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Updated January 9, 2010 - 11:22 PM EST
CIA Bomber Video Calls for Attacks on US
  Video Links Taliban in Pakistan to Attack on CIA
  Karzai: I Don't Need Favor of Foreign Powers
  'Afghan Insurgency Can Sustain Itself Indefinitely': Top US Intel Officer
  Administration Frustrated by Pentagon's Struggles in Afghan Escalation
Drone Strikes Continue as US-Pak Tensions Rise
  Growing Distrust Leads to US Embassy Vehicle Seizures in Pakistan
  Pakistan's Regional Wars Accomplishing Little
  Gilani: US Policies Can Hurt Bilateral Ties
US Struggles With Lack of Expertise in Yemen
  Mullen: No Plans to Send Troops to Yemen
  Fault Line That Allows al-Qaeda to Flourish in Yemen
Al-Qaeda-Inspired Groups Keen on Targeting US
  Experts Say Terror Watch Lists Have Limited Uses
  Giuliani: Obama 'Turned the Corner' on Terrorism
US Prepares for Possibility of Attacking Iran
  Claim That Attack on Opposition Figure in Iran Was Staged
Pentagon Funding Seen Boosted Now, Squeezed Later
20 Killed, Mostly Civilians, in AU's Mogadishu Shelling
We're Keeping Detainees in Gitmo for Things They Haven't Done Yet?  by Dahlia Lithwick
Blind in Afghanistan  by Robert Dreyfuss
The Lie of Law: Courts Bow to State's Raw Power  by Chris Floyd
Our Stupid Foreign Policy  by Jack Hunter
The Naked Truth About Airport Scanners  by Steve Chapman
Speaking Truth to Power  by Kathy Kelly

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Judge Tosses Out Most Evidence on Gitmo Detainee
Afghan Prisoners Challenge Indefinite Detention
Democrats Plot to Protect Janet Napolitano
CIA Bomber's Wife Says War Must Go on Against US
West Bank Route May Open, but Not to Peace
US Voices Growing Concern Over Sudan Accord
Expert: Arab Nation May Be Going Nuclear
US to Review Court Decision on Blackwater Killings
The Underbomber
Terrorism Center Head Faces Hot Seat Over Bombing Attempt
Christmas Terror Suspect Pleads Not Guilty
Underbomber Says Little in Court
Al-Qaeda Plane Bomber Umar Abdulmutallab 'Recruited in UK'
The Plane Took Off – Then They Realized Who Was in Seat 19A
Christmas Plane Attack Case Will Test Defense
Air Security
Comments About Gilligan's Island Net Oregon Man on Flight a Felony Charge
NORAD Scrambles Military Jets Again Over Unruly Passenger
Cancer Risks Debated for Type of Airport X-Ray Scan
UK Police Arrest Three Passengers on Plane at Heathrow
TSA Guard in Security Breach Called Model Employee
'War on Terror'
Two Men Arrested in Connection With Zazi Terror Inquiry
UK Muslim Students Under Spotlight
New York Bomb Suspect Charged With False Statement to FBI
Top Muslim Clerics Issue Fatwa Denouncing Terror Attacks
France: Radical Imam Deported to Egypt
Feds: Accused Scientist Spy Breached Top-Secret Policy in '02
US Military
US Troops, Kin Face Cuts in Base Services
Army Imprisons Soldier for Singing Against Stop-Loss Policy
Slain Veteran's Family Leaves US as Wife's Visa Is Set to Expire
With New GI Bill, More March From Battlefield to College
The Making of the Military's Standard Arms
Soldier on Leave From Iraq Accidentally Kills Self With Gun
Iraq Sunni Leader Will Appeal March Election Ban
Across Divide in Iraq, Sunni Courts Shi'ites
US Forces Kill 4 Gunmen in Mosul
Friday: 10 Iraqis Killed, 12 Wounded
Taiwan Firm: China Got Iran Part With Nuke Uses
Iranian Singer Nazeri Detained Overnight, Released
Jerusalem Official: Areas East of Fence Not Part of City
Sale of Land to Israel Threatens to Split Greek Orthodox Church
Amnesty Urges Israel to Release or Try Palestinian Protesters
Israeli Air Raids on Gaza Kill Three Palestinians
Gaza Militants Aspire to al-Qaeda Link, Study Says
Clinton Urges Mideast Talks to Resume Without Preconditions
Israel to UN: Investigate Bomb Cache in Lebanon
US Congressman Discusses Iraqi Refugees in Lebanon
Latest Shot in Hummus War: Israel Doubles Record
Christian-Muslim Fighting Resumes in Egypt
Egypt Declares UK Politician Persona Non Grata
Somali Islamists Detain Dozens of Beardless Men
Togo's Soccer Team Attacked on Its Way to Tournament in Angola; 1 Dead, 9 Wounded
1 US, 8 Afghan Troops Killed by Roadside Bombs
US Envoy Says Afghanistan 'More Than Karzai'
British Troops Set to Hand Frontline Afghanistan Role to US
CIA Attacker Was Loner Who Shunned Parties
Rockets Hit US Consulate Site in Herat
American Major's Secret Afghan Meeting
Merkel Coalition Split on Afghanistan Strategy
Swede Picked for Afghan UN Post
Canada Report Highlights Afghan Rape, Immolation
'Swat Taliban Have Fled to Karachi, South Waziristan'
Pakistan: an Embattled Zardari Hits Back
Pakistan: Case Registered Against Held US Consulate Employees
Ammunition Explodes at a House in Pakistan, Killing Seven
US Senators Defend Pakistan Drone Attacks
US Ambassador Mocks 'Silly' Indian Army Chief
Headley Breakthrough Hits Brick Wall
Sri Lanka
UN Expert Cites Video in Call for Sri Lankan Probe
Sri Lanka Rejects UN Conclusion on Execution Video
China Ministry Warns Against US Weapons Sales to Taiwan
China's Lobbying Efforts Yield New Influence, Openness on Capitol Hill
Taiwanese Colleges to Admit Chinese Students
Philippines: Fighting in South Leaves Five Dead
Myanmar Sentences Two to Death for North Korea Leak
Japan Indicts US Serviceman Over Hit-and-Run Case
3 Malaysian Churches Attacked in 'Allah' Dispute
The Real Story Behind North Korean Jeans
France vs. Google
Sarkozy Threatens to Levy Internet Search Engines
EU Would Have to Check France's Google Tax Plan
First Georgia to Russia Flight Since 2008 War Lands in Moscow
Russia-Belarus Oil Talks to Continue
Fears of Return to 'Dark Days' After Bomb Attack on Officer in Northern Ireland
Croatian President's Pardon, Kosovo Visit, Strains Serbian Ties
German Navy Runs Short of Ammunition
US Contractor Arrested in Cuba Is Not a Spy, Officials Say
Angry Cuba Demands Removal From US Terrorism List
Chavez Says US Plane Entered Venezuelan Airspace
Venezuela Should Be on US Terror List, Say Two Florida Lawmakers
Honduras Prosecutor Seeks Charges Against Military
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