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Updated January 7, 2010 - 10:40 PM EST
Obama: First Line of Defense Failed
  Obama Under Pressure to Sack Intel Chiefs
  US Learned Intel on Airline Bomb Suspect While He Was En Route
  Study: Risk of Muslim-American Terrorism Exaggerated
  Pentagon: More Returning to Fight After Gitmo
US Allying With Saddam Ex-Officers in Yemen
  Yemen FM Warns US Against Sending Combat Troops
  Russia, China Sustain Military Toehold in Yemen
Deadly Blast Arouses New Afghan Anger at US
  Suicide Bomber Kills 7 in East Afghanistan Market
  Questions About CIA Bomber’s Reliability Before Attack
  General: 500 US Casualties a Month in Afghanistan by Summer
  Outgoing UN Mission Chief: Afghanistan May Becme 'Unmanageable'
US Drones Kill at Least 15 in North Waziristan
  After Setbacks, Pakistani President May Have Weathered Storm
Questions Abound as US Crash Kills 5 Iraqis
  Anti-Terror Chief Among Seven Killed in Iraq Blasts
  Iraq Frees Leader of Group Behind Britons' Kidnap
  Britain Negotiated Basra Ceasefire With Mahdi Army, Iraq Inquiry Hears
Another Iranian Revolution? Not Likely  by Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett
A Dual System of Justice Violates the Rule of Law  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Good Morning, Yemen? The Mouse That Roared Was Funnier  by Leon T. Hadar
Old Blackwater Keeps on Rollin'  by Jeff Huber
Counterterrorism In Shambles; Why?  by Ray McGovern and Coleen Rowley
Bodyscanning Captain Underpants  by Julian Sanchez

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Germany Investigating Report on CIA Hit Team
Suicide Bombing Kills 6 Russian Police, Wounds 16
Development Aid Key to Terrorism Fight: Clinton
Judge Dismisses All Charges Against Blackwater Guards in Nisoor Square Massacre
Suicide Bombing Puts a Rare Face on CIA's Work
Duke University Study on Homegrown Terrorism
Seabee Afghan Deployment Reportedly Extended
28 UN Civilian Staff Killed in 2009
The Underbomber
US Airliner Attack Could Provide New Intelligence
Nigerian Man Indicted in Plot to Blow Up Plane
White House to Release Security Report Thursday on Christmas Bombing Attempt
Underbomber Indictment (pdf)
Whole Body Scanners: Would They Have Detected the Detroit Bomb?
'War on Terror'
Cartoonist Attacker Linked to Mogadishu Suicide Bomber
'Flaws' in Key Lockerbie Evidence
New Routine for Airports: Contradictions, Delays
Ron Paul Tells Cheney to Back Off Obama
Lawyer: Only One 9-11 Family Likely to Go to Trial
Bail Request by Chicago Terrorism Suspect on Hold
Slovak Miscue Lands Traveler in Jail as Terrorist
New York Seeks $200 Million Yearly for September 11 Trial
Yemen Arrests Three al-Qaeda Militants, Targets Leader
Foreigners in Yemen See Terrorism Worries as Overblown
Kouchner: Iran Showed 'No Seriousness' in Talks
Iran Ex-Prosecutor Blamed for Prison Deaths
Visiting Exile: Don't Strike Iran
Did Tehran's Consul to Norway Defect Because of Violence Against Protesters?
Iran Running Out of Life-Saving Isotopes
Emanuel Denies Comment That US Is Fed Up With Israel, Palestinians
Israel Court Stirs Fierce Debate With Highway 443 Ruling
Barak: Death Threats Won't Stop Enforcement of Settlement Freeze
Death Threats Ups Security for Israeli Minister
Aid Convoy Breaks Gaza Seige
US Mideast Envoy Says 2 Years or Less for Peace Talks
Israel Completes Testing Rocket Defense System
US, Arab States Collaborating to See Mideast Talks Resume
Viva Palestina's Bumpy Road
Israel Army to Seek Legal Advice During Operations
Gunmen Kill 7 Coptic Christians After Christmas Mass in Egypt
Egyptian Guard at Gaza Border Killed in Aid Clash
Middle East
Wednesday: 1 US Soldier, 9 Iraqis Killed; 18 Iraqis Wounded
Report: Bin Laden's Son in Damascus After Eight Years in Iran
CIA Base Bombing
CIA Attacker Ranked Best al-Qaeda Informant in Years: Report
Confusion Grows Over How Bomber Infiltrated CIA Base in Afghanistan
AP Source: 'Significant Blast' Killed CIA Agents
MSNBC: CIA Has Video of Afghan Suicide Attack
Two Americans Killed in Attack on CIA Base Worked for Xe/Blackwater
Jordanian Bomber's Path Remains a Mystery to His Family
Afghanistan Asks UN to Ease Some Taliban Sanctions
UN Envoy Urges Reconciliation With Taliban
Karzai Seeks New Cabinet Before London Conference
US Wants Karzai, Parliament to Agree on Cabinet
Afghan Ambassador: US Watch List 'Unfair'
Renegade Afghan Police Chief Captured
Taliban Issue Demands for Release of French Journalists
Afghanistan Cemetery Holds Memories of Foreigners
Bomber Kills 4 Soldiers in Pakistani Kashmir
Karachi Blast Remote Detonated, Not Suicidal
Taliban Damage Primary School in Bajaur
Sri Lanka
Tamils Throw Weight Behind General Who Crushed Them
Sri Lankan Leaders Woo Tamils for Decisive Votes
South Korea Minister: North Korea Began Uranium Program Soon After 1994 Deal
Prison for Chinese Journalist in Cover-Up
Myanmar Election Could Spark Rise in Refugees
Child Soldiers to Be Freed From Camps in Nepal
Scandal of Millions Spent on US Troops Traveling Through Ireland
Northern Ireland's Largest Protestant Militia Surrenders Weapons
France Wants to Save Airbus Military Transport Project
A Clash of Civilizations in Nigeria
Prove You Are Alive: Clamor for Missing Nigerian Leader to Show His Face
Guinea Junta Offers Steps Towards Civilian Rule
US Diplomat Back in Honduras Seeking to Heal Rifts
Top Cuban Lawmaker Says Detained US Contractor Is a Spy
Argentina Orders Military Documents Declassified

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