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Updated January 27, 2010 - 11:26 PM EST
Price of US Wars: $1 Trillion and Rising
Is London Meet Becoming a Taliban Fundraiser?
  Karzai Restores Gen. Dostum to Position as Army Chief
  Behind Cautious Signal, a Decision for Afghan Peace Talks

NATO Struggling to Fulfill Afghanistan Commitments

Ethnic Checkpoints Raise Tensions in Iraqi City
  US Forces Take on Major Role at Ethnic Border in Iraq

Tuesday: 23 Iraqis Killed, 85 Wounded

Merkel Calls for February Sanctions on Iran

Iran Raps Obama's Embrace of Bush's Policies

Yemen Summit Eyes New International Strategy

US Deeply Involved in Aiding Yemen on Strikes

US Presses Pakistan on Nuclear Ban
JAG: Indefinite Detention 'Defies Common Sense'

Report: North, South Korea Exchange Fire

September 11 and the Downward Arc of American Thought  by Joseph Margulies
The Meaning of the Eikenberry Cables  by David Bromwich
Nothing More Dangerous Than a Recovering 'Realist'?  by Stephen M. Walt
The Sanctity of Military Spending  by Glenn Greenwald
Our Wars Are Killing Us  by Tom Engelhardt
Obama Takes on the Muslim World  by John Taylor

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Detainee Transfer Leaves 192 Prisoners at Gitmo

Bin Laden's Son: Al-Qaeda-Taliban Alliance of Convenience Only

Bagram: The Annotated Prisoner List

The Gun Markets of Pakistan

US Lawmakers to Obama: Press Israel to Ease Gaza Siege

Report Says N. Korea May Be Preparing Missile Launch

NATO, Russia Formally Resume Military Ties

CBO: Federal Deficit Projected at $1.35T


Iraq Militants Using New Tactics to Foil Security

Witnesses to Devastation, and to Their Own Luck

Clinton Says Baghdad Bombings Cannot Derail Iraqi Democracy

Briton Talks About Being Held Hostage in Iraq

Tuesday: 23 Iraqis Killed, 85 Wounded

UK Iraq Inquiry

Lord Goldsmith to Face Pressure Over Legal U-Turn on Iraq War

Tony Blair 'Warned by 27 Lawyers Iraq War Was Illegal'

UK's Invasion of Iraq Was Illegal, Says Former Government Adviser

The War at Home

Vermont Assumes a Heavy Burden in Iraq War

13 Activists Arrested in Front of the White House for Protesting US Militarism
Michelle Obama Announces More Funding for Military Families in 2011 Budget
New York Times Fails to Disclose Jerusalem Bureau Chief's Conflict of Interest

Man With Weapons, Map of Military Base Arrested

'War on Terror'

Obama to Announce Plan to Respond to Bioterrorism

9/11 Commission Head Presses Obama on Anti-Terrorism Efforts

Airport Security Is a Tech-Firm Gold Rush

Man Who Says He Spied on Calif. Mosques Sues FBI

UK Children's TV Stars Detained as Terrorists While Filming Skit

UK Man Arrested Under Terrorism Laws


Iran's Karoubi Says Still Wants New Elections

Peres: Iran Seeks to Take Control of Mideast

US Official: Iran Denying Access to Detained Hikers

Iran Accuses US of Seeking to Use Internet Against It


China Issues Warning Over US Arms Sales to Taiwan

US Stands Firm on Internet Freedom Despite China Row

China Sentences 4 More to Death Over Ethnic Riots


El Salvador to Recognize Honduras' New Government

Guatemala Ex-President Arrested on US Warrant

Honduras Court Clears Military Officers of Charges

Students Protest Removal of Anti-Chávez Channel

Crowds Seeking Aid in Haiti Met With Pepper Spray and Rubber Bullets


Car Bomb Wounds 6 Afghans, 8 Americans Near US Base in Kabul

Karzai: Drop Taliban From UN Blacklist

Russia Won't Block Removal of Former Taliban Members From UN Terrorism List

Briton to Head NATO's Civilian Efforts in Afghanistan

US Wrestling With Prospect of Olive Branch for Taliban

Germany to Increase Afghan Contingent by Up to 850

Afghanistan to Delay Awarding Concessions for Mineral Deposits Over Corruption

Afghan Leader's Hat, a National Symbol, Is Losing Its Cachet

End 'Militarization' of Afghan Aid, Agencies Say

'Civil Society Is Very Much Alive' in Afghanistan

NATO Envisions Many More Years in Afghanistan

Australian Contractor Sentenced to Death in Afghanistan


Pakistan's Former Spymaster: US Must Talk to Mullah Omar

Pakistan Peace Group Hopes Mothers Can Curb Suicide Bombings

Sri Lanka

Sri Lankans Vote in Knife-Edge Election

Voter Turnout Low in Northern Sri Lanka After Explosions

Defeated Tamils Could Decide Sri Lanka Vote


Israel Shuns UN Call for Gaza War Probe

US Envoy Mitchell Brought Nothing New to Region, Palestinians Say

Israel Says Turkish Leader Fueling Anti-Semitism

Arab Israeli's Auschwitz Visit Raises Criticism

Settler Rabbi Arrested Over West Bank Mosque Arson

Group Raps Lebanon, Jordan for Mistreating Palestinians


Key Yemen Talks Open in London

Yemen Rebels Complete Saudi Arabia Withdrawal


Al-Shabaab Attacks AU Base in Mogadishu

US Takes in 6,000 Somalis From Uganda

In Other News

Libya Pursuing Russian Arms Deal

US Concerned About Arms Flowing to South Sudan


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Why Freeze Spending on Only Part of the Budget?

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The Stepford Congressional Delegations

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Winter of Discontent

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Who Would Jesus Shoot?

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The Terrorism Conundrum

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In Defense of Avatar

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Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

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The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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