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Updated December 6, 2009 - 11:23 PM EST
War Pitch Belied by Taliban-Qaeda Conflict
  Little Resistance on Day 2 of US-Afghan Offensive
  Taliban Says It Won't Meddle in West if Troops Are Withdrawn
  White House Moves to Accelerate Escalation
US Said Ready for Pakistan Power Shift
  Pakistan Not a Stooge of America or Britain, Proclaims PM Gilani
Obama's Financiers OK Extra $60B for Pentagon
  Obama Administration Seeks to Kill Gitmo Lawsuit
  Gates: No Good Intel on Osama bin Laden in Years
How the US Helps Fund Pro-Settler IDF Troops
  Israeli Settlers: We Will Disobey Settlement Freeze Order
Iraqi Parliament Reaches Election Law Deal
  Analyst: US Should Back Off Iraq Over Elections Law
  Ex-UN Weapons Inspector Condemns Blair, Bush on Iraq
Somali PM Calls for Plan Like US Afghan Strategy
Obama Steals Bush's Speechwriters   by Matthew Rothschild
Top Ten Things That Could Derail Obama's Afghanistan Plan  by Juan Cole
Obama With Blood on His Hands  by Nicolas J.S. Davies
Defining 'Isolationism' Down  by Justin Logan
O=W  by William S. Lind
All Too Familiar on Afghanistan  by Laura Flanders
Vietnam-Lite Is Unveiled  by Pepe Escobar
The Same Old Pax Americana  by Leon T. Hadar

