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Updated December 12, 2009 - 11:16 PM EST
Struggle to Recruit Afghans Could Delay US Exit
  Embattled UN Afghan Envoy to Step Down
  US Troops Struggle to Reassure Afghan Elders Worried by Withdrawal
  Afghan Authorities Slam Convicted Kabul Mayor's Return to Work
  The Military's Plan for the Afghan War Surge, in One Giant Chart
PM: Waziristan Offensive Not Over After All
  Drones in a Stepped-Up Pakistan War
  Pakistan DM Admits Presence of Afghan Taliban in Balochistan
  Blackwater Operating at CIA Pakistan Base, Former US Official Says
  Pakistan Will Hold US Muslims Until After Trial
  Interrogation Report of Five American Terror Suspects in Pakistan
Iran Agrees to Nuclear Fuel Swap, With Caveats
  US Sees 'Significant' New Sanctions Against Iran
  US Freezes $2 Billion in Iranian Assets
  US Says Has No Evidence Iran Backs Yemen Rebels
Settlements to Continue to Grow Despite 'Freeze'
  Israel Settlement Freeze Shields Dismantling of Illegal Outposts
  Settlers Attack West Bank Mosque and Burn Holy Muslim Books
Contractors Watching Contractors
  Blackwater Denies Covert CIA Help
  Soldiers Forced to Go AWOL for PTSD Care
Once Again, We're Marching Into an Unwinnable War  by Joe Galloway
Obama's Wrong Road in Afghanistan  by Ivan Eland
The Desperate War Cries of a Besieged President  by Alexander Cockburn
Our Murderers in the Sky  by Scott Ritter
It's Time to Leave Afghanistan  by Rep. Ron Paul
The Bush-Obama War  by Chuck Baldwin

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John T. Flynn on Roosevelt and Pearl Harbor
Dutch Politician Asks if Aid Really Aids
US Jobless Pay Measure to Move With Defense Bill
CIA Drops Blackwater Contract
Muslim Soldier's Fears Lead to Off-Post Housing Request
For Iraq, Afghanistan and Us, Decade of War
Blair: Saddam Ouster Right, Even Without WMDs
'War on Terror'
Arrests Raise Fears of American Jihad
New Cases Test Optimism on Extremism by US Muslims
At Virginia Mosque, a Struggle to Understand Why Young Men May Have Held Terrorist Ambitions
Dallas/Fort Worth Named to Top 10 Terrorism Target List
GOP Questions Plans to Try Terror Suspects in US
Pentagon Drops Charges Against Kuwaiti Released From Gitmo
A Parent's Dilemma: A Child With Ties to Terrorism
Defense Secretary Tells US Troops Iraq Mission Critical
Iraqi Police Mistakenly Shoot Civilian in Northern Mosul
Maliki Urges Gates to Provide Iraq With Modern Weapons
Iraqi-American Christians Blast US Policies in Iraq
Security Fears Weigh on Iraq's 2nd Oil Auction
Iraq Strikes Deals With Big Oil Consortiums on Southern Fields
Four Suspected of Involvement in Baghdad Blasts Arrested
Amnesty Blasts Iraq Over Treatment of Iran Exiles
US: Iraq Should Humanely Relocate Iranian Opposition
Ukraine Says Selling $550 Million of Arms to Iraq
US Sees Arabs, Kurds in Iraq Settling Differences
Bomb Blast Kills at Least 6 South of Baghdad
Friday: 1 Marine, 8 Iraqis Killed; 26 Iraqis Wounded
Iranian Hard-Liners Hold Pro-Government Rallies
Authorities Hand Back Shirin Ebadi's Nobel Peace Prize Medal
EU Calls for 'Clear Response' to Iran Nuclear Stance
Abbas: Stop Settlers From Running Wild
Israel Arrests Palestinian Barrier Protest Leader
Golan Villagers Protest at Rumors of Israeli Pullout
Human Rights Groups Set to March in Tel Aviv for Democracy
Israel Expresses Anger at New Palestine Food Labels
Gaza One Year On: The Aftermath of a Tragedy
Middle East
Turkey's Top Court Bans Pro-Kurdish Party
Report: Egypt Installing Sensors on Gaza Border, Not Building Wall
'Saudi, Israel Tie-Up' in Turkmenistan
US Military
Unemployment for Young Veterans Surpasses 20%
Soldiers' Complaints Spur Inquiry
Air Force to Develop New Bomber
Americans in Pakistan
Five From Northern Virginia Had Months of Contact With Taliban, Officials Say
Arrests Suggest US Muslims, Like Those in Europe, Can Be Radicalized Abroad
FBI Questions Students in Pakistan, Eyes Charges
Worried Father Turned in 5 Americans to Pakistani Police
Mosque: VA Men Detained in Pakistan 'Regular Kids'
Malik: Some Envoys Providing Arms to Militants
US Coordinating With Pakistan on Troop Surge, Holbrooke Says
US Rushing Troops, Supplies to Afghanistan
Obama Says Afghanistan Not US 'Protectorate'
Canada Preparing a Military Role in Afghanistan Beyond 2011, Say Experts
Canada MPs Join Forces to Order Release of Afghan Records
NATO Officials: Russian Should Give Afghan Arms

German DM on Surprise Visit to Afghanistan

North Korea
North Korea to Work With US to Resolve 'Differences'
US Says Time for 'Strategic Patience' With North Korea
North Korea Currency Change Sparks Panic
Philippine Abductors Free 10 More Hostages, Hold 47
Philippines Lifts Martial Law in Southern Province
Philippines Grapples With Disarming Wild Militia
Decision to Create New Indian State Sparks Protest
Protesters Demand Polls in Thailand
Poland, US Sign Deployment Accord
Abkhaz Vote Recalls Wounds of War
Catalonia Holds Referendums to Push for Independence From Spain
Killer of Journalist Gets 2 Years in Southern Russian Republic
British DM 'Facing Massive Cuts Package'
Experts: Somali Islamists Improving Tactics, Bombs
Violence Grips South Sudan as Vote Nears on Independence
Zimbabwe's Mugabe: Divisions Destroying His Party
Honduras Refuses to Let Ousted Leader Leave
Cuba Detains a US Contractor
Paraguay Leader Withdraws Anti-Terrorism Bill

Justin Raimondo
The Afghan 'Experiment'

Philip Giraldi
No-sama bin Laden

Ivan Eland
More 'Corruption' Is Needed in Afghanistan

Kelley B. Vlahos
Best Performance in a Farce

Nebojsa Malic
Trial and Error

David R. Henderson
A Coalition's Progress: Monterey's Anti-Afghan War Demonstration

Charles V. Peņa
More Sanctions, More Insanity

Ran HaCohen
Fascism Needs an Enemy

Alan Bock
Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

Edouard Husson
The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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