Civilian Goals Largely Unmet in Afghanistan    Pakistani Police Had Warned Army About a Raid    At Least 25 Killed in String of Ramadi Bombings    Clinton Downplays Threat to Pakistan Nuke Arsenal    Israeli Officials Warn Against Support for UN Report    Palestinian Unity Deal Postponed for 'Several Weeks'    US Soldier, More Than Dozen Taliban Killed in Afghanistan    Muslims in US Feel Unfairly Implicated in the War on Terror    Clinton Insists US-Britain Ties Strong    How One Muslim Sees Her Government's War on Terrorism    In Gaza, Only the Dying Get to See Their Israeli Relatives    Israeli FM to Travel Globe, Rallying Support Against Iran    US Cancels Wargames After Turkey Snubs Israel    India Denies Interfering in Balochistan    Raid on Pakistan Army HQ Highlights Punjab Risk    Pakistan Says Waziristan Offensive Is Imminent    Abbas Defends Delay of Gaza War Crime Report Vote    India Hints at Pakistan Link to Kabul Embassy Blast    Key Democrat Wants Boost in Forces in Afghanistan    In 2008 Afghanistan Firefight, US Weapons Failed    US Marines Sweep 'Taliban' Villages for Home-Made Bombs    Endless Lies, Endless Sucker Plays    Afghan Outlook Bleak as Taliban Grabs Territory    Unintended Consequences in Nuclear Pakistan    Let's Think Rationally About Iran    Get Out Now    War and Peace Prizes    Afghanistan, the Proxy War    Clinton: Terrorists Increasing Threat to Pakistan    
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Updated October 11, 2009 - 11:19 PM EDT
US to Pay Afghan Fighters to Ditch the Taliban
  A Dogged Taliban Chief Rebounds, Vexing US
  UK: Commanders Warn Afghan Troop Increase Is Not Enough
  Afghan Official: Foreigners Bolstering Taliban
At Least 20 Killed Pakistan Army HQ Raid
  Pakistanis View US Aid Warily
  Bomb in Pakistan's Peshawar Sharpens Prospect of Military Showdown
  How the Kerry-Lugar Act Could Threaten Zardari
Iraq: Ramadi Bombings Kill 25, Wound 80
  Iraqis Protest Controversial Voting System
  Captured Insurgent in Iraq: 'I Will Fight Again'
Iran Sanctions Could Help Revolutionary Guard 
  US Helping Iran Get Uranium
  Iran Will Enrich Uranium Further if Talks Fail
  Clinton Woos Russia Over Iran Sanctions
Obama's Nobel Prize Stuns War Victims
  Pakistan on Nobel Peace Prize: Why Now When War Isn't Over?
  Obama's Nobel Puzzles Pakistanis Living Close to War
  Afghans Puzzled by Obama's Nobel Win
  Winning Peace Prize Could Stymie Obama
Congress Set to Act to Keep Abuse Photos Hidden
Let France, Israel, the Saudis Deter Iran  by Leon T. Hadar
Obama Should Sanctify IAEA Safeguarded Facilities  by Gordon Prather
Lawyer Blasts 'Congressional Depravity' on Guantánamo  by Andy Worthington
Victor Davis Hanson's Congo Adventure  by Chase Madar
The Nobel War Prize  by Paul Craig Roberts
Obama's Nobel Peace Prize
by Glenn Greenwald
Iran, Arms Races, and War
by Stephen M. Walt
The Sanctuary Fallacy
by Jacob G. Hornberger

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Intelligence Squared: We Can't Win in Afghanistan
Transferring Troops From Iraq to Afghanistan a Costly Shortcut
Pollution an Enduring Legacy at Old ICBM Sites
Obama Pledges Again to End 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' but Offers No Timetable
UK: Territorial Army Told to Stop Training
President Warren Harding's Lover Spied for Kaiser
Iran Sentences 3 to Death in Mass Opposition Trial
Iran Probes Revolutionary Guard 'Ties' to Teleco Sale
Iran Needs Up to 300kg of Nuclear Fuel: Report
Mystery Over Missing Iranian in Saudi Deepens
Authorities in Iraq's Holy Shi'ite City Ban Alcohol
Iraq Decision 'Was 51-49,' Says Cherie Blair
Iraqis Face Tough Times, Starting Over in America
Iraq Director Pleads for Post-War Film Backing
Saturday: 3 Iraqis Wounded
Islamic Jihad Says Hamas Stopping Their Rocket Crews in Gaza
Hamas Seeks Delay in Palestinian Unity Deal
Hamas Says More Gaza Babies Born With Birth Defects Since Gaza War
Several Hurt as Clans Clash in Gaza
Abbas to Mitchell: We'll Demand UN Vote on Goldstone Report
Mitchell, Abbas Discuss Statehood With Contiguous Territory
Palestinians Want Urgent UN Rights Debate on Gaza
Israel's Nobel Prize Winner Urges Release of All Palestinian Prisoners
