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Updated January 24, 2010 - 11:20 PM EST
Bin Laden Warns US of More Attacks
Afghan Parliamentary Election Delayed 4 Months
  Five US Soldiers Killed in Afghan Bombings
  NATO Forces in Race to Secure Kandahar
  US Regrets End to Japanese Refueling Mission for Afghanistan
Gates Sees Fallout From Troubled Pakistan Ties
  29 Killed in Clashes, Suicide Attack in Pakistan
  Blackwater in Pakistan: Gates Confirms
  Pakistan Reaching Out to Afghan Taliban
Sarkozy Warns Israel May Strike Iran
  Petraeus: Missile-Shooting Ships on Station in the Gulf
  Israel Hopes US Intel Report Will Turn Up Heat on Iran
War Looms Between Israel and Hezbollah
  Netanyahu: Israel Has No Plans to Attack Lebanon
  US Officials: No Breakthroughs Expected on Middle East Peace Talks
20 Dead Saudi Soldiers Found on Yemen Border
  Officials: Female Suicide Bombers May Be Coming to US From Yemen
North Korea Accuses South of Declaring War
150 Muslims Killed in Nigerian Town
Pentagon's Gitmo Recidivism Claims Don't Add Up  by David Rosenfeld
Obama to Indefinitely Imprison Detainees Without Charges  by Glenn Greenwald
The Age of the Killer Robot Is No Longer a Sci-Fi Fantasy  by Johann Hari
The Return of the Neocons  by David Margolick
Petraeus Gets It Wrong  by Robert Dreyfuss
Ukraine's Counterrevolution  by Doug Bandow

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Military May Crowdsource Haiti Relief
Canada's Man in Tehran Was a CIA Spy
Biden in Iraq: US to Appeal Dismissal of Blackwater Case
Indefinite Guantanamo Detention Plans Condemned
Officials Say Bombing Suspect Gave Valuable Intel
Future of Okinawa Base Strains US-Japanese Alliance
New Study Argues War Deaths Are Often Overestimated
British Iraq Inquiry
Brown Agreed to Face Iraq Inquiry After Claims He Was Running Scared
Pressure on Blair as He Makes Final Stand on Iraq
Ex-Weapons Inspector Warned Blair of WMD Doubts
Iraq Soldier's Mother Angry Over Inquiry Seating Plan
After 7 Years Marines End Role in Iraq
Maliki Adviser Says Govt Rejects Interference in Banning Decision
US Forces Put Off Release of Kirkuk Detainees Despite Lack of Evidence
Iraqi Troops Mobilize in Saddam Hometown After Row
Diyala's Remaining Sahwa Fighters Quit Checkpoints After Arrests of Hundreds of Members
Biden: Iraqis Have Right to Ban Ba'ath Party
US Soldiers Teach Iraqi Army Check Point Search Procedures
Iraq Littered With High Levels of Nuclear and Dioxin Contamination, Study Finds
Iraq Integrity Committee Says Explosives Detectors Ineffective
Saturday: 5 Iraqis Killed, 6 Wounded
Iranian, Israeli Students Build Bridges
Lawyer Says Two Iranian Doctors May Soon Be Released on Appeal
Iran Leader Slams UAE Over Visit by Israel Minister
Tehran Sets Conditions for Attending London Conference on Afghanistan
US Envoy Meets Abbas Amid Pessimism Over Mideast Peace
Netanyahu on Mitchell-Abbas Meet: Stop Wasting Time
Israel Arrests Son of Palestinian Peace Activist in West Bank Raid
Israel Set to Challenge Goldstone Gaza Report
Postponing Elections May Enhance Internal Palestinian Rift
Hamas Chief Hits Out at Israel Over Stalled Prisoner Swap
Gaza Militants: We Nearly Abducted an IDF Soldier
Israel Turns on Netanyahu's 'Meddling' Wife
Hamas Celebrates 22nd Anniversary of Its Founding in Damascus
Hezbollah on Alert on Israeli-Lebanese Border
Tensions Rise as Israeli Army Stages Maneuvers on Lebanon Border
Israeli Minister Warns of New War With Hezbollah
Hezbollah's Relocation of Rocket Sites to Lebanon's Interior Poses Wider Threat
Hezbollah Hits Back at French FM Attack
Lebanese Media Warns of Ban if US Hits Out at Hezbollah TV
At Least 3 Hurt in Lebanon During Protest Over Egypt's Gaza Barrier
Middle East
Reporters Without Borders Say Arab TV Police Plan 'Disturbing'
Turkey Detains 2 Journalists, Others in PKK Raids
Battles of Britain
British Firms Banned From Exporting Faulty Bomb Detectors to Iraq and Afghanistan
British Man Held for Fraud in Iraq Bomb Detectors
UK: Killer Can't Be Deported Back to Iraq Because He Might Kill Again
Putin Calls for Rights to Be Upheld in Caucasus
Veteran Leader Quits as Kremlin Shakes Up Regions
