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Updated November 29, 2009 - 11:16 PM EST
Democrats in Revolt Over Obama's Troop Surge
  9,000 Marines to Taliban Bastion After Obama Speech
  Report: US Eyes Afghan Drawdown Starting by 2013
  Afghan Mission in Doubt as Air Raid Lies Force German Minister to Quit
Tajik Grip on Afghan Army Signals Ethnic War
  12 Inmates Escape Prison in Western Afghanistan
Iran Lawmaker: We Could Leave Nuclear Treaty
  Iran Religious Leader: Tehran to Enrich High-Grade Uranium if No Deal
Russia Eyes Terror as Train Crash Kills Dozens
  Who Is to Blame for Russian Train Disaster?
  Russian Train Bombing: Murder on the Nevsky Express
Iraqi Election Impasse Continues
  US Military in Iraq Faces Operation Pack-Up
  Saddam Told the Truth on Missing Gulf War Pilot
Switzerland Bans Minarets
Pakistani President Turns Over Nuclear Authority
High Court to Hear Patriot Act Challenge
Israel's Illegal Settlements in America  by Grant Smith
Voting for Failure in Afghanistan  by Stephen Kinzer
Judge Orders Release of Algerian From Guantánamo (but He's Not Going Anywhere)  by Andy Worthington
Let Them Eat Patty Cake  by Jeff Huber
We'll Win This Time, if Only...  by Jerry Lembcke
A Key British Official Reminds US of the Forgotten Anthrax Attack  by Glenn Greenwald

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Obama Accused of 'Renting Out' Top Ambassador Roles
US Soldiers: Afghan War More Challenging Than Iraq
Secret German NATO-Bombing Video Released
Why Turkey Was the Iraq War's Real Winner
Big States Dominate European Commission Posts
'Deploy or Leave': New Step to End Stop-Loss
In a Home to Free Speech, Berkeley Paper Is Accused of Anti-Israel Sentiment
UK Iraq Inquiry
Inquiry Bombshell: Secret Letter to Reveal New Blair War Lies
A Terribly Polite Bombshell at British Inquiry Into Iraq War
Iraq Invasion of 'Questionable Legitimacy': British Diplomat
Gordon Brown Urged to Lift Iraq Inquiry Secrecy
Iraq Election Likely in March: Parliament Speaker
Biden to Iraq Leaders: Settle Election Law Dispute
Iraqis Celebrate Eid al-Adha Amid Growing Bitterness of Wrangling Political Process
Mortar Attacks on US Consulate Province Leave 8 Wounded
Iraq Resumes Oil Exports to Turkey After Pipeline Sabotage
Al-Hashemi Says Iraqi Prisoners in Kuwait Released
Saturday: 11 Iraqis Wounded
Iran Rejects IAEA Resolution as 'Politically Motivated' Move
New Iran Sanctions Would Be Pointless, Says Brazil Envoy
Iran's President (or a Man Looking Exactly Like Him) and a Demo in London
Shalit Prisoner Swap
Report: Security Beefed Up at Gaza-Egypt Border Ahead of Shalit Transfer
Israeli Minister Optimistic on Prisoner Swap Deal
Palestinian Radio: 'Schalit to Be Moved to Egypt Soon'
Israel's Tourism Ministry Pledges to Keep Developing West Bank Sites, Despite Freeze
Likudniks Blast 'Enemy of the Jews' Obama Over Settlement Freeze
Religious, Secular Israelis Hold Opposing Protests
South Africa: Israel Actions in East Jerusalem Akin to Apartheid
2 Border Guards, 5 Palestinian Civilians Hurt in Fence Protest
Hezbollah Leadership Split Amid Fears of Fresh IDF Attack
UNIFIL: No Formal Communication on Israeli Withdrawal From Lebanon Border Town
Middle East
Saudis Claim Key Mountain Win Over Yemeni Rebels
Barzani: Kurdish Initiative Must Include PKK
Timeline-Major Attacks in Russia 1994-2009
Russia's Efforts to Buy French Warship Upset Georgia and Baltic States
Russia and France Sign Deals, but No Decision on Warship
Hardline Rebels Take Somali Border Town Near Kenya
Al-Qaeda, Somali Rebels Cooperate: AU Commander
Martime Forces Release Somali Pirates Caught Red-Handed
Army Retakes Rebel Town in Central African Republic, Says High Command
Zambia Denies Shielding Rwanda Genocide Suspects
Sahara Activist Weak From Hunger Strike, Furious With Spain
Election Puts US in a Spot
US: Honduran Election 'Critical Step' to Restore Legitimacy
Nicaragua, El Salvador Close Borders With Honduras
Honduran Main Presidential Candidates Deny Connection Between Election and Coup
Washington Alters US Air Force Document to Hide Intentions Behind Colombia Military Accord
Venezuela to Open Embassy in Palestine

