Afghan War
Budget Deficit Hits Record $1.4 Trillion in 2009
Congress Moving to Block Release of Torture Photos: ACLU
US Military
Even With Check in Hand, GI Benefits Elusive
PTSD: An Army Colonel's Quest for Answers
Target Iran? MOP Bunker-Buster Bomb Fast-Tracked
Disappearance of Iranian Scientist Creates Mystery
Iran FM Accuses US in Nuke Scientist Disappearance
Iran Says Some Countries Offer It Nuclear Fuel
Ahmadinejad Calls Geneva Talks a 'Step Forward'
Iranian Opposition Detainees Freed in Iraq
Obama Urges Iraqis to Adopt Election Law Soon
Maliki Asserts Keenness to Develop Ties With Russia
Iraq Reality Show 'Comedy Star' Big on Laughs
Grenade Attack in Baghdad Leaves Two Civilians Dead
Wednesday: 1 US Soldier, 13 Iraqis Killed; 32 Iraqis Wounded
3,000 Likud Members Rally Against Obama
Peres on Jerusalem Unrest: Israel Will Guard All Holy Sites
UN Council to Discuss Gaza War Crimes on Oct. 14
Hamas: No Unity Deal Until Abbas Apologizes Over Gaza Report
Palestinian Official: We Erred Over Gaza Report
Palestinian Hamas Bans Motorbike Rides for Women
Gaza Love Story: The Bride Who Crawled Through a Tunnel
Middle East
Wave of Violence Erupts in Northern Lebanon
Saudi King Seeks to Mend Rift With Syria
Civilian, Military Officials at Odds Over Resources for Afghan Mission
President Gets Commander's Afghan Troop Request
Afghan Campaign in Quotes
Taliban Claim to Raise a Flag Over Nuristan
Spanish Soldier Killed in Afghan Blast, Five Injured
US Moves to Overhaul Jails That Breed Insurgents in Afghanistan
Taliban Stepping Up Attacks on NATO Supply Convoys
Pentagon: Afghan Base Where 8 Died Was Slated to Close
Harsh Afghan Outposts Raise Serious Challenges for US
Two Afghan Civilians Killed, 25 Injured in Attack on Bus
Only One US Cargo Shipment Flown to Afghanistan Via Russia
US, Afghan Troops Seize Tonnes of Opium, Kill 17 Taliban
NATO Seeks More Russian Help in Afghanistan
Russia: US Fight Against Afghan Drugs Insufficient
India Urges World to Press Pakistan for Afghan Peace
Zardari Sees Opposition to US Aid Bill as Personal Insult
Pakistan Expects 'Tough Resistance' in Waziristan
Pakistan Expects Bombings
Six Taliban Killed in South Waziristan
North Korea
China: North Korea Nuclear Talks Could Resume
US Sailors Sue North Korea Over 1968 Torture
Shariah Law Verdict Divides Malaysia
China Torn Over Internet Freedoms
Chechnya's President Wins Defamation Lawsuit
Somalia's Two Main Rebel Groups Agree on Truce
Pirates Choose Wrong Target – a French Warship
Nigeria's Main Armed Group Says to Resume Attacks
Annan Warns Kenyans of Political Dangers
Diplomats Head to Honduras, Hoping to End Crisis
Leader Ousted, Honduras Hires US Lobbyists
CIA Files Show Agency Trusted Cuban Exile Luis Posada Carriles

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