Yeltin's Daughter Attacks Vladimir Putin in Possible Bid for Office
Northern Ireland
Sinn Fein Calls for Urgent Talks on Power-Sharing
'War on Terror'
Judge Dumps Suit Over Bush-Era Wiretapping
Prosecutor Cool to Plea Shift in Recruiter Killing
US Warns of Risks of Identical Airport Security Measures
Student Terrorized by Philadelphia Airport TSA Worker's Prank
British Photographers Protest Against Police Searches
Part of UK Airport Closed to Analyze Passenger's 'White Powder'
Tasked With Finding Osama bin Laden's Fifth Bride in Yemen
US Military
Army Leans Toward Suicide Ruling, Mom Disagrees
Video: Laser Hummer Blasts 50 Bombs
Scientists Say Scanner Can Detect PTSD in Veterans
Weekend Reviews
David Gordon's Books on War
Faith-Based War: From 9/11 to Catastrophic Success in Iraq
John Yoo Again Defends Torture and an All-Powerful Presidency
Avatar – Torture for Conservatives
After Atom Bombs' Shock, the Real Horrors Began Unfolding
Civilians, US Soldiers Among Nearly 30 Killed in Afghanistan
Afghans Protest NATO Raid for Second Day
Karzai Urges West to Buy Off the Taliban
Taliban Again Spurn Karzai Offer to Lay Down Arms
Protest Turns Violent, 2 Wounded in Afghanistan
2 US Troops Killed by Roadside Bomb in Afghanistan
Turkey Kicks Off International Meetings on Afghanistan
Bomb Targeting Afghan Official Kills 4 Soldiers
Afghan Teenager Killed by IED in Khost
NATO: Afghan Army Must Almost Double in Size
Police Chief, 2 Officers Kidnapped in Afghanistan
Grim Milestone in Afghan Campaign: 250 British Dead
1,000 Scots Troops to Afghanistan as MoD Budget Strain Is Revealed
Foot on Bomb, Marine Defies a Taliban Trap
Dog Surge Along With Troop Surge in Afghan War
Militants Destroy NATO Truck in Pakistan: Police
Gates: US Not Seeking Control of Pakistan Nukes, Bases
Pakistan Govt Clarifies Report on French Subs Deal
Pakistan FM: India Not Providing Details on Samjhota Bombings
Car Bomb Attack Kills Four in Pakistan
Nawaz Sharif Not to Contest By-Elections to Pakistan's Parliament
French Judge Probes Zardari's 'Corruption'
Pakistan Zardari's Money-Laundering Case Was Close to Being Decided in Geneva
Sri Lanka
Campaigning Ends Ahead of Sri Lanka Election
Sri Lankan Ruling Party Plans Violence, Claims Opposition
Sri Lanka Candidate Fonseka Issues Poll Violence Alert
Nepal Ramps Up Airport Security
UN to Keep Mission in Nepal Until May
With Japan, US May Be Losing Some Diplomatic Ground to China
Japan, US Vow to Expand Ties Despite Base Feud
North Korea Seeks Talks With South Korea in Latest Dialogue Bid
Heir to the Dear Leader Appears From the Shadows
Top North Korea General Mysteriously Loses a Star
China Says It Needs No Internet Lessons From US
China Eyes Grand Plan to Develop Tibetan Regions
Over 2,000 Karens Flee Myanmar Army Raids
Myanmar Accepts Bangladesh's Basis for Settling Sea Boundary Dispute
Four Killed in Maoist Attack in Eastern India
Philippines: Moro Rebels Deny Links With Bomber
New Arrests Over Malaysia Church Attacks
Global Lawyers' Group Barred From Vietnamese Dissidents Trial
Christian-Muslim Violence in Nigeria Warrants Probe, Rights Group Says
Radical Muslim Cleric Returns to Native Jamaica After Arrest in Kenya Led to Riots
Commonwealth to Monitor Rwanda's Presidential Poll
Congo: Rwandan Accused of Genocide Sends Out Press Releases From Paris Apartment
US, UN Sign Accord on Their Formal Roles in Haiti
UN: Haiti Accepts Dominican Republic Offer to Send 150 Troops
Venezuela Opposition Protests Domestic Woes, Chavez Supporters Mount Counter-Demo
Anti-Chavez Cable Channel at Risk, Lawyer Says
Brazil Extradites Uruguayan Officer Wanted for Alleged Rights Abuses During Dirty War
Americans Still Dying
Inglewood (CA) Soldier's Death in Afghanistan to Be Investigated
South Carolina Soldier Killed by Afghan Roadside Bomb
Pennsylvania Father of Three Dies of Heart Attack in Afghanistan
Mother, Wife Mourn Slain Tennessee Soldier
Texas Marine With Ties to NY Remembered by Community
Sun City (AZ) Soldier Dies in Afghanistan Gun Battle
Airman From North Carolina Killed by IED in Afghanistan

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