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At War, Honored for Peace: Obama's Tricky Moment
Lawmakers Get Little Reaction to Obama's War Plan
Afghanistan: Get Set for Surge in Bloody Battles
Obama's War, Democrats' Unease
Illinois Prison Likely to House Detainees
Gunmen Kill 5 Peacekeepers in Darfur Attacks
Iran Will Not Quit Treaty, Its Nuclear Chief Asserts
End Infighting, Allies Urge Iranian Leaders
Iran's Larijani Sees Ulterior Motives Behind West Nuclear Hype
Iran 'Bought Masses of North Korean Arms'
Iran Loses Clout in Arab World
Iran Officials Warn Against Protests on Students Day
Foreign Media Prohibited From Working in Downtown Tehran for 3 Days
Internet Down in Iran Ahead of Planned Protests
Iran Summons Swiss Ambassador Over Ban on Minarets
Iran Puts Reformist Back in Jail: Party
Britain in Iraq
UK Chief of Staff Had to Brief US Counterpart on Iraq Invasion
UK 'Suddenly' Let in on Bush War Plans
Death of BBC Source: Doctors Start Legal Action for New Inquest
In Iraq, Din of War Gives Way to Mundanities of Withdrawal
US Patrol Hit by Blast in Baghdad
Iraqi VP Ponders UN Proposal on Voters Outside Iraq
Kurdistan: a Lot of Oil, a Lot of Risk
Iraq to Decide on Qurna, Zubair Oilfields Before Year End
From Rice to Rags in Heart of Iraq's Parched Breadbasket
Cash From the Cradle: Seeking Tourists in Iraq's Babylon
Baghdad's Night Life Falls Foul of Religious Right
A Lost Son Returns to Iraq Killing Fields
Saturday: 6 Iraqis Killed, 13 Wounded
Palestinian Politics
Palestinian Authority Seeks International Support for Border Demarcation of Future Palestinian State
Hamas Slams Palestinian Authority for Seeking Border Demarcation
Official: Fatah Capable to Appoint a New Leader if Abbas Quits
Fatah Delegation Wraps Up China Visit
Settlers: We Will Break Netanyahu's 'White Book' Policy
Israeli Security Minister: We Won't Go Easy on Settlers
Meet Daniel Pinner – an Extremist West Bank Settler
Israeli Labor MK: Shalit Could Be Free in Two Weeks
Radio Report: Israel and Syria to Renew Peace Talks Within Months
Israel Opens Fire on Palestinian Fishing Boats
Clashes Kill Turkish Soldier, Injures Another
Turkey Invites Anti-Torture Group to Visit Jailed Kurdish Leader
Turkish Commanders in Court to Testify in Plot Probe
Turkey's Erdogan to Meet Obama on Afghanistan, Kurdish Conflict
Middle East
Saudi Oil Minister: Oil Prices 'Perfect'
Veil's Spread Fans Egypt's Fear of Hard-Line Islam
Machine Guns, RPGs Fired as Tripoli Family Clashes With Islamists
Somalia: 'Ransom Deal Blocked' for British Hostages
Morocco Again Blocks Return of Sahara Activist: Spain
Sudanese Who Deny Darfur Crimes May Be Charged in International Court
Civil War Feared in Guinea as Militia Grows
Guinea on Edge After Attack on Junta Leader
From Coup to Counter-Coup? Guinea Plunged Into Chaos
No Closure After September Massacre in Guinea
US Urges Support of Neighbors for New Leader
Obama's Policy on Honduras: Alone in the Middle
Honduras Revises Down Participation in Disputed Polls
Brazil Signals Recognition of Honduran Election
US Military
Economy Hits Groups Helping Military Families
Pentagon: Zombie Pigs First, Then Hibernating Soldiers
Mental-Health Specialists Will Face New Battlegrounds After Fort Hood
Weekend Reviews
A Prudent Foreign Policy
Does Terrorism Work?
Afghanistan Occupation
Obama Borrows Soviet's Afghan Endgame
Taliban Workout Video Filmed at Abandoned US Bases
UK Opposition Leader: 'Time Is Running Out' in Afghanistan
Obama's Troop Policy Wrong, Says British MP on Return From Afghanistan
Troops Combat Taliban's New Weapon of Choice – Secondary Bombs
How Obama Came to Plan for 'Surge' in Afghanistan
Distrust Poisons Canadian Training of Afghan Police
US Helicopter Surge to Aid British Troops in Afghanistan
We'll Hit the Taliban Until Their Eyeballs Bleed, Says UK General
Mysteries Surround Afghanistan's Stealth Drone
Monster Mine-Clearing Tank Goes to Work in Afghanistan
Corrupt, Untrained, Underpaid, Illiterate: Afghan Forces Waiting to Take Over
In Kandahar, Taliban Own Night
Karzai to Unveil Afghan Cabinet 'Within Days'
1 Taliban Militant Killed, 5 Injured in Clash in Afghanistan
Armed Men Beat 2 Local Journalists in Afghan Capital
Attack Temporarily Shuts Afghanistan's Herat Airport
In Pakistan, Anguish and Questions Over Mosque Attack
Magazine Says Zardari May Opt to Become PM
Clinton: Many Pakistanis Have 'Reflex of Skepticism' Over US Efforts
Militants Attack Pakistan Army Checkpoint
Pakistani Court Postpones Mumbai Attack Trial
Pakistan: Five Generals Also Got Their Loans Written Off
'Accidental' Blast Kills 3 in NW Pakistan
Kashmir Protests Assault on Separatist, 12 Injured
Kashmir Separatist Fighting for Life After Attack
Communist Rebels Gain Strength in Rural India
India Launches Offensive on Naxalite Rebels as They Near Delhi
Tension in Indian City After Sikh Protest Leaves One Dead
1 Killed in Bombing Near Philippine Police Station
Manila Vows to Dismantle Politicians' Armies
Powerful Clan Denies Role in Philippine Massacre
Suspect in Philippine Massacre Charged With Murder
Philippine Massacre Suspects' Homes Raided
8 Journalists in Philippine Massacre Buried
Another Clue to How China Managed Obama's Visit
China Activist Speaks Out From Inside 'Black Jail'
Myanmar High Court to Hear Aung San Suu Kyi's Appeal
Myanmar Junta Transforms Kokang Rebels Into 'Border Guards'
North Korea Orders Soldiers to Shoot Defectors
Protesters Rampage in Nepal After 3 Die in Clashes
4 US Teens Arrested at Military Base in Japan
Northern Ireland
Republican Terrorists Plan 'Christmas Spectacular' Attack on British Troops
'War on Terror'
Brussels Gives CIA the Power to Search UK Bank Records
Missed Signs Puzzling as Hasan Picture Emerges
Man Who Went Undercover in California Antiterrorist Operation Provided Key Information to FBI, Court Transcript Shows
Protesters Rally Against 9/11 Trial Set for New York
Ethics Panel Checking Homeland Security Committee
Americans Still Dying
Missing Richmond (VA) Paratrooper's Body Found in Afghanistan
Cape Coral (FL) Soldier's Death in Iraq Remains a Mystery
Jacksonville (FL) Marine Killed by IED in Afghanistan
Oregon Sailor Supporting Operation Enduring Freedom Dies in Electrical Accident
Funeral Set for White Sulphur Springs (MT) Soldier
Moreno Valley (CA) Soldier Dies in an Explosion in Afghanistan
Cook County (GA) Soldier Died in Iraq Insurgent Attack

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Pay for the War, or Just Call It Off?

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A Coalition's Progress: Monterey's Anti-Afghan War Demonstration

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More Sanctions, More Insanity

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Fascism Needs an Enemy

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Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

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The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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