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Updated November 30, 2009 - 11:26 PM EST
9,000 Marines Head to Afghanistan Immediately
  Lawmakers Pressure Obama Ahead of Afghanistan Speech
  Obama's Speech on Afghanistan to Include 'Time Frame' for Exit
  Trigger-Happy Private Security Complicates Convoys
  Afghan Police Appear Years Away From Functioning Independently
Iran Orders 10 New Natanz-Size Enrichment Sites
  Iran Repeats Threat to Limit Cooperation With IAEA
  Iran Earmarks $20 Million to Support Militants
Pak Taliban Fighters Escape, but to Where?
  Pakistan Rejects Brown's Call to Do More to 'Break' al-Qaeda
  Pakistan Opposition Urges President to Give Up Powers
Another Railway Blast Hits Russia
  Former Soldier Suspected of Russian Train Bombing
Swiss Ban Mosque Minarets in Surprise Vote
Senate Report: Bin Laden Was 'Within Our Grasp'
Conservative Lobo Leads Honduras Presidential Vote
What the NFL Can Teach Us About the War on Terror  by Benjamin H. Friedman
Matthew Hoh Speaks Grim Truth to Power  by Roger Morris and George Kenney
We Gaze Into Our Inerrant Crystal Ball and Espy a Deadly Rat  by Arthur Silber
Obama's Big Speech  by Jeff Huber
The Truth of UK's Guilt Over Iraq  by Scott Ritter
How Dare You Criticize Wasteful Defense Spending!  by David Sirota

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Allies of Political Clan Linked to Philippine Massacre Rally
GOP Wages Internal Debate Over Tax Increase for Afghan War
Obey Questions Afghan War, Explains War Tax Plan
Obama to Maintain Secrecy on Millions of Military, Intel Docs
Somali Training Camps Fuel Threat of Attacks on US
High Investment Returns Outweigh Fear of Terrorism
IAEA Approves First Nuclear Fuel Bank Plan
Air Strike Kills 30 Suspected Taliban in Afghanistan
Centcom Studies Massive Move of Equipment to Afghanistan
Doubts Linger Over US Civilian Surge in Afghanistan
Germany Bans Soldier T-Shirt That Jokes About Kunduz Airstrike
Senator Says Afghan Forces, Not US, Key to Success
Karzai Told to Fix Army, Cut Graft
US Military Putting Higher Priority on Training Afghan Police
Gordon Brown Demands Pakistan 'Take Out' bin Laden
Pakistani Troops Kill Eight Militants in Tribal Region
Seoul Downplays Expectations of US-North Korea Talks
General Who Led Anti-Tamil Fight Seeks Sri Lankan Presidency
Russian Patriarch Seeks 'Powerful Reply' to Train Bombings
Traumatized Russians View Their Dead After Luxury Train Bombing
European Security Treaty 'To End Cold War Legacy': Medvedev
The War at Home
Blogger Accused of Threatening US Judges Was Reportedly Paid by FBI
Tempers Flare at Antiwar Rally at Travis AFB
Antiwar Protest Shakes Up Holiday Shopping
Iraqi Election Impasse Continues
British Probe: The Iraq War Was Illegal
Blair Denies Govt Attorney Advised Iraq War Was 'Illegal'
Sunday: 1 US Soldier, 4 Iraqis Killed; 9 Iraqis Wounded
Report: Russia Vows Quick Completion of Iran Atom Plant
Iran Restructuring Its Naval Forces
Iran Privatizes $63 Billion of State Equity
Israel Likely to Free 980 Palestinians for Shalit
Barak Calls for Inspectors to Police Settlements Freeze
Israeli Ministers From Netanyahu's Party Slam Settlement Freeze
Netanyahu: Israel Wants Peace, but Palestinians Don't Seem Ready
Saudi Arabia/Yemen
Saudi Forces Arrest 145 Somalis, Ethiopians on Borders With Yemen
Three Spanish Aid Workers Kidnapped in Mauritania
Retired Employee of US Embassy Arrested in Guinea
Former Guerrilla Wins Uruguay Presidential Runoff
Honduras Hopes to Move Past Coup With Election

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The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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