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Updated November 23, 2009 - 11:27 PM EST
Karzai Considers Inviting Taliban to Grand Jirga
  3 Plans Under Consideration for Afghan Escalation
  4 US, 3 Afghan Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan
  Talking With the Taliban
Iraqi Parliament OKs Election Law, Veto Expected
  Iraq PM Ramps Up Attacks on Ba'athists Before Vote
  Iraq Says October 25 Bombers Came From Syria
US, Pakistan Eye Opposite Tactics in Terror War
  Pakistan Amends Terror Law, Criminalizes 'Linguistic Hate'
Attack on Election Convoy Kills 30 Filipinos
US to Copy Iraq Prison Strategy in Afghanistan
Japanese Govt Reveals Secret US Nuke Pact
Iran Wants Fuel Guarantees, Warns Against Attack
Rule-of-Law Extremism Engulfs Primitive Eastern Europe  by Glenn Greenwald
The Key Question: Is Blair a War Criminal?  by Oliver Miles
The New Politics of Conscientious Objection in Israel  by Gershom Gorenberg
Out of Iraq, Into the Gulf
by Nick Turse and Tom Engelhardt
Don't Let Iraqi Politics Affect US Withdrawal  by Raed Jarrar and Erik Leaver
Heavy-Handed in Jerusalem  Ha'aretz

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US Builds Up Its Bases in Oil-Rich South America
Britain Spent $300 Million on Tanks Unfit for Service
Algeria Court Acquits 2 Former Guantánamo Inmates
Army Lacks Guidelines to Deal With Jihadists in Ranks
Israel-Palestinian Conflict Kills 8,900 in 20 Years: NGO
Armenian-Azeri Leaders Hold Talks Over Border Dispute
'War on Terror'
Lashkar Denies Link With Chicago Suspects
Lawyer: 9/11 Defendants Want Platform for Views
Ghailani Trial Is Key Test for Other Cases Involving Terror
Fort Hood Suspect Paralyzed From Chest Down, Lawyer Says
Shortage Slows a Program to Detect Nuclear Bombs
Thousands Demand Closure of Fort Benning's School of the Americas
Iran Stages War Games, Tries to Show Defensive Capacity
Iran Releases Ex-Official on Bail in Mass Trial
Experts Say Iran Uses the Death Penalty as a Way to Intimidate Opponents
Iran's Mousavi Tells Government to End Intimidation
US Urges Tehran to Accept Nuclear Offer
Ahmadinejad Heads to Nuclear-Backers Brazil, Venezuela
Iraqi Turkmen Politician Killed at His Mosul Home
Alleged Iraq Bombers Offer Confessions
Iraqi President in Iran Seeking Kurd Execution Halt: Report
Iraqi Refugees Move to Michigan Despite Poor Economy
Iraq's Oct. Oil Exports Drop Due to Attacks
UK Iraq War Probe Ready to Name and Blame, Says Chairman
Army Officer Hits Judge in Mosul
Sunday: 1 US Soldier, 16 Iraqis Killed; 22 Iraqis Wounded
Hamas Halts Rocket Attacks on Israel
Israeli FM Vows Party Will Oppose Palestinian State
Report: New Hamas List Meets Israel's Demands
Ten Wounded in Overnight Israeli Strikes on Gaza
Israel's Peres Reports 'Progress' in Talks to Free Shalit
Israeli Border Guard Officers Attacked by Settlers
Palestinians Looking to US-Style Suburban Housing, Financing
Israeli President Plays Down Settlement Work
Life in Jerusalem's City of Three Faiths
Proposed Law Would Allow Israeli Military to Monitor Draft-Age Girls It Doesn't Think Are Really Religious
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Interior Minister Threatens Force if Shi'ite Pilgrims Protest
Italian PM Holds Saudi Talks
Middle East
Yemen Weighs Rehabilitation Issue
Lieberman: After All the Insults, Turkey Can't Mediate Syria Talks
British to Train Local Afghan Militias in New Hearts and Minds Push
Afghan Victims of Taliban Violence Suffer in Silence
5 Afghan Border Security Guards Killed in South
US Afghanistan Debate Curbs Gates on Canada Visit
General Says Canada Halted Afghan Prison Moves More Than Once
Liberians Mourn UN Worker Killed in Afghanistan
Officials Say Pakistani Troops Kill 40 Militants
Amnesty List Puts Pressure on Pakistan Leader
Survey of Pakistan's Young Predicts 'Disaster' if Their Needs Aren't Addressed
2 Bomb Blasts Leave 7 Dead, 52 Wounded in India
Indian PM Presses Pakistan on US Visit
Indian PM Says Not Clear Who Controls Pakistan Army
Obama Pressed on Arms Sales to Taiwan
Dalai Lama Says Obama Not Soft on China
Japanese Govt Vows Probe After Evidence Uncovered of Secret US Nuke Pact
Activists: 'Sri Lanka Resettlement Plan Needed'
North Korean Leader Inspects Security Forces
Somali Islamists Seize Another Town
Somali Pirates Holding 12-Year-Old Hostage: Spanish Skipper
Rebel Children Sentenced to Death Over Khartoum Attack
Sudan Extends Voter Registration by a Week
Egypt's President Warns Israel Over Jerusalem
Lieberman Taps New Egypt Envoy, After Year of Strained Ties
Egyptian Court Orders Release of Muslim Brotherhood Figures
Egypt's Media Stoked Soccer Fan Anger With Algeria
Venezuela to Get 300 Tanks, Armored Vehicles
Venezuela: No Direct Talks With Colombia on Bases
Honduras Election Sets Return to Business as Usual
Northern Ireland
Dissidents Suspected in Northern Ireland Bomb Attempt
Failed Northern Ireland Car Bombing Highlights Terror Threat
Romanian President, Rival Face Runoff Vote: Exit Polls

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The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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