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Updated January 26, 2010 - 11:16 PM EST

Obama Spending Freeze to Exclude Military


Obama Wants $14.2 Billion More to Train Afghan Forces

New Bomb at Baghdad Police Crime Lab Kills 21


Marines Leave Iraq Again — for Good?

  Monday: 54 Iraqis Killed, 106 Wounded; Chemical Ali Executed
NATO Plans Another Major Helmand Offensive
  Taliban Buyout to Cost 'Hundreds of Millions'
  Leaked Documents Show US Envoy's Opposition to Afghan Escalation

Berlin Reluctant to Follow American Lead on Afghanistan

Obama Mulls Legality of 'Taking Out' US-Born Cleric

2001 Anthrax Attacks Remain Unsolved


Report: Al-Qaeda Still Aims to Use WMDs Against US

Merkel Warns Against Iran Sanctions, Threatens More

Iran Opposition Leaders Drop Demand for New Election

Pakistani Govt Still Denies Blackwater Presence
  Pakistani Warplanes Kill 12 in Bajaur
Israel Slams All Reports on Gaza War as Anti-Semitic
  Israel Creates First 'Army-Owned' University
Remembering 'Suicides' in the Rotunda  by Jerica Arents
Another 'Success' Story From US Sanctions  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Turning the Constitution On and Off  by Nat Hentoff
Invasion of the Body Scanners  by Randall Amster
Bull Feather Merchants  by Jeff Huber
The Liebarak  by Uri Avnery

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Ambassador's Cables on US Strategy in Afghanistan

Halliburton Asks High Court to Block Trial

Lieberman: Underwear Bomb Plotter Shouldn't Have Been Read Rights

Japan PM Says He'll Reassess US Marine Base Pact

In Digital Combat, US Finds No Easy Deterrent

Military-Style Spy Planes May Target UK Civilians

Era of Dr. Strangelove Produced a Recently Unearthed Air Force Film


Baghdad Blasts Shatter Sense of Security in Capital

For Washington Post's Baghdad Bureau, a Shattering Day That Could Have Been Even Worse

'Magic Wand' Probed in Iraq

Oil Company Near Settling Over Contract in Kurdistan

Monday: 54 Iraqis Killed, 106 Wounded; Chemical Ali Executed

UK Iraq Inquiry

Blair's Appearance at Iraq Inquiry to Spark Mass Antiwar Protest

Iraq Inquiries: Families of Dead Soldiers Call for Private Meeting With Tony Blair

The War at Home

Charged Blackwater Contractors Had Checkered Military Pasts

Outbursts and Ejections in Afghan-War Shooting Trial

Report: Army Medical Examiners Were Suspicious of Pat Tillman's Death Among New Details

Women's Scars of War

Report Faults State Department, DynCorp for Missing $1 Billion

Group: Lawsuit Could Help Thousands of Veterans With PTSD

Sen. Levin Asked to Hold Off on Hearing to Repeal 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Policy
War on Drugs

In Drug War, Arizona Tribe Feels Invaded by Both Sides

Ex-Panama Dictator Noriega Loses High Court Extradition Appeal

'War on Terror'

US: Bin Laden Tape No Need for Alarm

Osama bin Laden Tape: Wording an 'Indicator' of Attack

3 Gitmo Detainees Transferred to Slovakia

Chicago Man Pleads Not Guilty in Terror Cases

Algeria Spurns US 'Double-Standards' on Terror List

Bomb Plot Suspect Tied to Alleged UK Terrorists


US to Make New Weapons Sale to Taiwan, Sources Say

Google Negotiating Ways to Keep Presence in China

Google: China Dispute Could Be Resolved in Weeks

China Denies Involvement in Google Hackings

US Soldiers Play Vital Role in Beleaguered Haitian Shantytown

Marines Studied Their Own History in Haiti


Taliban Buying Guns From Former Warlords

Karzai: Taliban Reconciliation Has West's Support

Afghan Exit Strategy Takes Shape Ahead of London Talks

McChrystal: Taliban Could Be Part of Solution in Afghanistan

Officers Honored in Kabul Amid Grief and Criticism

Bombs Kill 2 in Afghanistan; Rocket Hits Base


Militants Kill 6 Pakistanis for Alleged US Spying

Suspected US Drone Crashes Near Afghan Border

Pakistan Rejects Nuclear Bomb Material Cut-Off Talks


India's Congress Asks Pakistan to Exercise Restraint

Mumbai Gunman Demands Trial by International Court


Iran Opposition Figure Recognizes Ahmadinejad

German Firm Cancels Deal With Iran Port Due to Israeli Pressure


German-Brokered Israel-Hamas Prisoner Swap Talks Headed for Failure

Palestinians Study US Idea for Mideast Talks

Probe: Israel Dismantling Roadblocks, but Palestinians Still Can't Move

Israeli Film Comparing Holocaust to Occupation Loses State Funds


43 Investigated in Yemen Over Links to Attempted Underwear Bombing

Yemen Rebel Leader Offers Truce to Saudi Arabia

Water Woes Could Undermine Yemen's Drive Against al-Qaeda

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Opposition Accuses President Rajapaksa of Plotting Coup

Out of War's Shadow, Sri Lankans Vote for President

In Other News

Medvedev: Russia, US Arms Treaty Near Completion

EU Approves Mission to Train Somali Army

Shoe-Thrower Arrested After Missing Sudan's President

Clock Ticks for Nepal to Settle Its Future

Turkish Army Chief Says Coups 'Thing of Past'


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