Israeli Seriously Wounded by Palestinian Stone Throwers in West Bank
Egyptian Pro-Reform Activists Say US Commitment Is Waning
Egypt Arrests 24 Islamists for Plotting Pro al-Aqsa Rally in Jerusalem
Yemeni Army: Over 100 Rebels Killed, 280 Injured
Rebels Attack UN Relief Convoy in Yemen
Yemen Rebel Leader Says Ready for Talks
UN Fears for 'Dire' Plight of Civilians in Yemen Conflict
Middle East
Turks, Armenians Clear Snag to Sign Accord
Jumblatt and Nasrallah Urge Lebanon Unity Govt
Saudi-French Air Force Drill 'Significant', Says Official
Ethiopia's Meles in Outburst Over Eritrea
Ethiopian Parties Present Common 2010 Poll Manifesto
Somali Islamists Carry Out Amputations on 3 Men
French Military Fire on Somalia Pirates in Indian Ocean
11 Suspected Pirates Captured in Indian Ocean
10 Suspected Militants, 3 Soldiers Killed in Algerian Desert Gunbattle
Madagascar Prime Minister Refuses to Quit, Endangering Power-Sharing Deal
Honduras Police Break Up Protests at Site of Talks
Protesters in Honduras Criticize US Response to Crisis
Landowners in Honduras Hired Colombian Paramilitaries for Protection
Ecuador to Seek Defense Deals With Russia
UN Police Guard Plane Crash Site After 11 Die in Haiti
Canadians Up in Arms Over French Lessons for Military From 'Yanks'
Weekend Reviews
A Century of Selling War
NY Times Whines That Rethink Afghanistan Film Is Not 'Balanced'
Analogies for War: Vietnam and Afghanistan
All (Muslim) Politics Is Local
British Troops Fight Taliban 'Seven Times a Day'
Roadside Bomb Kills Local Officials in Afghanistan
1 US, 2 Polish Troops Die in Afghanistan Blasts
Afghanistan Bomb Kills British Soldier at Army Firing Range
Obama Picks Army General to Lead Afghan Training
Taliban 'Daisy Chain' Kingpin Captured in Afghanistan Dawn Raid
Ospreys Tapped for Afghanistan for First Time
Wounded Soldier Dies Weeks After Ambush in Afghanistan
No Diplomats, Including Americans, Allowed to Carry Arms, Says Pakistan Interior Minister
Pakistan Briefly Blocks 2 News Channels
Racing Time and Taliban to Rebuild in Pakistan
Pakistan to Talk to US Over Aid Bill
Pakistan Troika Agrees to Disagree With US
Tehrik-E-Taliban Claim Pakistan Army HQ Attack
Pakistani Commander: India and Afghanistan Supporting Rebels in Pakistan
India Takes Up Kabul Attack With Pakistan
Indian Army Says Stepped Up Kashmir Border Vigil
China Says Time to Act on North Korea Disarmament Talks
Death Sentence in China for Brawl That Led to Riots: Court
Myanmar's Ruling General Confirms 2010 Election
Polish President Ratifies EU Reform Treaty
Pressure on Czechs After Poland Signs EU Treaty
Bomb in Chechnya Kills Policeman
Hounded Russian Journalist Refuses to Leave the Country
UK Police Arrest 30 as Far Right, Opponents Clash
US Military
Canceled White House Chopper 'Useless': Pentagon
Abercrombie's Proposals for Marine Expansion in Guam Rejected
Navy Honors Civil Rights Martyr Medgar Evers
Former Marine Becomes Face of New Vieques Battle
Americans Still Dying
Minnesota Soldier's Mysterious Death in Basra Under Investigation
Bellevue (WA) Family Mourns Loss of Newleywed Soldier
Mother Speaks of Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Days Before Coming Home (KS)
Florida Army Ranger Killed on Fifth Deployment
Michigan Soldier Killed on Second Tour in Iraq
Airman (TX) Supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom Dies at Kuwait Air Base
Loudoun (VA) Family Mourns for 'The Life of the Party'
Columbus (OH) Neighborhood Stunned as Local Soldier Killed by Afghan Bomb
Soldier (NM) Dies From Wounds Suffered in September Ambush in Afghanistan
US Soldier, Clean Water Activist Killed While Serving in Afghanistan (MA)
Phoenix (AZ) Police Officer Dies Disabling Bomb in Afghanistan
Parents Remember Memphis (TN) Soldier Killed in Afghan Firefight
Frederick (MD) Marine Dies in Combat in Afghanistan
Dreams Die With Bomb in Afghanistan (FL)
Kentucky Soldier Killed by IED in Kandahar
Family Remembers Soldier (PA) Found Dead in Iraq
Airman (WA) Supporting Operation Enduring Freedom Dies in Cyprus
Rhinelander (WI) Guardsman Killed in Afghanistan

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