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Updated February 14, 2010 - 11:25 PM EST
Slow Progress in US Afghan Assault
  US Rockets Kill 12 Civilians in Helmand
  Bombs Slow US Advance in Taliban-Held Afghan Town
  Different Accounts Offered About Afghan Civilian Deaths
New Blow to Iraq Election Credibility
  Ban Forces Rivals of Iraqi PM to Halt Campaign
  Anti-Ba'ath Campaign a Spur to Iraq Shi'ite Voters
  Staying On: The Last Brits in Iraq
Top Pakistani Court Nixes Presidential Order
  Pakistan' Political Parties Fear Clash Between Govt, Judiciary
  Officials: US Missiles Kill 5 in NW Pakistan
9 Die in India's First Big Attack Since Mumbai
  Nationalists Blame Pakistan for Bombing in India
Under Obama, More Targeted Killings Than Captures
Specks and Beams in US Foreign Policy  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Yemen: Intervention, Nation-Building, and the Constitution  by Bob Adelmann
Preserving the Golden Rule as a Piece of Anti-Nuclear History  by Lawrence S. Wittner
In the Land of the Stoner Cops  by Nir Rosen
Torture Is a Crime, Not a State Secret  by Matthew Harwood
Obama, the War President  by Helen Thomas

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Tymoshenko to Fight Ukraine Poll Loss in Court
India Police: Pune Bomb Likely Meant for Chabad House
A Test for the Meaning of Victory in Afghanistan
Obama Names Special Envoy to Global Islamic Group
New Uncertainty Surrounds Sept. 11 Trial
Australia's Old Ties With US Deepened in Past Decade
Ex-Teen Soldier Speaks Out for Child Warriors
UN Aims to Limits Costs, Span of UN Peacekeeping
Dawn Call to Prayer... and the Firefight Begins
Afghan Army Reports Five Taliban Killed in Assault
Surprise Tactic in Afghanistan Offensive Befuddles Taliban
3 US Service Members Die in Afghanistan
British Soldier Dies in Afghanistan Offensive on Taliban
US Marines Spearhead Major Afghanistan Offensive
Britain 'Pleased' With Progress in Afghan Operation
US Troops Fight, Then Work to Win Hearts, Minds in Afghanistan
Afghan 'Surge' Launched as Australian Soldiers Injured
Flying Into History With the British Forces on the First Day of Operation Moshtarak
Canadian Soldier Killed in Kandahar Training Accident
Pakistan High Court Judges Stand by Chief Justice
Taliban Blow Up Boys School in NW Pakistan
Pakistan: Good Ties With India to Fight Militancy
Security Beefed Up in Mumbai, Maharashtra in Wake of Pune Attack
14 Indian Soldiers Suspended Over Kashmir Killing
Obama to Go Ahead With Dalai Lama Meeting: White House
China Hints at Trials for 20 Uighurs Seeking Asylum
Chinese Activist Allowed to Return Home After 3 Months at Tokyo Airport
Myanmar Frees Top Opposition Figure After 7 Years
UN: Time Needed to Resume North Korea Nuclear Talks
Sri Lanka President Dismisses Concern Over Rival's Arrest
Gone Fishing: Secret US Hunt for a Sunken Soviet Sub
Bluster on Twitter, and Off It, Too, From Russia's NATO Envoy
Pipeline on Floor of Baltic Sea Clears Hurdle to Sidestep Eastern European Politics
Nigerian Police Criticized for Threatening Editor
Nigerian Elders Demand 'Decisive' Action From New Leader
Amnesty Urges Nigeria 'Police Killings' Probe
Ivory Coast
Ivory Coast Opposition Says Government Sacking a 'Coup'
Opposition Calls for Massive Protests in Ivory Coast
Campaigning Kicks Off in Sudan Presidential Poll
Somali Minister Dies of Wounds After Suicide Bombing
Witnesses to Kenya Election Violence Threatened
Three Killed in Tribal Warrior Attack on Aid Convoy in Uganda
Burundi Violence May Escalate in Run-Up to Polls: ICG
