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Updated November 13, 2009 - 11:24 PM EST
Obama Wants 'Revised' Afghan Options
  40,000 More Troops for Afghanistan Would Cost $40 Billion Per Year
  Another Afghan War: Media Leaks Spark Administration Fight
Taliban Establish Rival Government in Nuristan
  Blast at NATO Base in Afghanistan
  How the US Army Protects Its Trucks – by Paying the Taliban
  How the US Funds the Taliban
  Drugs, Bribes and 'Police' in the Pocket of the Taliban
US to Seize Mosques, 'Secretly Controlled by Iran'
  Diplomats: Iran Not Expanding Enrichment Program
  Diplomats: Qom Facility Construction Began in 2002
Attacks Kill 20 in Pakistan, Spy Agency Targeted
  Pakistanis Worry About US Nuclear Intentions
  Gunmen Kill Pakistani Working at Iranian Consulate
Gitmo 9/11 Suspects Heading to NY Criminal Trial
  Top White House Lawyer Pushed Out Over Gitmo Dispute
US-Russia Nuclear Talks Hit Snag
Obama's International Political Capital Fading Fast
Welcome Home, War!
by Alfred W. McCoy and Tom Engelhardt
Say Nyet to Afghanistan  by Jeff Huber
Hear, and Understand, the Veterans Themselves  by Arthur Silber
Getting Out With Grace  by William Pfaff
Myths of Our Time  by Paul Craig Roberts
The War Stampede  by Norman Solomon

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Rendition Redux?
In Pakistan, Military vs Militancy Does Not Equal Peace
Abbas' Shock Treatment
Gates Condemns Leaks on Afghan Policy and Ft. Hood
Japanese Emperor 'Did Not Want World War'
Primacy of CIA Station Chiefs Confirmed, Ending Interagency Row
Federal Deficit Sets October Record of $176.4b
Tony Blair to Give Public Evidence on Iraq War
Fort Hood Killings
Obama Orders Intel Review on Fort Hood Shooting
Witness Discredits Munley on Shooting of Hasan
Army: Fort Hood Suspect Charged With Murder
Hasan's Supervising Doctors Questioned His Fitness for Service
Fort Hood Suspect's Contact With Cleric Spelled Trouble, Experts Say
Fort Hood Shootings Raise Ugly Memories for Many Veterans
Army Psychiatrists Ordered Hasan to Attend Lecture Series on Islam
'War on Terror'
UK Secret Court Opens Its Doors
Lawyer: FBI Asked Terror Suspect to Be Informant
Ex-Spy Plame and Publisher Lose Memoir Appeal
Bush Torture 'Architect' Sits on Court That Will Rule on Another Torture 'Architect'
Palestinian Politics
Palestinians Recommend Calling Off Upcoming Vote
Abbas to Accept Palestinian Election Delay: Officials
Abbas Rejects US Call for Unconditional Talks With Israel
Goldstone: US Does Not Have to Protect Israel Blindly
Goldstone: Peres Attack on Me Was 'Specious,' Ill-Befitting His Post
Israeli Army Hopes New Probe Will Quiet Gaza Criticism
Impatient With US Efforts, France Makes Mideast Push
US 'Very Concerned' About Palestinian Student Deportation
Expelled West Bank Student Petitions Israel Court
Visiting Surgeon Heals Gazan Children Deafened by War
Israel Indicts Militant Settler Behind Series of Killings
Rebuilding Its Economy, Iraq Shuns US Businesses
Thursday: 9 Iraqis Killed, 19 Wounded
Exile Group: Iran Making Major Security Changes
Turkish Colonel Arrested in Connection With Anti-Government Plot
Subversion Trial Puts Cloud Over Turkey
Disillusioned With Europe, Turkey Looks East
Suspect in Poisoning of Former KGB Officer Is Not Charged
Medvedev Pitches Modern Russia, Warns Opposition
Wrecks Tell Tale of Growing Ingushetia Violence
Ex-Top Cop Says Chirac Knew of Arms Trafficking
Spain Tries 11 Over Alleged Islamic Terror Plot
Italy: 17 Algerians Arrested in Terrorism Probe
Poland Evacuates 3,000 People After WWII Bomb Found
New Militant Group Torches Cash Machines in Frankfurt
Gates Says Afghan Plan Will Mix Various Proposals
Military Rivals Fight for the Ear of Obama
Weak Allies Limit Obama's Options
Afghan Minister Says NATO Could Start Gradual Withdrawal in 2014
Clinton Urges Karzai to Take Action on Corruption
Karzai Man Hits Back at West Over Corruption
NATO: Afghanistan Must Not Be Terrorist Haven
Afghan Police Burdened by Military Expectations
Norwegian Journalist and Afghan Interpreter Freed in Afghanistan
Germany: Emergence of Anti-Taliban Militias a Cause for Concern
As Obama Ponders Afghanistan, So Does Europe
US Commitment to Afghanistan Not Open-Ended: Gates
Landstuhl Staff Busy as Afghan Fight Intensifies
MIA Dog Found in Afghanistan After 14 Months
Minister: Germany Committed to Afghan Mission
Gates: Pentagon to Focus on IED Threat in Afghanistan
Stop Military Operation in Balochistan, Nawaz Asks Govt
Death of Consular Official in Peshawar Raises Stakes
AQ Khan Says in 1982 China Gave Uranium to Pakistan
'Insufficient Security' Scares Away Parents, Students in Lahore
40 Suspected Taliban Held in Bajaur Agency
French Journalist Claims Having Written Proof of Zardari Kickbacks
North Korea Threatens South Over Naval Clash
North Korea Says Naval Skirmish Was 'Planned Provocation' by South
Relatively Untouched Korean DMZ Is Home to a Number of Natural Wonders
Report: Chinese Who Complain to Govt Risk Kidnap
Group Accuses China of Abuses in Secret Jails
China Cautions Obama Over Meeting Dalai Lama
Japan Bases Dispute to Stay on Hold
Base Relocation Remains Thorn in Side of Japan-US Ties
Obama Declines Offer to Visit Hiroshima
General Who Beat Tamil Tigers Quits to Challenge the President
Clinton Supports Philippine Antiterrorism Fight
Judge Shot Dead in Somalia
Mexico Border City Groups Call for UN Peacekeepers
Colombia Takes Chavez War Talk to Security Council
US Scientists Visit Cuba for 'Science Diplomacy'

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The Winds of Change Die Down

Charles V. Peņa
Not Every Tragedy Is Terrorism

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Same Song, Different Verse

Ivan Eland
Why Most Counterinsurgency Wars Fail

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90,000 Casualties, but Who's Counting?

Nebojsa Malic
Resurrecting the Caliphate

David R. Henderson
An Evening With Cindy Sheehan

Ran HaCohen
Fascism Needs an Enemy

Alan Bock
Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

Edouard Husson
The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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