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Updated December 2, 2009 - 11:25 PM EST
Officials Cite Dubious al-Qaeda Ties With Taliban
  Obama's Secret: Only 100 al-Qaeda in Afghanistan
  Obama Announces Massive Afghan Escalation
  NATO Chief Promises at Least 5,000 More Troops for Afghanistan
  Congress Split Over Afghan Escalation

Obama Previously Rejected His New Surge Rationale


Afghanistan Decision Met With Anxiety From Military Families


Germany's Merkel Apologizes for Afghan Air Strike


Bagram Readying for More Casualties

Pakistani Military Kills 61 in Khyber Raid
Iran Rejects Talks, Will Enrich Medical Uranium

Report: Russia Won't Block Iran Sanctions


Iran Considering Reducing Ties to UN Nuclear Body

Netanyahu: Settlement Freeze 'One Time, Temporary'

Hawkish 'Israel Lobby' More Bark Than Bite?

Obama's Exceedingly Familiar Justifications for Escalation  by Glenn Greenwald
Agents of the State Are Morally Responsible for Their Actions  by Wendy McElroy
The Perils of Political Correctness – Left and Right  by Will Wilkinson
Get Out of Afghanistan Now  by Keith Olbermann
Double Standards for Iran's Nuclear Program  by Muhammad Sahimi
Idealists Leave Obama's Sinking Ship  by Andy Worthington

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Text of Obama's Speech

Obama Approval on Afghanistan, at 35%, Trails Other Issues

More Strange Bedfellows on Afghanistan
Iraqi Journalist Would Throw Shoes at Obama
Lithuanian Govt. Investigation Confirms ABC News Report on Secret CIA Prison

NATO to Fund Spy System


Iraq's Basra Lifts Ban on Booze

Chilcot Inquiry: US Said Iraqis Would Welcome Invasion

Top Leaders Fail to Attend Meeting in Iran's Parliament

Iraqi Filmmakers Defy Militants With Screenings at Bomb Sites

Tuesday: 9 Iraqis Killed, 9 Wounded

The War at Home

Lawyers: Ex-Soldier Serving Life Without Parole Should Have Had Military Trial

Antiwar Mom of Soldier Sues Over Letter Stamped 'Deceased'

Pentagon Targets Inside Threats

Special Operations Command's Holiday Shopping List

Filmmaker Michael Moore Jabs Obama as New 'War President'

Poll: Record Number of Americans Feeling Isolationist

'War on Terror'

Terror Suspects Win High Court Case on Secret Evidence

Don't Cover Up Torture, 29 Groups Petition Obama

Documents Reveal New Information About Destruction of Torture Tapes

UK Court: Secret Evidence Not Enough to Deny Bail

ElBaradei Out

New Chief Takes Charge at the UN Nuclear Agency

Outgoing IAEA Chief ElBaradei Leaves Complex Legacy


Iran: Not Obligated to Report Uranium Sites

Iran Says No Legal Basis for IAEA Resolution

China: More Talk, Not Sanctions, Needed on Iran

Britain Says 'No Link' With Politics in Iran Capture

Iran Issues Warning on Detained Britons

Oil Above $77 as Traders Eye Iran Tension


Second Blast at Russian Train Crash Site Targeted Investigators

US to Stop Counting New Missiles in Russia


US and Some Allies at Odds Over Honduras Presidential Election

President Hugo Chavez's Revolution in Venezuela Limits Singing in Shower
Afghan Escalation

Obama Faces Steep Challenges in New Afghan Policy

Qualified Support for Obama's War From GOP; Skepticism From Democrats

The Puzzle for Congress: How to Pay for Afghanistan Plan

Antiwar Groups Criticize Obama for Sending Troops to Afghanistan

Afghanistan War Tax Met With Skepticism on Capitol Hill

Some Lawmakers Warn Against Afghanistan Escalation

Euros Say No to More Afghan Troops

Senator Floats Paying for Afghanistan Surge With War Bonds

UN: US Troop Surge Must Not Kill More Civilians

Top US Commander Says Plans to Build Afghan Forces

Chart: Troop Levels in Afghanistan Over the Years


Army Researchers Warn Against Tribal War in Afghanistan

The Battle for Afghan Hearts and Minds

In Taliban Stronghold, US Medics Win Friends for Marines

The War in Afghanistan: A Timeline


US Puts Pakistan on Notice

Suicide Bomber Kills Anti-Taliban Lawmaker in Pakistan

Pakistan PM: 'American Drone Attacks Are Counterproductive'


Jewish Nationalists Clash With Palestinians

How Does the US Help Fund Pro-Settler Israeli Troops?

Settlers Block Israeli Inspectors Enforcing West Bank Freeze

Israeli Officials Slam Sweden for Calling Jerusalem 'Palestinian Capital'

Ban 'Dismayed' at East Jerusalem Eviction of Palestinian Family

Israel Slams UN 'Palestinian Solidarity Day'


North Korea Slashes Its Currency Value

Japan's Relationship With US Gets a Closer Look

First Charges Filed in Philippine Massacre, Against Mayor

Thousands Leave Refugee Camps in Northern Sri Lanka

In Other News

Suspected US Troop Remains Sent Home From Vietnam

Warring Sides Claim Victory Over Dawn Fighting in Mogadishu

Kosovo Tells Court Its Independence Is Permanent


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Obama's War Speech:
An Unconvincing Flop

Ivan Eland
Pay for the War, or Just Call It Off?

David R. Henderson
A Coalition's Progress: Monterey's Anti-Afghan War Demonstration

Nebojsa Malic
Dayton's End

Philip Giraldi
The Cost of War

Kelley B. Vlahos
Be Thankful 2008 Was Not Hillary's Year

Charles V. Peņa
More Sanctions, More Insanity

Ran HaCohen
Fascism Needs an Enemy

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Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

Edouard Husson
The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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