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Updated January 10, 2010 - 11:19 PM EST
CIA Bomber Video Calls for Attacks on US
  CIA Director: Suicide Bomber in Afghanistan Was Almost Searched
  CIA Bomber Shared US and Jordanian Secrets
  Blackwater/Xe Services Aims for $1 Billion Afghan Deal
  Afghans Losing Hope After 8 Years of War
Arming Yemen Would Play Into al-Qaeda's Hands
  Yemen's Conflicts Flare Amid al-Qaeda Fight
Israeli Ex-Nuke General: Iran Is No Nuclear Threat
  Revolutionary Guard's Expanding Role in Iran May Limit US Options
Iraq Confiscates Arms in Contractor Crackdown
  Border Oil Dispute Worsens Fears About Iran's Influence Over Iraqi Govt
Wave of Political Killings Hits Southern Pakistan
Underbomber Claim: 20 Others Trained to Blow Up Jets
Did the CIA Deploy a Blackwater Hit Team in Germany?
We're Keeping Detainees in Gitmo for Things They Haven't Done Yet?  by Dahlia Lithwick
Blind in Afghanistan  by Robert Dreyfuss
The Lie of Law: Courts Bow to State's Raw Power  by Chris Floyd
Our Stupid Foreign Policy  by Jack Hunter
The Naked Truth About Airport Scanners  by Steve Chapman
Speaking Truth to Power  by Kathy Kelly

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Mercenaries Off the Hook
Oil Talks Fail Between Russia, Belarus
Yemen Readies to Take on al-Qaeda
Rockets Fired in India-Pakistan Border Skirmish
Reconstructing the CIA Bombing
How a Plugged-In DC Think Tank Published a General's Brutal Afghan Intel Critique
Detroit Bomber 'Singing Like a Canary' Before Arrest
Mitchell: Mideast Stagnation Endangers US Aid
The War at Home
CIA Allows Public Mourning of Agents
NYC Man Charged With Getting al-Qaeda Training
Aircraft With Advantages, or the Next Generation of Wasted Money?
Air Security?
Airport Security of the Future: Mind-Reading Systems and Tough Interrogations?
UK Police: 3 Arrested After Heathrow Bomb Threat
Unruly Passengers Cause 2 Flights to Change Course
International Cooperation a Challenge for Air Security
Man Arrested in Newark Airport Security Breach
Friend: Suspect Meant No Harm at Newark Airport
Crack New Scanner Looks for Bombs Inside Body Cavities
Carville: Full Body Scanners Can 'Measure My Penis'
Supreme Leader Tells Militias Not to Meddle, but Basiji Leader Warns Protesters
'Iran Won't Back Down One Iota Despite Pressure Over Nukes'
Iran's Larijani: Everyone With Differing Views Is Not a Dissident
Amid Turmoil, Iran Set to Try 7 Baha'i Leaders
Iran Claims Detainees Belong to Dissident Group PMOI
Ahmadinejad Demands WWII Reparations From Allied Powers
Iran Releases German, to Free Syrian Held Over Riots
Fate of 15 Iraqi Political Parties in Balance
IED Hits US Patrol Vehicle in Southern Iraq
GIs Return to Iraq War Zone and Find It Peaceful
Newlyweds Shot Down Near Arbil
Saturday: 5 Iraqis Killed, 8 Wounded
Report: Palestinians Reject US Call for New Mideast Talks
Study: Gaza Militants Fall Short Trying for al-Qaeda Link
Palestinian Attacks Test Israel's Quick-Retaliation Policy
Islamic Jihad: Israel Wants to Drag Us Into War
Palestinians Demand Full Settlement Freeze
One Palestinian Critically Wounded in Israeli Shelling
In West Bank, Conditions 'Not Ripe' for Palestinian Uprising
US, Arabs Press for Shift in Mideast Peace Talks
Report: Saudi Arabia Wants Abbas to Meet Mashaal in Syria
Muslims, Christians Set Homes Ablaze in Egypt
Suspects in Egypt Christmas Attack Deny Killing 7
Pro-Gaza Activists Leave Egypt
Egypt Bans Future Gaza Aid Convoys
President Sleiman Grills US Over Lebanon's Watchlist Status
Lebanon Asks US to Reverse Ban on Hezbollah TV Channel
UN Peacekeeper Killed in Car Accident in South Lebanon
