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Updated February 7, 2010 - 11:07 PM EST
Taliban Reject Karzai Reconciliation Offer
  Afghan Police Patrol Accidentally Kills 7 Children Collecting Firewood
  Why Are US, Allies Telling Taliban About Coming Offensive?
  As US Begins Afghan Surge, Canada Plans Its Exit
  Special Forces Assassins Infiltrate Taliban Stronghold in Afghanistan
Bombing Exposes Secret US War Inside Pakistan
  Pakistan Accepts High-Level Talks With India, but With Caveats
  Senior Minister Admits Presence of Foreign Operatives in Pakistan
US Doesn't Foresee Deal With Iran in Near Future
  Iran's Leader Orders Higher Enrichment of Uranium
  US National Security Advisor: Iran Nuclear Issue the 'Top Global Threat'
  British Tories Would Back War With Iran
  Senator Lieberman: Impose Sanctions on Iran or Attack It
Iraq Panel Reinstates Election Ban Amid Shi'ite Ire
Ukraine Exit Polls: Yanukovych Wins Election
FBI Wants Records Kept of Web Sites Visited
The Defense Industry Is Pleased With Obama  by Laura Flanders
Insecure Americans, Abdulmutallab, & Terrorism  by Joe Wolverton, II
Survivors Know Best: Torture Is Always Wrong  by Walter Rodgers
The Iran Sanctions Dilemma  by James Denselow
The War on Terror's Legal Battle  Los Angeles Times
How Secret Becomes Special  by Stan Goff

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NATO: Russian Doctrine Does Not Reflect Real World
China's Hawks Demand Cold War on the US
Pentagon Appears to Impede Independent Autopsy of Gitmo 'Suicide'
General-Aviation Security Plan Is Being Scaled Back
At Afghan Women's Cost
Why Christians Are Leaving in the Middle East
US Military Vows to Stay in Haiti as Long as Needed
Yemen Says Rebels Given Timetable to Comply With Ceasefire Conditions
Yemen Kills at Least 11 Rebels in Saada, According to Military Web Site
Yemeni President Fires Restive Saada Governor; Successor Named
Fugitive Brother of Yemen Rebel Leader Gets 15-Years Jail Sentence
Russia Says Any Sanctions Must Not Target Iran Economy
Larijani: West Duping Iran Over Nuclear Deal
Iran's Opposition Leaders Call for Big Turnout on Anniversary of '79 Revolution
Iran's Police Vow No Tolerance Towards Protesters
Iran's Mottaki Holds 'Very Good' Nuclear Talks
Iran Opens Two New Missile Plants
Iran Newspaper: MPs Want Mousavi Prosecuted
MP Proposes De-Ba'athificiation to Cover VP Hashemi
Mayor of Mosul Neighborhood Assassinated
Iraqi Court Pushed to Rule on Banned Candidates
Iraqi Militants Send Video of Man Thought to Be US Hostage
Officials Confirm Kidnapping of US Contractor in Iraq
Officers in Charge Interrogated Over Karbala Blast
Rules Do Little to Tamp Down Race for Iraqi Parliament
Awakening Council Members Now Battle Postwar Trauma
55 Suspects Arrested Over Karbala Blasts
Saturday: 8 Iraqis Killed, 3 Wounded
Hamas Backtracks on Apology for Rocket Fire Against Israeli Civilians
Rivals Slam Hamas for 'Apology' to Israelis
Palestinians Question US on Reviving Peace Talks
PA Ambassador: International Court Must Rule on Gaza Conflict
Leila Ghannam Is First Woman Appointed to Govern Ramallah
Israel: Tension With Syria Can Turn Into War in an Instant
Syria: We're Ready for Peace With Israel, but Also for War
'US Urges Israel, Syria to Curb Renewed Tensions'
11-Year-Old Seriously Hurt in Golan Land Mine Blast
Israel's Threat of War Tops Beirut Agendas
Lebanese Fear Stall in Tribunal on Hariri Slaying
Assad Warns of Renewed Civil War in Lebanon
Lebanon: Special Tribunal Chief Rules Out Deadlines in Issuing Indictments
US May Help Turkey Combat Kurdish Rebels
Turkey's Kurdish Party Vows Cautious Approach
Observers Warn That Loser in Ukraine's Presidential Election May React With Protests, Lawsuits
Tymoshenko Stumps for Her Turn to Lead Ukraine
Ukraine Elections: A Glance at Personalities
Report: France Allows Warship Sale to Russia
Northern Ireland
Irish National Liberation Army Says It's Disarmed
New Belfast Pact Faces Many Tests, Little Trust
Pakistan Forces Retake Bajaur Stronghold After Six Years
Pakistan Day Parade Cancelled Due to Security Concerns
Thousands Pack Funerals for Pakistan Bomb Victims
Pakistani City Tense as Mourners Bury Bomb Victims
15 Gunned Down in Pakistan Land Dispute
Dozen Injured in Blast in Pakistan's Quetta, Including Security Personnel
UN Team Arrives in Pakistan for Benazir Bhutto Probe
Afghan Child Killed in Clash Between Taliban, German Forces
Japan Refuelling Ships End Afghan Mission
NATO Allies to Shuffle Afghan Pledges to Add Training
French Afghan-Troop Pledge Falls Short of US Hopes
4,000 British Troops Set for Biggest Battle With Taliban
Gates: US Requests No More Troops From Turkey to Afghanistan
Former Australian Soldier Jailed in US Over Kabul Kickbacks
Thousands Protest in Kashmir Over Killing of Schoolboy
Chinese Envoy Arrives in North Korea in Mission Seen as Aimed at Reviving Nuclear Talks
Obama Statue to Leave Indonesia Park Before Obama Visit
A US Citizen's Curious Journey to a Myanmar Jail
Nigeria Gunmen Kidnap Indian Worker in Oil Region
Sick Nigeria President Yar'Adua 'To Hand Over Power'
Glitches Emerge in Closely-Watched Nigerian State Poll
Delays Mar Key Elections in Nigeria's Anambra State
Sixteen Dead in South Sudan Clashes
Egypt to Host Darfur Reconstruction Meeting
Somali Recruits Trained for Battle in Kenya
One by One, Rebels Desert From Army in Congo
French Red Cross Staffer Kidnapped in Chad Freed
Son of Charles Taylor Ordered to Pay Torture Damages
The War at Home
Courts to Decide Whether First Amendment Protects Lies About Being a War Hero
Pentagon Draws Plans for Immortal 'Synthetic Organisms'
US Urges EU Assembly Not to Block Bank Data Deal
Americans Still Dying
Soldier (VA) Killed by Pakistan Bomb Leaves Behind Wife, Three Daughters
Slain Navy Corpsman From Cordova (TN) Was on 1st Afghanistan Deployment
Widow Remembers Concord (CA) Soldier Killed in Iraq
West Point Grad From Iowa Killed in Afghanistan
Grief for Slain Soldier Hits New Hampshire Community 'Like a Ton of Bricks.'
Fayetteville (NC) Soldier Dies After Falling Ill in Afghanistan
Maryland Marine Dies From Afghan Combat Wounds
Pennsylvania Marine Killed by Afghan IED Is Remembered
Albuquerque (MN) Soldier Killed by IED in Afghanistan
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Mr. Antiwar Republican
Atomic Obsession: Nuclear Alarmism From Hiroshima to al-Qaeda

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