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Updated December 8, 2009 - 11:04 PM EST
At Least 127 Killed in Coordinated Baghdad Bombings
  At Least Eight Killed in Sadr City School Bombing

Tuesday: 133 Iraqis Killed, 460 Wounded

Mullen: US Losing in Afghanistan

  Karzai Says Afghan Army Will Need Help Until at Least 2024
  Afghans Protest as NATO Raid Kills at Least Six Civilians

Who's In Charge: The President or the Generals?

  Afghan War Hits More Deadly Milestones

Pentagon Orders 16,000 Troops to Start Surge

Police: Attack on Pakistan Intel Office Kills 12

  61 Killed in Latest Pakistan Bombings
  US Drone Strike Kills at Least Three in Pakistan
Tens of Thousands Protest in Iran, Battling Police
Teddy Roosevelt's Role in WWII  by James Bradley
Five Good Reasons to Avoid a War With Iran  by Philip Giraldi
Imperial Democrats Line Up for War  by John V. Walsh
Who Wants More War?  by Rep. Ron Paul
America's Sudoku Wars  by Simon Tisdall
'Forward,' March  by Thomas L. Knapp

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Obama to Mention Afghan War in Peace Prize Speech

Obama Administration Wants Suit Against Yoo Dismissed

Senior Officer Urged Blair to Delay Iraq Invasion

Whistleblower Psychiatrist Warns of Soldier-on-Soldier Violence

Navy SEALs Arraigned on Charges of Detainee Abuse

For 9/11 Cases, a Short List of Lawyers

Israel's Bedouin Denied Right to Elections


Corpses of Two Sahwa Fighters Found in Kirkuk

Obama, Biden Phoned Kurds to Press Iraq Election Deal, Officials Say

Monday: 19 Iraqis Killed, 56 Wounded

The War at Home
In the Military, Different Rules for Patient-Therapist Confidentiality

Study Gauges Toll on Military Children

Federal Workshop on Openness Closed to the Public

'War on Terror'

US Sees Homegrown Muslim Extremism as Rising Threat

Proof of Detainee Abuse Exists, Despite Mackay's Denials

Obama: Turkey Key to Keeping Iran's Nuclear Program Peaceful

Erdogan Resists US Calls for Iran Sanctions

Iran Seeks Release of Arms Dealer Facing Sentence in US


Obama Praises Turkey for Help in Afghanistan

Obama Lauds Turkey's Approach to Kurdish Community

Can President Obama Still Count on Turkey?

Five Turkish Soldiers Killed in Attack

Netanyahu: Syria Drops Key Precondition for Peace Talks With Israel

Livni: Netanyahu's Settlement Freeze Hurts Israel

Russia in Talks to Buy Israeli-Made Spy Drones for $100 Million

Commando Units Arrest Civilians in Guinea

Offices Torched After Sudan Authorities Briefly Detain Opposition Leaders

Petraeus: Afghan Surge Won't Have Quick Results

Taliban Shadow Officials Offer Concrete Alternative to Karzai

Is US Prepared to Care for More Casualties From Troop Buildup?

US Says bin Laden Sometimes Slips Into Afghanistan

Kabul Mayor Sentenced to Four Years for Corruption

Afghan Lawmakers Demand Full Cabinet List

Pressure From All Sides as Karzai Picks His Team

Canada Weighs End to Afghan Army Training After 2011

McCain: Afghanistan Timetable Threatens War Effort

Jobs, Not Taliban, Are the Worry in Afghan Town

Marines Get Pep Talk, Combat Rules for Afghanistan

Germans in Afghanistan

Merkel on the Defensive in Afghanistan

Kunduz: Did German Defense Minister Know More Than He Let On?

Germany to Compensate Victims of Afghan Airstrike


Pakistan Terror Attacks Dent Lahore's Safest City Image

Pakistani Shi'ite Leader Assassinated

Administration Presses Pakistan to Fight Taliban

South Asia

Chicago Man Charged in Mumbai Terror Attacks

Nepal Rhetoric Warms to Violence


Obama Sending Envoy to North Korea

US Says No New Incentives for North Korea Talks

North Korea Grilled at UN Rights Council


Somalis Vent Fury at Militia After Doctors Massacred

Somali Police Warn of More Suicide Bombings

In Other News

US Senate Sounds Alarm Over Yemen Unrest

US Adds Drones to Fight Smuggling in Americas
Pearl Harbor Mini-Submarine Mystery Solved?

Justin Raimondo
US Foreign Policy and the Cult of 'Expertise'

Kelley B. Vlahos
Best Performance in a Farce

Nebojsa Malic
Trial and Error

Philip Giraldi
Fool Me Twice

Ivan Eland
Pay for the War, or Just Call It Off?

David R. Henderson
A Coalition's Progress: Monterey's Anti-Afghan War Demonstration

Charles V. Peņa
More Sanctions, More Insanity

Ran HaCohen
Fascism Needs an Enemy

Alan Bock
Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

Edouard Husson
The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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