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Updated October 15, 2009 - 11:25 PM EDT
41 Die in Coordinated Attacks on Pakistani Police
  Pakistan's Army Bares Its Teeth in US Aid Flap
  Uproar Amid Reports of Pakistani Ambassador’s Leak Threat
  US Drone Strike Kills Four in North Waziristan
  8 Civilians Killed as Pakistani Military Bombs South Waziristan
Obama Set to Announce 45,000 Troop Hike
  Afghan Election Official Blocked From Resigning
  Afghan Corruption Worries McChrystal
  UK Sends 500 More Troops to Afghanistan
Iraq Election Law Delay Imperils US Pullout
  Iraq Suspends University for Politics
House Approves New Iran Sanctions Bill
  Putin Slams Sanction Threats Against Iran
  Iranian Web Sites Deny Supreme Leader Dead or Comatose
  Some See Iran as Ready for Nuclear Deal
Israel Rejects Talks Unless UN Nixes Gaza Report
  US Berated for Shielding Israel on Gaza Killings
  Turkey-Israel Rift Good for Palestine
Republicans Fail to Stop Gitmo Transfers Into US
Who Didn't Get the Memo – Israel's President or Its DC Ambassador?  by Daniel Levy
Obama to Retain 'Safe, Secure, Effective' Nuclear Overkill Capacity  by John LaForge
The Pentagon Kluge That Refuses to Die  by Winslow T. Wheeler
Obama of Mayberry  by Jeff Huber
General McMoreland in Vietistan
by Saul Landau
Bolton Suggests Nuclear Attack on Iran  by Daniel Luban

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Recruited by MI5: Benito Mussolini
Sources: Al-Qaeda's Afghan Head Contacted Zazi
Rights Groups Urge UN to Rein in Congo Army
Judge Shuts Public Access to Blackwater Hearings
Wounded Soldiers Return to Iraq, Seeking Solace
Lieberman: Diplomacy Over Iran Must Be Limited
Why Palestinians Have Lost Faith in Obama
Top Democrat Not Ready to Embrace Afghan Troop Surge
Afghan Presidential Runoff Would Face Challenges
In Afghan Stability, Abdullah Is Pivotal
Future Karzai Cabinet to Balance Warlords and West
US Thanks Britain for Extra Afghanistan Troops
Obama Talks US Nonmilitary Efforts in Afghanistan
Obama Security Team Studies Afghan Army, Police
FM: US Won't Be Permitted to Micromanage Pakistan
Musharraf: Pak Nukes in Safe Hands
Pakistani Official: US Aid Won't Hurt Sovereignty
Pakistani Envoy Demands 'Apology' Over Newspaper Articles
Text of Explanatory Statement Added to Kerry-Lugar Bill
Pakistani Taliban Criticize Obama's Peace Nobel
A Recent Spate of Friendly Gestures by North Korea May Signal New Priorities
Top Diplomat Says US-North Korea Talks Hinge on Renewed Six-Party Process
Billy Graham's Son Meets North Korea's Top Diplomat
North Korea 'Regrets' Causing Deadly Flood in South Korea
US Airbase Could Stay on Japan's Okinawa, Says Governor
US to Host Senior Chinese Military General
Philippines Government Asks Muslim Rebels to Help Free Kidnapped Irish Priest
Citing Election Fraud, Russian Minority Parties Walk Out on Last Day of Clinton's Visit
Washington 'Concerned' About Reports of Russian Vote Fraud
Clinton Urges Russia to Open Political System
Basque Separatists Accused of Resurrecting Banned Political Party
Germany to Repatriate Thousands of Kosovo Refugees
With Obama in White House, US Words Carry New Moral Weight in Guinea
Zimbabwe Imprisons and Indicts Opponent
Key Rwandan Genocide Suspect Pleads Not Guilty
Iraqi Shoe Thrower Says He Would Do It Again
Iraqi Spokesman Calls Series of Attacks 'Only a Robbery'
Iraq Cabinet Approves $67 Billion Budget for 2010
UN 'To Probe Baghdad Truck Bombings'
General: 122 US Soldiers Would Have Lived if More Killbots Were Sent to Iraq
Wednesday: 15 Iraqis Killed, 64 Wounded
Gaza War Crimes Report
Palestinians, in Reversal, Press UN Gaza Report
Israel Urged to Investigate Gaza War Crimes Charges
Israel: Goldstone Report 'Legitimizes Terrorism'
Harsh Gaza Report Yields Unintended Consequences
Palestinian Official Denounces Israel in UN Security Council
Israeli Envoy Demands UN Ignore Gaza Report, Focus on Action Against Iran
Palestinians Urge Israeli Punishment Over Gaza
West Bank Settlers Use 'Price Tag' Tactic to Punish Palestinians
Growing Rifts, Abbas's Crisis Dim Hope for Talks
Fatah Says It's Ready to Reconcile With Hamas
Rights Group: Israel Excessively Uses Detention Without Trial
Israel Protests After Turkish TV Show Portrays Israeli Troops in Negative Light
Middle East
Hezbollah Accused of Stockpiling Weapons
Syria Raises Doubts About Signing EU Partnership
In Yemen Conflict, Number of Displaced Grows
Europeans Criticize Turkey Over Threats to Media Freedoms
Honduras De Facto Leader Dampens Hope of Zelaya Deal
Accounts at Odds on Honduras Deal
Paraguay Unveils Archives From Dictatorship
US Military
Missile Commander Ousted at ND Air Force Base
Abu Ghraib Guard Appeals to US Military High Court
Conviction Overturned in Iraqi Soldier's Death
VA to Ease Way for Vets to Get Stress Disability

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