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Updated January 3, 2010 - 11:18 PM EST
Afghan MPs Reject Most Karzai Cabinet Picks
  CIA Attacker Driven in From Pakistan
  CIA: Transformation Into a Paramilitary Organization
  Taliban Bomber Wrecks CIA's Shadowy War
US Killed 700 Civilians in 2009 Pak Drone Strikes
  Pakistan Attack a Warning to Anti-Taliban Tribes
  Volleyball Game Attack: Will Opposition to Taliban Hold Firm?
US Aid Tied to Purchase of Arms
  Obama Says al-Qaeda in Yemen Planned Bombing, Vows Retribution
  Top US Terrorism Official Knew of Underwear Bombing Technique
  US Official: Extremists Seek New Ways to Attack US
US, UK Close Yemen Embassies Over Threats
  Somali Govt: Yemeni Rebels Arming Ahlu Sunna
  Yemeni Air Attacks on al-Qaeda Fighters Risk Mobilizing Hostile Tribes
  Al-Qaeda Benefits From Decade of Missteps to Become Threat in Yemen
  Former US Envoy to Yemen: 'Major Mistake to Turn This Into 3rd Front'
Iran Gives West Deadline to Accept Uranium Swap
  US Sees Window to Pressure Iran on Nuclear Fuel
Colombia: 18 Rebels Killed in Attacks on 2 FARC Camps
Changing the Narrative for War  by Philip Giraldi
The Keystone Cops Meet the Parents; and Let's Not Invade Yemen  by Leon T. Hadar
Big Brother Is Coming: NSA's $1.9 Billion Cyber Spy Center a Power Grab  by Chuck Gates
5 Myths About Keeping America Safe From Terrorism  by Stephen Flynn
Terrorism and Security Systems  by Jim Harper
Neither Wars nor Drones  by Marwan Bishara

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Iraqi Prisoners 'Were Sexually Humiliated by Female British Soldier'
US Customs: Second Person Handcuffed Was on Flight 253, After All
Blackwater Massacre: 'They Kept Pumping Bullets Into Us'
US and UK to Fund Anti-Terror Police Unit in Yemen
US Commander in Iraq Says Troop Drawdown on Track
UK Ex-PM John Major Slams Iraq Invasion Motives
Israeli Deputy FM: Iran Regime May Be Replaced This Year
After Imam Refused to Become an Informant, the Feds Tried to Destroy Him
General: Seals on Trial for Cover-Up
Foreign Countries Gave to Clinton Foundation
The Underbomber
Bomb Suspect May Not Have Begun Trip in Ghana
Abdulmutallab: One Boy's Journey to Jihad
Bomb Suspect Reached Out to UK Militants
MI5 Knew of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab's UK Extremist Links
'War on Terror'
Obama Pledges Renewed Fight Against Terrorism
Passenger Profiling Needed as Well as Scanners, UK Airlines Chief Warns
Canada's Airlines Fear Violating Privacy Under New US Rules For Planes
Cop Groups' Placard Played Role in Times Square Scare
Yemen Sends Troops to al-Qaeda Strongholds
Yemen Rebels Say Ready to Talk if War Stops
Yemen Vows to Fight Terrorism Ahead of Brown Conference
US Doubles Security Aid to Yemen
US General Talks Security in Yemen
Boston Mayor Looks to Block Yemeni Tankers From Entering US Harbor
Profile: Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula
US: Iran 'Standing in Its Own Way' With Nuke Plan
US: No Reason for Iran to Oppose Nuclear Proposal
Iran Warns West It Will Make Its Own Nuclear Fuel
Unrest in Iran Like 'Walking on Minefield,' Warns Speaker
Amateur Video From Tehran Appears to Show Shots Were Fired at Protesters
Son of Grand Ayatollah Montazeri Warns 'Catastrophic Consequences' if Mousavi Is Arrested or Killed
Iranian Cleric Haeri Shirazi: Don't Arrest the Protesters; Kill Them!
