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Updated January 14, 2010 - 11:26 PM EST
Pak Taliban Chief Alive After US Missiles Kill 18
  Will the Drone War Sink Pakistani Cooperation?
  Pakistan Concerned Over 'Massive' Indian Arms Buildup
UN Details Record Afghan Civilian Toll in 2009
  Suicide Bomber Kills 20 People in Afghanistan
  US Drone Strike Fires Into Crowd, Kills Another 13 in Afghanistan
  Helmand Town May Be First Big Battle in Bigger War
  4 US Soldiers, 1 French Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Attacks
500 Candidates Barred From Iraq Election
  Thursday: 31 Iraqis Killed, 88 Wounded
  Iraq Security Measures Set Off Rumors of Coup
  Iraq's Maliki Grasping at Shi'ite Straws
  Iraqi Refugees: Life in Hell
Sen. Levin Eyes Air Attacks in Yemen
  Yemeni Troops Kill al-Qaeda Leader, Militant Ambush Kills 2 Troops
  Saudis Struggle Against Yemeni Rebels
Al-Qaeda Linked to Rogue Aviation Network
  France's Former Top Anti-Terror Judge Slams US Intelligence
Obama Asks Record $708B for Wars Next Year
AU Forces Shell Somalia Playground, Kill Seven Children
Congressman Prepares Legislation to Ban Blackwater
The Neo-Wilsonian Worldview  by Jack Hunter
Iran Hawks Ignore Ongoing Negotiations in Bid for Confrontation  by Ali Gharib
Eight Years of Guantánamo: What's Changed?  by Frida Berrigan
Terrorized by the Media  by Gene Lyons
The Cover-Ups Continue  by Melvin A. Goodman
The Backfiring of the Surveillance State  by Glenn Greenwald

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Israel's Rocket Defense Tightens Screws on Gaza
UN-Backed Troops Wreak Havoc in Africa
Minister: 'Sadly,' Britons Losing Stomach for War
Army Charges Single Mom Who Refused Deployment
Washington State Peace Group Sues Over Infiltration
Suicide Rate Surged Among Veterans
December Budget Deficit Sets Record
Clinton Diplomacy Emphasizes Women's Rights
Islamists Press Jordan to Stop Aiding US Forces in Afghanistan
Experts on Afghanistan Doubt Survey on Foreign Occupation: 'Results Are Impossible'
Sen. Levin Blasts Afghan Troop Training
Afghan Town Evicts Addicts in Desperation
Troops Confused About Prospect of Detainee Trials, Republicans Say
Bit-Part Role for Britain as US Plans to Control Key Afghan Routes
Holbrooke Shrugs Off 'Disagreement' on Drone Attacks
Following Pakistani Complaints, Holbrooke Insists He Gets Hassled at Airports Too
Musharraf Toying With His Own Party Idea
Three Terrorists Killed, Nine Arrested in Malakand
North Korea
North Korea Envoy Seeks Parallel Talks on Nukes, Peace
North Korea Warns South Korea Over Propaganda Leaflets
North Korea Says It Will Allow More US Tourists
China and Google
Chinese Internet Users Praise Google's Threat to Exit
China's Google Dilemma: Soften on Censorship or Anger Millions of Internet Users
Google China Cyberattack Part of Vast Espionage Campaign, Experts Say
Yahoo, Others Respond to Chinese Attacks on Google
US Faces Long Odds in Improved Relations With Asia
Ten Injured in Fresh Election Clashes in Sri Lanka
Court Is Told Mayor Aided in Massacre of Filipinos
China Nearly Doubles Security Budget for Xinjiang
Japan PM: No Review of Ban on Arms Exports
Sudan Army, Rebels Clash in Darfur
Gunmen Attack Police Station in Somaliland
'War on Terror'
Senators: US Military Must Tighten Screening for Islamists
Suspect in Northwest Airlines Bomb Plot Had Round-Trip Ticket
Meet Mikey, 8: US Has Him on Watch List
Tight Penalties Weighed for Air Security Scofflaws
German 'Fleshmob' Protests Airport Scanners
The Fight Against Full-Body Scanners at Airports
The Lies That Lead to War
Blair Froze Out Iraq War Dissenters
Dutch Government Misrepresented Case for Iraq War
Dutch PM Backs Away From Criticizing Iraq Report
Iraq Region Hit by Another Attack
Vehicle Ban Imposed in Northern Fallujah
Talabani: US Forces Committed to Train Peshmerga
Security Forces Find Huge Cache of Explosives in Baghdad, Impose Partial Curfew
US Companies Race to Take Advantage of Iraqi Oil Bonanza
Suicide Truck Bomber Kills Seven People West of Baghdad
Suicide Bomber in Water Truck Kills 2 in Iraq
Wednesday: 10 Iraqis Killed, 12 Wounded
Iran: We Had Information Israel, US Intended to Attack Us
Ex-Iran Leaders: Professor Killing 'Terrorism'
Iran Speaker Accuses Obama of State Terrorism
In Iran, Money Talks With Protest Slogans
Iran Launches Website on Its Nuclear Program
Officer: Israeli Army on Brink of Abyss Over Draft Dodging
Fatah Fears Israel to Renounce Security Agreements
Israel to Expel American Journalist
State Comptroller: Israel Losing PR Battle to 'Anti-Semitic' al-Jazeera
Fatah Bans Working in Gaza Tunnels
Israel Apologizes to Turkey Over Insult
Turkey PM: Israel's Apology Is Satisfactory
Middle East
Bomb Hurts 3 in South Lebanon Hezbollah Stronghold
Egyptian Christians Feel Vulnerable After Deadly Shooting Spree
US Says Russia Arms Deal Close, Talks Resuming
US Military Dispatches Aircraft Carrier, Other Assets to Help in Haiti
US Military
Wife Says Military Spouses Also Face Suicide Risk
Morphine Found to Help Stave Off PTSD in Wounded Troops
Pentagon Inquiry Into Fort Hood Urges Focus on Service Members Who May Pose Risk
Bereaved Kin Push for Military Condolence Letters

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