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Updated December 22, 2009 - 10:51 PM EST
Taliban Claims to Control 80% of Afghanistan
  US Army Depends on Afghan Security Firm for Protection

US Mounted Secret Pak Raids in Hunt for al-Qaeda

  Pakistan Interior Minister Faces More Charges
Mullen Insists Military Ready to Attack Iran

Iran Nuke Negotiator Calls for Atomic Arms Ban

Iraqis Rally in Ramadi Demanding End to Iran Ties

Last Marine Battalion Set to Leave Iraq


Monday: 14 Iraqis Killed, 21 Wounded

Billions in Earmarks Inflate Defense Bill's Cost

Israel-Hamas Prisoner-Swap Deal Nears
Iran Sanctions Are Precursor to War  by Rep. Ron Paul
What Do the Nazis Have to Do With Afghanistan?  by Laurie L. Calhoun
The Best Argument for the Afghan War – and What's Wrong With It  by Jon Wiener
Vagina Monologues  by Jeff Huber
Making More Terrorists in Yemen  by Glenn Greenwald
GOP Hawks Love Obama's War Talk  by Jack Kenny

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Supreme Court Guts Due Process Protection

Gitmo Head Count Below 200

Iran Holding bin Laden Family

US Ups Funding for Israel's Missile Defense Programs

Mullen Worried Yemen Becoming Terrorist 'Haven'

Colombia to Chávez: Maybe 'Spy Plane' Was Santa

British ID Card Program Meets Resistance

Official: Russia-US Arms Deal Likely Early 2010


Iraq: Bombs Kill 5 in Northern City, Baghdad

Maliki Says Iraq Keen to Develop Ties With Arab Countries

Iraqi Exiles Prepare for a Sad Christmas

FM: Egypt's Presence in Iraq Would 'Create Balance'

Officer Who Stole $690k in Iraq Was Nabbed by IRS

Monday: 14 Iraqis Killed, 21 Wounded

The War at Home

Obama to Name Bush Adviser as Cybersecurity Coordinator

Chaplains Called on to Deliver Tragic News


Ahmadinejad Denies Iran Nuclear Bomb Trigger Tests

Top Dissident Cleric's Death Poses a Challenge to Iran's Rulers

Attacks Halt Iran Dissident Cleric's Memorial Service

Iran's Ayatollah Montazeri Buried in Qom Amid Protests

Monitoring Orgs: Seized North Korean Arms 'Bound for Iran'

Iran Expects Speedy Trial of 3 American Hikers

Middle East

Hariri's Visit Stokes Old Fears in Lebanon

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Settles Leadership Dispute

Turkey Creeps Towards EU


Al-Qaeda Makes Rare Public Appearance at Yemen Rally

Red Cross: Humanitarian Plight in Northern Yemen 'Deteriorating'
South Asia

India Says to Seek US Man's Custody in Mumbai Raid

Sri Lanka Navy Claims Seizure of Tamil Rebel Ship


China Envoy Tells Taiwan He Sees Move Toward Peace

China Defends Deportation of Uighur Asylum-Seekers

Leading China Dissident to Be Tried Wednesday

After Expelling Uighurs, Cambodia Approves Chinese Investments

North Korea Declares Disputed Waters 'Firing Zone'

Philippines Government Shares Blame for Massacre


Blackwater Eyes Afghan Contractor Surge

Three Militants Killed as Taliban Fighters Storm Afghan Police Unit

Troops, Taliban Race to Build Up Local Governments

Stryker Soldiers Say Commanders Failed Them

Brits in Afghanistan

Brown: No Doubt Afghan Escalation 'Right' for Britain

Colleagues May Have Shot UK Soldier in Afghanistan

Euros in Afghanistan

Europe's Revolving Door in Afghanistan

US Rejects Austrian Criticism Over Afghanistan

Italy and Germany Insist on Role in 'Reconstructing' Afghanistan

Corruption Charges Pile Up in Pakistan

Has Sleaze Ruling Left Pakistan More Polarized?

Pakistan Not Given Enough Credit, Says Mullen

Analysis: Hard Reality as US Pushes Pakistan

Strategic Balochistan Becomes a Target in War Against Taliban

Pakistan's Government Reaches Out to Opposition


Netanyahu Holds Marathon Talks on Israel-Hamas Swap

Netanyahu's Brother-In-Law: Free Shalit Through War, Not Talks

Prisoner-Swap Talks Enter Critical Phase in Israel

Aid Groups: World 'Failed Gaza Over Israeli Blockade'

Hamas Using English Law to Demand Arrest of Israeli Leaders for War Crimes

Islamic Movement Head Banned From Entering Jerusalem

Graphic Novel on IDF Massacres in Gaza Set to Hit Bookstores

Ideological Differences Split Somalia's Al-Shabaab

West Warns That Somalia Is Becoming a Haven for International Terrorists

Report: Guinea Massacre 'Crime Against Humanity'

Zimbabwe Politicians Reach Breakthrough

UN: Ugandan Rebel Attacks May Have Been War Crimes


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Why Are Military Families in Holiday Need?

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The Case Against Iran Sanctions

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Motivation for Jihad

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No-Fault Espionage

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Obama's Peace Prize Continues Tradition of Dubious Choices

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Trial and Error

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Fascism Needs an Enemy

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Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

Edouard Husson
The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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