Late Cleric's Son Warns of More Iran Turmoil
Iranian Football Official Resigns After Mail to Israel
Saudi Says in Talks to Bring bin Laden Daughter From Iran
Italian FM: Europe Must Not Isolate Iran Over Human Rights
British Hostage Returns From Iraq
Peter Moore Reunited With Family as Argument Rages Over Deaths
Ex-Iraq Hostage Peter Moore May Have 'Strong Bond' With Captors
Iraqi Captors Barter Over the Body of Last Briton, Bodyguard
Today in Iraq
Blair's £1m-a-Year Paymaster Seeks Giant Iraqi Oil Deal
Two Policemen Killed, Christian Man Kidnapped in Iraq
Mosul Airport Reopens Today After Contract Renewed
Saturday: 1 US Soldier, 7 Iraqis Killed; 27 Iraqis Wounded
Gaza Remains Under Pressure and 'Waiting to Explode'
Israeli Forces Make Incursion Into Gaza, Destroy Farmland
Israeli War Planes Strike Gaza Tunnels
Gaza's Hamas Rulers Approve $540 Million Budget
Hamas: Recent Israeli Escalation Aims to Weaken Gaza Amid Blockade
Gaza Family's Lives Torn Apart in Night of War
Abbas Considers Scaling Back Security Ties With Israel
Hamas: We Won't Wage Media War With Israel Over Shalit Deal
Palestinian Authority: No Word From Israel on Peace Summit
Will Arab MKs Be Required to Swear Loyalty to a Jewish State?
PNA Urges Israel to Drop Controversial Prisoners Law
Americans Still Dying
Waterbury (CT) Paratrooper/ Nurse Fatally Shot in Afghanistan
Soldier, Father of Three, Killed in Afghanistan on Christmas (CA)
Russian-Born Marine Laid to Rest in Pennsylvania
Albion (NY) Mourns Its First Fallen Soldier
Community Mourns Moreno Valley (CA) Marine
Los Angeles (CA) Soldier Dies of Non-Combat Injuries in Iraq
Liberian-Born Chicago (IL) Soldier Leaves Behind Wife, 3 Children
Is Power in Afghanistan Returning to Ethnic Fault Lines?
Afghan Taliban Say No Links With Pakistani Taliban
Afghanistan War: Suicide Attack Highlights Taliban Reach
Afghans Joining Militias to Fight Taliban
Karzai's Cabinet Nominees: Approved and Rejected
Roadside Bomb Kills Five Afghan Civilians
Karzai Expresses Condolences to Afghan Civilians
Karzai in Helmand, Rockets Land Nearby: Witness
Sitting Ducks of Helmand: British Supply Convoys
Germany: Security Command Transfer to Afghans Should Begin in 2010
Afghanistan to Hold Parliamentary Elections in May
Afghan Cash-for-Weapons Program Leads to Tips
Kidnapped French Journalists in Afghanistan Alive
Croatian Soldier Injured in Afghanistan
Pakistan Government Under Pressure After Deadly Attack
Militants Blow Up Schools, Clinic in Bajaur
Pakistan to Get Eight New F-16 Jets by June 2010
Zardari Vows to Fight Internal, External Plots
Pakistan: Five Militants Killed in Orakzai
US-China Relations to Face Strains, Experts Say
North Korea Holds Massive New Year's Rally as It Seeks to Improve Ties With US, South Korea
Delhi Attempts to Reassure Tourists in Wake of Terror Fears
Police Foil Somali Man's Attempt to Kill 'Prophet Muhammad' Cartoonist
Danish Cartoonist Attacker Suspected of al-Qaeda Ties
Somali Group Hails Attack on Danish Cartoonist
Danish Cartoonist Hid in 'Panic Room' During Attack
Turkey, Georgia Support Dagestan Rebels
Rival Islamists Fight for Town in Somalia
2 Ships Reported Hijacked Off Somali Coast
UK Government Says British-Flagged Ship Hijacked Off Somalia
Desperate Somalis Seek 'Back-Door' Route to US
Ten Killed in Niger Attacks, Say Security Sources
Ugandan Rebel Leader Killed in Central African Republic
Muslim Cleric Deported From UK Arrested in Kenya
Chad President Makes New Year Peace Plea to Rebels
Sudan Islamists Name Presidential Candidate
Kinshasa Plans New Offensive Against Rwandan Rebels
Mandela's Tribe Threatens Secession Over Criminal Charges for Mandela Nephew
UNIFIL Denies Reports of Deal on Israeli Pullout From Disputed Ghajar Region
A Decade After Israeli Withdrawal, Lebanon Border Villages Remain in Limbo
With Uneasy Peace, Byblos, Lebanon's Ancient Port, Reawakens
One Injured After Clash in Palestinian Refugee Camp in Lebanon
Egyptian Minister Slams al-Jazeera for 'Instigating Civil War'
Leading Egypt Clerics Back Gaza Tunnel Barrier: Report
Middle East
China's Mideast Naval Base Proposal May Raise Suspicion
Saudi Arabia Criticizes Israel Settlement Building
Ecuador President: US Extremists Plot to Destabilize
Colombia Paramilitary Detained in Reporter's Death
Dutch Again Summon Venezuela Ambassador on US Spy Flight Allegations

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