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Updated December 17, 2009 - 11:23 PM EST
US Drone Strikes Kill 17 in Pak Border Region
  Insurgents Hack US Drones With $26 Software
  Pakistan Court Voids Amnesty Shielding Govt Figures
US Fails to Stop Taliban at Afghan-Pak Border
  Pelosi: Up to Obama to Win Funds for Afghan Escalation
  German Govt in Crisis Over Revelations on Afghan Killings
  US Special Forces Ordered to Focus on Killing Taliban
  UN Officials Say American Aide Plotted to Replace Karzai
  Petraeus: Afghan War a Success, Even if bin Laden Still at Large
Iraq Security Forces Involved in Bombings: PM
  Blair's Spy Chief and Top Envoy Tell Inquiry of Their War Doubts
US Says Iran Edging Closer to Nukes Knowhow
  Obama Told China: I Can't Stop Israel Strike on Iran Indefinitely
  Iran Tests Long-Range Missile, Raises Ire of West
  Iran's Domestic Conflict Shifts Into Higher Gear
House OKs $634B Defense Bill, Without Surge
  War Bonds Proposed to Pay for Afghanistan, Iraq Conflicts
  Army Again Turns to Depleted Uranium for New Weaponry
  Intelligence Improperly Collected on US Citizens
  The Guantánamo Shell Game?
Yemen Rebels: US Behind Raid That Killed 120
  Yemen Claims to Kill 34 al-Qaeda Militants in Fresh Raids
Was Mumbai Suspect a Double Agent for US?
Attacks in Russia Kill 2 People, Wound 23
US Contemplates More of the Scarcely Believable in 'Afpak'  by William Pfaff
Which Fool Ever Thought the Iraq War Was About WMD?  by Mick Hume
Obama, American Nationalism, and the Weird Anti-Materialism of the Foreign Policy Elite  by Justin Logan
The Allegedly Growing Domestic Muslim Threat  by Glenn Greenwald
How George W. Bush Redefined American Freedom  by James Bovard
Our Ignoble Laureate  by Roderick T. Long

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Roll Call: House Passes Defense Bill
AfriCom Could Add Marine Air-Ground Combat Force
Torture Suit Too Hot to Be Heard, US Says
Poll: Americans Skeptical of Afghan Surge
Afghans Fleeing Taliban Are Flooding Tajikistan
Moody's Warns of 'Social Unrest' as Sovereign Debt Spirals
'War on Terror'
Military Tribunals Will Be Held at Illinois Prison
Guantánamo 'Far From Closed'
Swiss Say They Will Accept 1 Guantánamo Detainee
Short PATRIOT Act Extensions May Open Door to Tinkers
DHS Made Improper Intel Report on Nation of Islam
The War at Home
House Approves $290 Billion Increase in Debt Limit
Lefties Call for Alliance With Paulies Against War
Raytheon Turns iPhones Into Battlefield Tools
Military Reaches Out to Wider Audiences With Expanded Online Presence
Reports: Iran's Deputy Atomic Chief Resigns
2 Pages in Persian on Iran Nuclear Work Puzzle Spy Agencies
White House Sees UN Support for Iran Penalties
A Breakdown of Iran's Missile Arsenal
Iran Most Popular Twitter Topic in 2009
Credit Suisse to Pay $536 Million Fine for Violating Iran Sanctions
US Military Withdrawal on Track, Says Iraq PM
Sahwa Leader Killed as Bomb Explodes in Baghdad
Iraqi Govt Will Not Force Camp Ashraf Residents to Move Out
Iraq's Oil: Now Comes the Hard Part
Iraq to Relaunch Air Force Nearly 20 Years After Kuwait War
Bus Blast Kills Two, Wounds Five in Baghdad
Wednesday: 7 Iraqis Killed, 27 Wounded
Palestinian Leaders to Extend President Abbas's Term Indefinitely
Hardline Israeli Settlers Start Building West Bank Outpost
Israeli FM: 'Being Anti-Israel Is the New Anti-Semitism'
Palestine 'Paying for Occupation'
Palestinian Village Caught Amid Israel Settlements
Britain Vows to End Arrest Threats to Israeli VIPs
Palestinians Destroy Settler-Made Dead Sea Cosmetics
Middle East
Gulf Petro-Powers to Launch Currency in Latest Threat to Dollar Hegemony
Military Observers to Remain on Golan Heights Until June
Lebanon to Discuss Israeli Plans for Border Town Pullout
A Legacy of Regret for a Saudi Diplomat
Kremlin to Press NATO Chief on Security Pact
Turkey, Ukraine, Azerbaijan Join EU Condemnation of Abkhazia Election
Italian Student Tells of Arrest While Filming for Fun
Guinea Soldier: I Shot the President
Sudan Accuses France of Colonialism
US in Afghanistan
House Probes Charges of 'Protection Racket' by Afghanistan Contractors
First of 30,000 New Troops Arriving in Afghanistan
After Difficult Goodbye, US Marines Head Off to Afghanistan
Marines Eager, Wary About Leading Surge Into Afghanistan
US Audit Finds Afghan Anticorruption Unit Ineffective
US to Expand Eyes in the Sky Over Afghanistan
Terror Monitor: Tape of Captured US Soldier Due
Germany in Afghanistan
German DM Accused of Lying by Top General
German Ministers Face Kunduz Air Strike Inquiry
How NATO Sought to Play Down the German Air Strike
Canada in Afghanistan
Coalition Allies Faulted Canada Over Handling of Detainees
Conservative Boycott Shuts Down Afghan Detainee Hearing
Others in Afghanistan

NATO Chief Asks for Russian Help in Afghanistan

Estonian Soldier Is Killed by Bomb in Afghanistan's Helmand Province
Three Captured Journalists in Afghanistan Freed, Says Guardian
Pakistan Reported to Be Harassing US Diplomats
Security Forces Kill 49 Taliban in FATA
Pakistani Minister: Terror War Almost Over
Pakistani Displaced Find Life Hard in Karachi
Pakistan PM Says Committed to Promote Partnership With US
North Korea
Obama Writes Letter to North Korean Leader
US Says North Korea Agrees to Discuss Uranium Enrichment
Report: North Korean Leader Kim's Health Worsens
US Calls Japan Base Delay Decision Unfortunate
Japan Coalition Leader Wants US Base Off Okinawa
Japan Puts New Missile Interceptors on Hold
Abu Sayyaf Co-Founder Nabbed in Jakarta
China's 'Over-Rapid' Nuclear Growth Stirs Fears
Demand for New States Could Change India's Map
Vietnam Orders Russian Submarines, Fighter Jets
Nepal Maoists Agree to Release Thousands of Child Soldiers
Tribunal Charges 2 Khmer Rouge With Genocide
Myanmar Opposition Leader Meets Party Elders
Colombia's Two Biggest Rebel Groups Say May Unite
Colombia Kills Rebel Chieftain and His Bodyguards
Rights Activist Who Protested Honduras Coup Killed
Aristide Supporters Protest Election Ban in Haiti

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One War Obama May Curtail

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A Coalition's Progress: Monterey's Anti-Afghan War Demonstration

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More Sanctions, More Insanity

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Fascism Needs an Enemy

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Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

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The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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