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Updated February 6, 2010 - 11:11 PM EST
The Expanding US War in Pakistan
  At Least 33 Killed In Karachi Bombings
  US Military Deaths in Pakistan Fuel the Fires of Suspicion
8 Americans Died for Worthless Afghan Base
  Afghan Police Patrol Accidentally Kills 7 Civilians
  Peace Talks May Follow Ex-Taliban Mediators' Plan
  Afghan Women Fear Peace Plans Will Reverse Rights
  Thousands of Civilians Flee Afghan Region as NATO Plans Onslaught
At Least 41 Pilgrims Killed in Karbala Attacks
  Maliki Frames Election Ban as Battle Against US Meddling
Legal Experts Slam Assassinations of US Citizens
  Eric Holder and the Battle Over Khalid Sheikh Mohammed
  Homegrown Terrorism a Growing Concern for US Intelligence
  Military 'Experts': Terrorists Gaining Upper Hand in Cyber War
  Army May Patrol Streets of Britain to Confront 'Terror Threat'
US Doesn't Foresee Deal With Iran in Near Future
China Warns US Ties Turning Increasingly Sour
Russia Names NATO Expansion a National Threat
Army Backs Off Plan to Cut Non-War Spending
The Defense Industry Is Pleased With Obama  by Laura Flanders
Insecure Americans, Abdulmutallab, & Terrorism  by Joe Wolverton, II
Survivors Know Best: Torture Is Always Wrong  by Walter Rodgers
The Iran Sanctions Dilemma  by James Denselow
The War on Terror's Legal Battle  Los Angeles Times
How Secret Becomes Special  by Stan Goff

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Israeli Military May Aim New Rocket Shield at Lebanon Front Instead of Gaza
Christmas Terror Suspect Pleads Not Guilty
Obama Administration Seeks Dismissal of Uighur Case
Interagency Teams Can Now Question Terror Suspects
Report: Rahm Opposed Holder on 9/11 Trials
Military High Court Upholds Abu Ghraib Convictions
China Urges Patience in Iran Talks
Iran's Mottaki Eyes Nuclear Deal Soon, Demands Changes
UN Security Council May Discuss Iran: Russia's Lavrov
Iran Using Tricks on Nuclear Program: German Foreign Minister
US Fines British Company for Exporting Boeing 747s to Iran
Iran Nuclear Deal: Is Ahmadinejad Serious on Fuel Swap?
Iranian Mistaken for 'Neda' Seeks German Asylum
Clinton Opposes Exclusion of Sunnis From Iraq Election
DoD Announces Army Civilian Employee Missing in Iraq
Friday: 46 Iraqis, 1 Syrian Killed; 169 Iraqis Wounded
Gaza War Probes
UN Chief Can't Judge if Gaza Probes Are 'Credible'
UN Chief's Report Pleases Israel
Israel Defends Its Gaza Probe as 'in Line With International Law'
Hamas 'Regrets' Civilian Deaths, Israel Unmoved
Israel Debates Commission to Probe War Crimes Allegations
One Year On, Most Israelis Disapprove of Netanyahu
Report: Assassins of Hamas Official Used Irish Passports
Senior Fatah Official Winds Up Rare Visit to Hamas-Run Gaza
Pilot Who Refused to Bomb Palestinian Targets Gets 'Golden Wings'
Palestinians Still Waiting for Right to Use Highway 443
Israel Fears More Explosive-Laden Barrels in Mediterranean
Amid Row Over Contentious Ad, Jerusalem Post Fires Naomi Chazan of New Israel Fund
Turkey's Military No Longer Calling the Shots
North Sudan Nomads, Southern Soldiers Clash Killing 18
US: No Gross Violations in Sudan Polls
Africa Warns International Court Over Sudan Decision
Khartoum to Lead Joint Sudan-Chad Border Force
Nigeria State Governors Back VP as Acting President
US Envoy Due in Nigeria as Political Crisis Mounts
Man Blamed for Guinea Massacre: Ready for Trial
Weekend Reviews
A Deal With the Taliban?
Mr. Antiwar Republican
Atomic Obsession: Nuclear Alarmism From Hiroshima to al-Qaeda
Security Prevents Ambulances From Reaching Pakistan Hospital
Security Put on High Alert After Karachi Blasts
Interior Minister Describes Karachi Attacks as 'Sectarian Violence'
With Taliban Leader Reported Dead, New Pakistani Figure Emerges
New Video Shows Taliban Flogging Men in Pakistan
Five Taliban Killed in Bajaur
Official: Pakistan for Sustained, Meaningful Dialogue With India
India, Pakistan Officials Meet to Decide Talks Agenda
NATO Ministers, Commanders Advertise Planned Offensive in Southern Afghanistan
US Offensive Aims to Turn Page in Afghan War
Afghanistan 'To Stand on Its Own Feet' From 2010, NATO Says
Obama Tells CIA 'Win This War' at Service for 7 Killed in Afghanistan
NATO Chief Predicts Improvements in Afghanistan
Bomb Kills US Soldier in Afghanistan
Afghanistan: Blast at Dog Fight Kills 3, Wounds 26
France: 80 More Military Trainers for Afghanistan
China 'Indignant' on US Arms Sales to Taiwan
China Opposes Dalai Lama's US Visit: State Media
Riot-Hit Xinjiang Capital at Risk for Years
Teenager Dies as Protests Rock Indian Kashmir
Cambodia Denies Thai Ex-PM Thaksin Made Citizen
Wave of Brutal Attacks Against Journalists in Kyrgyzstan
Russia Says Concerned at Romania Hosting US Missiles
Putin Criticizes His Party After Opposition Rally
Police Chief Among 16 Dead in Russia Caucasus Violence
Medvedev Signs Russia's Military Doctrine
US, Russia Near New Treaty to Reduce Nuclear Arsenals
Ukraine Presidential Race Ends, Tension High
Both Ukrainian Presidential Hopefuls Plan Protests
Tymoshenko Raises Threat of Second Orange Revolution
Belgian Base Breach Sparks Nuclear Worries
Portuguese Police Find ETA Base
Nagorno-Karabakh Tensions Fester
Northern Ireland Agrees Deal to Open 'New Chapter'

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