US Warns of Attack Threat to Sudan-Uganda Flights
UN 'Concerned' Over Flare-Up of Violence in South Sudan
Sudan Dismisses Warnings by Activists of Possible War
Dozens Join Sudan Drumming Protest in London
Football Attack in Angola
Togo Pulls Out of African Cup After 3 Dead in Attack in Angola
Angolan Rebels Vow to Destroy Africa Cup of Nations
Angola Official: Soccer Match on Despite Attack on Togo Team
South Africa Will Be Safe From Terrorists, Insists World Cup Head
Nigeria: Chevron Pipeline Attacked in Niger Delta
US Denies Any Plane Entered Venezuelan Airspace
At a Bend in a Colombian River, a Woman Salvages Human Remains From Decades of Conflict
Weekend Reviews
A 'Conspiracy' Reconstructed
Footnotes in Gaza: A Graphic Novel
Afghanistan Occupation
Britain Mulls 'Pullback From Part of Afghan Region'
British FM Says Aid to Afghanistan Conditional
UK 'Paid Afghan Warlord $2m to Find Osama bin Laden'
Afghans Agree to Take Over US Prison at Bagram
NATO Says 2 Service Members Dead in Afghanistan
Canada: Afghanistan Mission Cost Surpasses $525,000 Per Soldier
British Father Tells of Fears Serving in Afghanistan With Son
Second Elite US Force to Join Canadians in Kandahar
After Year in Afghanistan, Platoon Savors Home
New Afghan Cabinet Picks Still Generate Resistance
Afghan President's New Cabinet Picks Include Controversial Figure
New Karzai Cabinet Snubs Warlords
Afghanistan's Second List of Cabinet Nominees
In Afghanistan, a Governor Who Answers to No One
Taliban Make 'Undetectable' Bombs Out of Wood
In Pakistan, McCain and Lieberman Offer Reassurance About Relations With US
A Political Party Behind Karachi Violence: Sindh Chief Minister
Malik Hints at De-Weaponization Campaign in Karachi
Police Failed to Counter Violence in Karachi
Screening of Pakistan Passengers Traveling to the US Discriminatory, Says Haqqani
Pakistan's Support Vital to Afghan Solution: Miliband
Musharraf Met Indian Militant in Dhaka, Alleges Bangladesh Minister
India Eyes C-17 Jets Purchase From US
Kashmir: Hundreds Protest Against Indian Rule in Srinagar
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Frees Over 700 Ex-Militants: Military
Sri Lankan Ex-Rebels Reunited With Family Members
Rights Group Slams Sri Lanka Govt for Failing to Find Editor's Killers
Nepal Still Searching for War Missing
South Korea to Launch Cyber Warfare Command Next Week
On Birthday of Kim Jong-Il's Son, a North Korea Rising Star
Fourth Malaysian Church Attacked in 'Allah' Feud
Malaysian Premier Urges Calm After Attacks on Churches
Malaysian Muslims and Christians Argue Over Allah
Ukraine Welcomes Western Support, but Russia Is a Permanent Fixture
Car Bomb Injures Policeman in Tense Northern Ireland
Slovakian Police 'Forgot' to Take Explosives Off Dublin-Bound Plane
Opposition Lawyer Bids for Croatian Presidency
Bomb Explodes in Central Athens, No One Hurt
Americans Still Dying
Indiana Army Medic Killed by IED in Afghanistan
Troy (IL) Airman Killed in Afghanistan Leaves Behind Wife, Infant Daughter
CIA Officer From Rockford (IL) Killed in Afghan Suicide Blast
Intelligence Officer (VA) With Ties to Massachusetts Killed in Afghan Blast
Ohio Native Among Seven CIA Officers Killed by Afghan Suicide Bomber
Family, Neighbors Mourn Plant City (FL) Soldier Killed in Iraq
Washington Man Working for Blackwater/Xe Killed With CIA Officers in Afghanistan
Yoncalla (OR) Soldier Killed in Afghan Insurgent Attack Remembered
Shattuck (OK) Soldier Remembered at His Former High School
Former Seal Killed in CIA Suicide Attack Worked for Blackwater/Xe (ARK)

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