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Updated January 5, 2010 - 11:28 PM EST
General: US Spy Effort in Afghanistan 'Ignorant'
  Jordanian Double-Agent Killed CIA Officers
  How an al-Qaeda Agent Infiltrated a CIA Base
  ‘Double Agent’ Imperils Jordanian Ties With CIA
Surge in Casualties Predicted in Afghanistan
  Karzai Orders Parliament Not to Recess Amid Cabinet Fight
  UN Demands Reforms as Afghan Parliamentary Election Looms
  Pakistan Worried US Buildup Will Send Militants Across Afghan Border
Clinton: Yemen War a Global Threat
  Yemen Insists Embassy Plotters Slain
  Yemeni Officials, Fearing Backlash, Play Down Partnership With US
  US Takes Risk on Yemen President to Fight al-Qaeda
  Yemen Offers al-Qaeda Fighters a Natural Base
  Yemeni Detainees Caught in Bomb Backlash
Clinton Insists US Still Open to Iran Talks
A Taliban-Style Takeover of Somalia?
Defense Appropriations Bill Full of Pork
Nuclear Poker with Iran
by Patrick J. Buchanan
The Pictures of War You Aren't Supposed to See  by Chris Hedges
Serial Catastrophes in Afghanistan Threaten Obama Policy  by Juan Cole
A War We Can't Afford  by Doug Bandow
Setting the Stage for 'The Next Jihad'  by Caroline Arnold
Get Naked to Defeat Terrorists
by Becky Akers

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Guantánamo: The Definitive Prisoner List
Obama's Nuclear-Free Vision Mired in Debate
Al-Qaeda in 'Sahara Emirate'
Germany Knows Nothing of Alleged CIA Murder Plot
Judge Weighs Misconduct Finding in Blackwater Case
US Appeals Court Upholds Moussaoui Conviction for 9/11
Online Extremists Discuss Blowing Up Planes
Audit Criticizes Justice Dept Threat-Response Program
Airline Security?
Watch List Grows as Extra Airline Screening Begins
Confusion Reigns as US Security Is Stepped Up
Are Traditional Security Methods the Best Path to Air Safety?
New Scanners Break Child Porn Laws
Confusion in Europe After US Demands More Security
Britain Says It Passed Airliner Suspect Data to US
'I Boarded a Plane With an Aerosol Can'
Six Trucks of Explosives 'Disappear' in Yemen
Pentagon Backs Off Petraeus News of Doubling Yemen Military Aid
In Yemen, US Faces Leader Who Puts Family First
France Follows Britain and US in Shutting Yemen Embassy
Iran Says Several Foreigners Arrested in Protests
Iranian Professors Call for End to Violent Tactics
Clinton: West Wants to 'Pressure' Iran Regime, but Spare Its Citizens
Iraq: Key Figures Since the War Began
Can a City Awash in Guns, Grenades and Explosives Ever Be Safe?
Iraq Files Case Against Blackwater
Iraqi PM Vows Justice in Blackwater Shooting Case
Iraq Names New North Oil Chief
Cleric's Release May End McMenemy Hostage Saga in Iraq
Five Civilians Injured in Thermal Bomb Blast in Mosul
Roadside Bombs in Northern Iraqi City Kill 3
Monday: 9 Iraqis Killed, 26 Wounded
Abbas Has 'No Objection' to Resuming Peace Talks
Israeli Official: Some of Abbas' Statements Positive
Are Israeli Wardogs Trained to Pounce All Who Say 'God Is Great' in Arabic?
Saudi Arabia
Saudi-Iran Frictions at Graves Revered by Shi'ites
Attack Shows Risk of Infiltration in Afghanistan
Behind Afghan Bombing, an Agent With Many Loyalties
Afghans Rally Against NATO Forces
4 Americans and Briton Killed in Afghanistan
UN Urges Change of Mindset in Afghanistan to Ensure Success
UN: Afghan's NATO Force Needs Top Civilian
Afghan Dreams of Rock and Roll
Bombing and Fire Disrupt a Fragile Peace in Karachi
Karachi Target Killings Have Claimed 256 Lives
McChrystal Lauds Pakistan Army's Strength, Ability
Heady Internet Freedom in China as Great Firewall Falls – Briefly
Chinese Dissident Appeals Subversion Conviction
Japan PM Vows to Pursue More Equal Ties With US
Leader of Junta Confirms Myanmar Is Planning 2010 Elections
German Soldiers Union: Lutheran Bishop 'Too Antiwar'
Oil Feud Reflects Growing Rift Between Russia and Belarus, Once Close Allies
Serbia Files Genocide Suit Against Croatia
Britain Rejects Calls to Reopen Chinook Inquiry
Spain Miffed After Politician Denied Entry to Cuba
The War at Home
2,500 Florida Guardsmen Prepare for Largest Deployment Since WWII
Threatening Troops May Become a Felony in South Carolina
How Disgraced Clinton Ally, Barred From Travel to the US, Made It Back
Delayed Gaza Relief Convoy Arrives in Egypt
Activists Leave Egypt After Gaza Entry Denied
Kenya Seeks to Deport Muslim Cleric to Jamaica

Justin Raimondo
The Kamm Scam: Fake 'Journalist' Defends a Forgery

Kelley B. Vlahos
A Winter Soldier's Quest for Congress

Nebojsa Malic
2009 in Review

Philip Giraldi
Obama's New Year's Resolutions

Ivan Eland
Learning the Wrong Lessons From the Attempted Bombing

Charles V. Peña
Still Not Home for the Holidays

David R. Henderson
The Case Against Iran Sanctions

Ran HaCohen
Fascism Needs an Enemy

Alan Bock
Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

Edouard Husson
The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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