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Updated January 16, 2010 - 11:25 PM EST
Afghan MPs Again Reject Most Cabinet Picks
  NATO Admits US Troops Shot Afghan Protesters
  Police: NATO Forces Kill Two Civilians in Kandahar
  Corruption, Lack of Oversight Plague US Efforts in Afghanistan
  CIA Fell Victim to Series of Miscalculations About Informant
  Afghan Drone War Spikes Under McChrystal
11 Die as US Drones Continue to Target Pakistan
  Pakistani Taliban Dispute Reports of Leader's Injury/Death
  US Kills FBI-Wanted Terrorist in Pakistan Strike
  US War on Militancy Hits Pakistan Economy
Al-Qaeda Threat: Britain Worst in Western World
  FBI Releases CGI Image of How Osama bin Laden May Look Like Today
US Army Suicides Hit Grim Record for 2009
Senior Iranian Envoy Quits Over Repression
Yemen Says al-Qaeda Leader, 5 Others, Killed in Airstrike
The Bogus Anti-Terrorist Crackdown on Financial Freedom  by James Bovard
Afghanistan's Soft-Spoken Rebel  by Andrew Oxford
Were Afghan Children Executed by US-Led Forces? And Why Aren't the Media Interested?  by David Cromwell
Poking the Bear  by Doug Bandow
Nixon and the 1969 Vietnam Moratorium  by Jon Wiener
Just What We Need: More Pentagon Spending  by Winslow T. Wheeler

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Sen. Al Franken Expresses Support for Obama's Afghan Troop Increase
Officials: DC Trial Eyed for Gitmo Terror Detainee
Duck Hunters Spark Texas Nuclear Weapons Plant Lockdown
Turkey Going Its Own Way
When CIA Operatives Die, the Agency Stays Quiet
Foreigners in US Military Get Fast-Track to Citizenship
ML King's FBI Files May Be Opened to Public View
Secret List of Detainees in Afghanistan Released
Japan Ends Naval Support for Afghan War
Afghan Surge Troops Won't Target Drug Crops
Ten Afghan Civilians Killed in Latest Afghan Violence
Rocket Strikes Diplomatic Area in Afghan Capital
Violence Haunts Karachi's Streets
Zardari Defiant as He Rallies Grassroots
Headley Attended Lashkar Training Camps in Pakistan
Google and China
Google Search Engine's Future in China Is Unclear
China Faces Tough Challenge Over Google Dispute
US to Rebuke Chinese Government Over Google Incident
Google Row Will Not Affect Trade Ties With US: China
China Tries to Limit Google Dispute Fallout
China Plays Down Google Dispute but US Concerned
Chinese Hackers Pose a Growing Threat to US Firms
Yahoo Was Also Targeted in Hacker Attack
China's Population of Web Users Hits 384 Million
US Embassy: Bali Governor Warns of Possible Attack
Bali Bombers to Have Sentences Reduced
North Korea Plays Sanctions Card in Nuclear Standoff
North Korea Threatens to Stop Talks With South Korea
US Issues Terror Warning for Malaysian State
China Wins Transparency Praise With Missile Test
Attack on Police Station in Indian Kashmir Kills 2
Ukraine Presidential Hopefuls Fear Election Fraud
Russia OKs Reform of European Human Rights Court
UK Tories Attacked Over Plan to Divert Aid Funds to Military
French Leaders Push for Ban of Muslim Dress in Public Places
Blast Hits Greek Press Ministry
Palestinian-Dane Gets 10 Years for Mall Shooting
7 Killed in Kenyan Pro-Radical Cleric Protest
Guinea's Camara to Stay Abroad, Two Proposed for PM
UN Envoy Presses for More Support for Somali 'Government'
'War on Terror'
America's Next Security Measure: 'Israelification' of Airports?
No Bomb Found on Plane From Chicago After Passenger Threat
Pentagon Inquiry: Supervisors Discounted Fort Hood Suspect's Worrisome Behavior
US Official: Rampage at Fort Hood Was 'Act of Terrorism'
Feds Renew Effort to Keep Terrorism Suspect Jailed
Using Music as a Weapon at Guantanamo
Ahmadinejad Slams Saudi Role in Yemen Conflict
Radical Yemen Cleric Zendani Renews Call for Jihad
Iran Warns Protesters Era of 'Mercy' Is Over
Envoys to Meet on Possible Sanctions Over Iran Nuclear Program
Iran Warns Opposition on Cell Phone, E-Mail Use
Iran to Try 16 People Soon Over December Unrest
French Ambassador: We Have to Work a Lot on Iran
Lawyer Seeks Bail in US-Iran Embargo Case
Political Turmoil Follows Barring of Hundreds From Iraq Ballot
Rarely Used Flying Bomb Strikes New Targets in Iraq
Iraq VP Warns Against Deterioration of Security Conditions After Recent Bombings
Death Toll Rises in Najaf Bombing, Medics Say
Two al-Qaeda Militants Arrested in Karbala
20 Persons Arrested in Basra
Palestinian Bulldozers Pave the Way for New Settlements
British Lawmaker Says Gaza Blockade 'Evil'
Turkish Activists Demand Barak Be Tried Over Gaza
US Envoy Holds Anti-Terrorism Talks in Beirut
Nasrallah Vows to Defeat Israel if a New War Erupts
Eibaradei Injects Life Into Egypt's Politics
Hamas Calls on Egypt to Halt Building 'Wall of Death'
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A Brief for Bush
The Untold Story of Afghanistan
Israel: One Law for All?
How US Set Out to Destroy Iraq's National Identity and Build a Dependent State

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