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Updated December 31, 2009 - 11:17 PM EST
NATO Kills Still More Afghan Civilians
  Afghan Govt: Hand Over 'Killers of Civilians'
  8 CIA Agents, 5 Canadians Killed in Afghanistan
  Was the Afghan Bomb Attack an Inside Job?
  Afghan Govt Confirms US Raid Killed 10 Civilians
  Locals: US-Led Troops Handcuffed, Executed Afghan Children
Yemen Vows to Tackle al-Qaeda on Its Own
  US Arms Funding May Come Back to Haunt in Yemen
Iraq Bombs Raise Fears of Renewed Insurgency
  British Hostage Freed After US Deal to Hand Over Iraqi Insurgent
  Wednesday: 41 Iraqis Killed, 138 Wounded
Massive Pro-Govt Rallies Reported in Iran
  Kazakhstan Denies Uranium Deal With Iran
Lebanese Military Fires on Israeli Jets
  Israel Retroactively Legalizes West Bank Settlement Construction
Spy Agencies Continue Blame Game Over Data
  Somali Man 'Tried to Take Bomb Onto Plane'
  Blogger Threatened by DHS for Posting New TSA Screening Directive
Judge Drops Blackwater Iraq Massacre Charges
5 Americans in Pakistan to Face Terror Charges
Is Obama Digging Out or Digging Deeper?
India 'Ready for War With China, Pakistan'
Barack Obama, Interventionist and Ultimate Jihadi Hero  by Michael Scheuer
I See London, I See France, I See Bombs in Underpants  by Jeff Huber
Still Trying to Monopolize the Arabian Peninsula  by Dallas Darling
Losing the Bill of Rights  by Jacob G. Hornberger
AIPAC Celebrates 47th Birthday in Court  by Grant Smith
2010: Welcome to Orwell's World  by John Pilger

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Guam Residents Concerned Over Troop Buildup
Yemen Vows to Eliminate al-Qaeda From Country
'Israeli Settlements Killing Two-State Solution'
In Gaza, New Year Reopens Wounds of the Old
Former Gitmo Detainees Fuel Growing al-Qaeda Cell
Upper Crust Is Often Drawn to Terrorism
The Lap Bomber
Houston Islamic School Confirms Terror Suspect Was Student
Abdulmutallab Organized 'War on Terror Week' While Studying in London
Detroit Bombing Suspect 'Focused on Religion'
Nigerian Suspect Led Devout, Quiet Life in Yemen
'Nigerians Are Not Terrorists': Facebook Group
'War on Terror'
Jet Plot Shows Growing Ability of Qaeda Affiliates
In Aftermath of Fort Hood, Community Haunted by Clues That Went Unheeded
Somali Arrested at Airport With Chemicals, Syringe
Niger: Kidnappers Planned to Sell Saudis to al-Qaeda
Sen. Dorgan to GOP: 'Knock It Off' on Plane Attack Criticism
Despite Intelligence Overhaul, Shadow of 9/11 Is Cast Again
Political Attacks Over Christmas Day Airline Incident Heat Up
Order on Interpol Work Inside US Irks Conservatives
Gingrich: on Islamic Terror, It's Time to 'Discriminate'
Executive Linked to Iranian Probe Pleads Guilty
The Media on Terrorist Alert Once Again
Canada Has Limitations in Sharing Terror Info
Security Costs Will Top $75m in NYC Terror Trial
Students, Militiamen Clash at Iran University
Iranian Parliament Calls for Arrest of Moussavi, Two Other Opposition Leaders
Rival Claims Over Whereabouts of Mousavi
Iranian Police: Mousavi's Nephew Was Assassinated
Iran Denies Secret Deal to Import Kazakh Uranium
Iran Jams Satellites to Block Transmissions by VOA, BBC
Kidnapping Was Precisely Targeted to Secure Freedom of Iranian-Backed Militants
Iraqi Speaker Discusses Poll Arrangements for Iraqis in Jordan
Sahwa Leader Describes Security Forces as 'Weak'
Iraq Signs 2 Oil Deals With Angola's Sonangol
Wednesday: 41 Iraqis Killed, 138 Wounded
In Cuba, Hopeful Tenor Toward Obama Is Ebbing
Afghanistan Far Deadlier Than Iraq for US Troops in 2009
Afghanistan's Karzai, NATO Clash Over Reports of Civilian Deaths
Jordanian Army Suffers First Fatality in Afghanistan
Objections Don't Sway Afghans' Election Plan
Bulgaria Sending 30 More Troops to Afghanistan
Army Historians Document Early Missteps in Afghanistan
Pakistani Taliban Claim Karachi Bombing
Pakistani Security Forces Kill 5 Foreign Militants in S. Waziristan
Two Militants Killed as Forces Pound Hideouts in Bajaur
Pakistan to Bring Musharraf Back if Ordered by Court
North Korea Stripping Heavy Equipment From Nuclear Plant
How Sri Lanka Averted US Move to Evacuate LTTE Leadership
Japan, US Mull F-35 Stealth Fighter Project
Obama's Apparent Low-Key Approach to Kashmir Disappoints Some in Disputed Region
Laos Says No Need to Fear for Hmong Deportees
Chinese Navy Seeks to Establish Base Near Horn of Africa
Pirates Hijack British Tanker in Sea 'Safety' Zone
Britain Looks Back
Plan for UK Troops to Dig Graves During 'Winter of Discontent'
Secret File Reveals How UK Ditched Shah of Iran
Israeli Ministers Slam Court for Letting Palestinians Drive on Highway
Shin Bet: 2009 Had Lowest Terror Levels in Israel This Decade
Israeli Nuclear Whistleblower Under House Arrest
Israeli and Palestinian Children Become Friends at Hospital
Egypt Defends Reinforcement of Gaza Border, Allows Limited Protest
Suzanne Mubarak Gets Activists Into Gaza
In Other News
Wars, Elections Main Threats to Journalists in '09
Iraq Veteran Finds Sanctuary in Canadian Church
Survivor of USS Cole Attack Found Dead in Likely Panic Attack

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