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Updated January 6, 2010 - 11:20 PM EST
US Drone Strikes Kill 15 in Pakistan
US Allying With Saddam Ex-Officers in Yemen

Yemen FM Warns US Against Sending Troops


Yemen Commits 1000s of Troops to al-Qaeda War


Former bin Laden Bodyguard Is Among Ex-Guerrillas in Yemen

Jordanian 'Triple Agent' Provided Valuable Tips


CIA Had High Hopes for Double Agent Before Bombing


Slow Start for Military Corps in Afghanistan

Revelations Tear Holes in Nuclear Trigger Story
  China Rules Out Iran Sanctions in January

Iran Shielding Its Nuclear Efforts in Maze of Tunnels

Iraq VP Claims Oilfield as Iran Row Continues

Iraq to Sue Israel Over Destroyed Reactor


Suspect in Deaths of 5 GIs Is Freed, Iraqi Official Says

Obama Slams Intelligence Failings in Plane Plot

  Obama Halts Gitmo Transfers to Yemen
  US Court: War Powers Trump Rights of Noncitizen Detainees

Suicide Bombing Kills 6 Russian Police, Wounds 16

Trade Wars and US Foreign Policy  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Witness: I Saw a Second Man Arrested in Detroit  Scott Horton interviews Kurt Haskell
Virtual Strip Searches and Terrorism  by Thomas R. Eddlem
The Fear Decade  by Ted Rall
Canada's Unfinished Mandate  by Neil Kitson
Sarah Palin, Rogue Warrior  by Jeff Taylor

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Air Force Gen. Schwartz: 3,000 Airmen to Afghanistan in 2010

Britain Tries to Ease Strain Over Bomb Suspect

US Revokes Plane-Bombing Suspect's Visa

Did the CIA Plot to Kill German Citizen?

DEA: FARC, al-Qaeda Join Forces to Smuggle Cocaine Into Europe

General: Iraq SEAL Abuse Charges Justified

Airline Security?

US Overhauls Terror Watchlists

Joan Rivers Bumped Off Flight in Costa Rica for 'Suspicious Passport'

Slovak Govt Plants Explosives to Test Airport Security

Passenger Says Honey Caused Calif. Airport Scare

Man Jokes About Terrorism at German Airport

'War on Terror'

Obama Says He Still Will Close Guantánamo Prison

Terror Suspect Raised No Suspicion in Amsterdam

Downing Street Blunders Over Detroit Plane Bomber

Palin Echoes Cheney on Terror

Attempt to Bomb Airliner Could Have Been Prevented, Obama Says


Child Soldiers Used in Yemen War by Both Sides

US Embassy Reopens in Yemen


US Company General Dynamics to Build Tanks for Iraq

Iraqi Police Seize Artifacts Amid Smuggling Fears

Iraq Inquiry: British Firms 'Did Pretty Well' Out of Overthrowing Saddam

Iraq Executed 77 People in 2009, Justice Ministry Says

226 Killed, 675 Wounded in Kirkuk Bombings in 2009

In Other News

China Urges US and North Korea to Resume Nuclear Talks

Serbia Files Genocide Suit Against Croatia

World Food Program Suspends Aid to Southern Somalia

New Dover AFB Facility Will Serve Families of War Dead


CIA Bomber Got His Start as a Jihadist Troll

Jordanian Bomber of CIA Base Deceived Family

Afghan Minibus Bomb Kills 14 Militants

Intelligence Overhaul Ordered for Afghanistan

Italian Authorities Accused of Bribing Taliban


Pakistan Highlights West's Failure in Afghanistan

US Suspects in Pakistan Say Mission Was Jihad, Not Terrorism

Pakistan PM, Army Chief Hold Meeting

Zardari Ready for 'Thousand Year War' Over Kashmir


1 Dead in Israeli Airstrike in Gaza

Israel to Seek Legal Advice During Future Conflicts

Palestinians: Israeli Strike Kills Gaza Militant

Egypt Steel Border Wall Could Choke Hamas in Gaza

War Crimes Fears Force Israelis to Cancel UK Trip

UK AG May Block Israeli War Crimes Warrants

Military to Blanket Israel With Gas Masks

Jordan, Saudi Arabia Urge End of Settlement Activity


Iran Bans Contact With 60 National, International Organizations

Iran Blocks EU Delegation Visit

Book, Iran Sojourn Shed Light on bin Laden Family

Iran Welcomes Clinton Comments on Nuclear Talks

Turkmenistan, Iran Set to Open New Gas Pipeline


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