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Updated October 27, 2009 - 11:19 PM EDT

Worst Month Ever for US in Afghanistan; 8 More Killed

  14 Americans Killed in Afghan Copter Downings
  Obama Won't 'Rush' Afghanistan Decisions After Chopper Crash

Karzai Dismisses Election Rival's Ultimatum


US Official Resigns; Says Afghan War Fueling Insurgency

Baghdad Governor Slams Security Failures

  Iraqis Angry at Security Lapse

Monday: 7 Iraqis Killed, 19 Wounded

US Pressure Strains Relations with Pakistan

Militants Kill 11 Pakistani Soldiers in Attacks

  Pakistan Accuses India of Backing Taliban
French FM Warns Israel May Soon Attack Iran
  Iran Eyes Nuclear Compromise Deal
Is Abbas Poised to Resign?

Turkey PM: Lieberman Threatened to Nuke Gaza

Neocons and Pentagon Rage Against the Dying of the Fight  by Jeff Huber
Carnage and Corruption in Iraq
by Sami Ramadani
Who's in Big Brother's Database?
by James Bamford
The Great Superpower Meltdown
by Michael Klare and Tom Engelhardt
Fool's Goldstone  by Uri Avnery
Uighurs Deserve Legal Remedy
by Robyn Blumner

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Kerry Argues for Counterinsurgency Lite

Obama Urged to Fully Comply With Anti-Torture Treaty

Report: FBI Not Reviewing All of Its Counterterrorism Evidence

Espionage Suspect Had Guilty Plea in Fraud

Iraq Is Safer - but by No Means Safe

Auditor Faults Work on US Embassy in Iraq


US Military Spokesman Praises Iraqi Response to Bombing

Iraq Calls Three-Day National Mourning for Baghdad Blasts

Some of the Deadliest Attacks in Iraq

Thousands of Schools Shut as Swine Flu Panic Hits Iraq

Monday: 7 Iraqis Killed, 19 Wounded

Pakistan Frees 11 Iran Security Officers

Iran FM Plays Down Threat of Israeli Attack

Post-Election Tensions at an Iranian Media Expo

Iranian Cleric Says Country Is Neither Islamic, nor Republic

The War at Home

Gates: Injured Troops Face Too Much Bureaucracy

Daily Transition Between Battle, Home Takes a Toll on Drone Operators
'War on Terror'

Not-Guilty Plea in Texas Bombing Case

Group Seeks Probe of Homeland Security Privacy Office
Russia and Her Neighbors

Activist Killing Said to Be Tied to the Ingushetia Police

Ukraine Detains Three Suspected Islamic Militants


Eight Killed in Maoist Violence in Central India

Senior Commander Among Three Rebels Killed in Indian Kashmir

South Korea Offers Food Aid to North

Japanese PM Eyes Tougher US SOFA


US Sending Envoys to Try to End Crisis in Honduras

Venezuela Complains About Colombia Spying

Fidel Castro's Sister Spied for CIA Against Cuban Leader's Regime

Ex-Guerrilla Ahead in Uruguay Vote


DEA Agents Among 14 Americans Dead in Afghanistan

Afghan Contenders Rule Out Power-Sharing Deal

Karzai: Top Election Official Will Keep Job

Afghan Provincial Governor Escapes Assassination Attempt

Afghan Police, Protesters Clash Again in Kabul: Official

Abdullah: 'People in Afghanistan Want Change'

German Limits on War Facing Reality in Afghanistan

'Good Morning, Afghanistan': War Radio


Kerry: Pakistan Not al-Qaeda Stronghold

Kerry Rules Out US Combat Troops on Pakistani Soil

19 Militants Killed in South Waziristan Clashes

Pakistan Villagers Take Up Guns, Sticks Against Taliban

Pakistani Taliban Chief: Pakistan Could Become Another Afghanistan

West Bank Land Belongs to Jews, Says Israeli Army Judge

Amnesty: Israel Withholds Water From Palestinians

UN General Assembly to Discuss Gaza War Report

Israel Govt Team to Examine UN Gaza War Report Fallout

Judge Richard J. Goldstone Speaks to Bill Moyers About Gaza Report

In Gaza, Opportunities Fade as Feeling of Isolation Grows

Obama Marks Peace Deal Between Jordan and Israel

Middle East

Gadhafi Highlights Nuclear 'Double Standards'

Saudis Won't Flog Female Journalist

In Other News

Sri Lanka Denies Tiger Chief's Execution After Surrender

Sudan's Leader Says South May Choose to Split


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Is Adulation of the Military Really Patriotic?

David R. Henderson
An Evening With Cindy Sheehan

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Fascism Needs an Enemy

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Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

Edouard Husson
The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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