Raul Castro Praises Cuban Army as Well-Prepared

Summit May Help Settle Latin American Spats
Afghans Detail Detention in 'Black Jail' at US Base
Senate Report Explores 2001 Escape by bin Laden From Afghan Mountains
NATO Tempts Taliban in From Cold
British Troops Will Start to Leave Helmand Next Year, Says Brown
Afghan Red Crescent Official Shot Dead: Police
Afghanistan: The Hokey-Cokey Strategy
Afghan Meeting to Map Path to Security Handovers
Afghanistan to Be Given Timetable for Progress, Says British PM
Cuts Ground British Special Forces' Helicopters
Marines Plow Ahead With Anti-Poppy Campaign in Afghan District
UK Scientists in Scramble to Devise Groin Protector for Soldiers
Pakistan President Loses Amnesty for Corruption Charges
Pakistani Premier Presses for a Joint Afghan Strategy
Former Pakistani PM Visits Blast Victims in Peshawar
Alleged Terrorists Held in Lahore; Maps, Arms Seized
South Korean President Willing to Meet Kim Jong-Il
Japan Launches New Satellite to Spy on North Korea
Death Toll in Southern Philippines Massacre Reaches 64
Why the Philippines' Maguindanao Massacre Happened
Philippine Official Says Victims Were Sexually Mutilated
US Aids Philippines in Battle Against IEDs, al-Qaeda-Style Warfare
Philippine Military Unable to Keep Terror Groups at Bay, Leader Says
India Says Troubled by China-Pakistan Military Ties
US Man Wanted for Ecoterror Sentenced in China
'War on Terror'
For Detainees Returned to Yemen, Roadblocks and Frustration
Guantánamo: Depressed US Towns Battle to House Detainees in 'Gitmo North'
UK Officials Warn of Hidden Threat From al-Qaeda Sleeper Cells
Learn How to Spike a Drink the CIA Way From Newly Published, '50s-Era Manual
Lockerbie Bomber Linked to Libya's Chemical Weapons
US Military
To Prepare for War, GIs Get a Dress Rehearsal
New Commanders at Embattled North Dakota Base Vow Perfection
At Quantico, the Ultimate Test
Did the War Make Him Do It?
A WWII Vet's Struggle With PTSD Ends in Suicide at VA Clinic After Repeated Denials for Treatement
New Bomb-Resistant Trucks Will Blast RPGs Before They Hit
Last Flights Take Off From Maine's Brunswick Naval Air Station as Final Shutdown Begins
Americans Still Dying
Texas Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Was to Be New Dad in May
Crystal Lake (IL) Soldier Was to Come Home Next Month
St Joseph (MO) Soldier Killed While Trying to Intercept Suicide Bomber's Vehicle
Maryland Green Beret With Ties to Massachusetts Mourned
Solemn Homecoming for Colorado Springs (CO) Soldier
Kansas City (MO) Marine Killed by Small-Arms Fire in Afghanistan
Marysville (WA) Paratrooper With Midwest Ties Killed by Suicide Bomber in Afghanistan
Terrell (TX) Soldier Killed by IED in Afghanistan

Justin Raimondo
Who Will Protest Obama's War?

Nebojsa Malic
Dayton's End

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The Cost of War

Ivan Eland
Government Terrorism Lists Are a Holiday Turkey

Kelley B. Vlahos
Be Thankful 2008 Was Not Hillary's Year

Charles V. Peña
More Sanctions, More Insanity

David R. Henderson
An Evening With Cindy Sheehan

Ran HaCohen
Fascism Needs an Enemy

Alan Bock
Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

Edouard Husson
The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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