World Cup May Trigger Early General Election in Zimbabwe
US Reduces Troop Numbers in Haiti
Honduras' New President Wants to Meet With Obama
Anti-Chavez TV Vows to Maintain Tough Stance
2 Ex-Soldiers Arrested in Guatemalan 1982 Massacre
Colombians Increasingly Fleeing to Ecuador, Pushed by Paramilitaries and Narco-Gangs
Americans Still Dying
Special Forces Officer From Oklahoma Shot by Afghan Interpreter
San Benito (TX) Family Mourning Loss of Daughter in Iraq
Army Son of Lake County (CA) Pastor Killed in Pakistan
Grieving Family Remembers Fallen Traverse City (MI) Soldier
Soldier (TN) Remembered as Wonderful Friend, Father, Son, Brother and Husband
Soldier From Callettsburg (KY) Killed in Pakistan Blast
Iraq Elections
145 Candidates Ineligible Because of Alleged Ba'athist Ties, Iraq Says
String of Iraq Bomb Attacks Target Poll Candidates
Iraqi Militant Blasts Upcoming Elections, Threatens Violence
Iraq Election Officials Confirm Sunni Candidate Ban
Spokesman: US Army Deplores Civilian Casualties in Iraq Operation
10 Rockets Strike American-Iraqi Base; 2 Injured
Life of a Real Life Bomb Disposal Expert Inside the 'Hurt Locker'
Former NATO Secretary General Lashes Out at Iraq Inquiry
US Official: No Proof Iraqi Militants Hold Second American
Saturday: 2 Iraqis Killed, 22 Wounded
Iran Is Bluffing on Nuclear Enrichment: Experts
Clinton to Build Case for Iran Sanctions on Gulf Tour
Iran's Opposition Reassesses Options After Crackdown
Ex-IDF Chief: Israel Can't Handle Nuclear Iran Alone
Tehran Uses China's High-Tech Trucks to Squash Protests
Mehdi Karroubi Discusses the Chances of Changing Iran's Politics
Austria Threatens Iran With Sanctions
Israel's Ayalon Touts Population Swap in Peace Deal
Gaza Sources: Sole Power Plant to Halt Over Israel Fuel Blockade
Isolated and Battered, Israeli Doves Hold Protest
Hamas Conducts Own Probe After Murder of Militant in Dubai
Palestinians Vow to Continue Protests Until Separation Wall Removed
Twenty Palestinians, Including Journalists Wounded This Week in West Bank Camp
In East Jerusalem, a Defining Battle Over Palestinian Ownership in Sheikh Jarrah
Giving in to the Settlers in Beit Sahur
Israeli Forces Fire on Farmers at Jabalya
Palestinian Who Tried to Stab Soldier Killed: Army
A Day in the Life of the Palestinian Ben-Gurion
Israeli Rights Group Sues North Korea Over 1972 Terror Attack
Paralyzed Palestinian Girl Marya Wins a Home
Egypt Official: Israel Inflaming Mideast With Covert War
Egypt: Coptic Killing Suspects Plead Not Guilty
Report: Egypt to Manufacture First Fighter, Drone Plane
Egypt Navy 'Detains Four Fishermen Off Gaza'
DM: US to Grant Lebanon $237 Million in Military Aid
Lebanese Mark Hariri Anniversary With Dim Hopes for Truth
UN Committed to Uncovering Truth in Hariri Slaying: Ban
Obama Backs Justice for Hariri Killers
Northern Rebels Say They Are Implementing Cease-Fire Pact
Houthi Rebels Deny Assassination Attempt
Middle East
Top US Official to Visit Syria, Lebanon
Hundreds of Jordanians Protest Detention of Two Journalists
Amnesty International
The Conscience Stifled by Amnesty International
Second Amnesty Chief Attacks Islamist Links
United Nations
IAEA Board Elects New Chairman
UN Calls for the Prosecution of Child Soldier Recruiters
In Other News
To French Imam, Extremism Is Islam's Foe
Study Suggests More Vets May Be Helped by Talking About Killing
America's Deadly Robots Rewrite the Rules

Justin Raimondo
The Weathervane as Metaphor

Philip Giraldi
Civis Romanus Sum

Ivan Eland
Liberty Versus 'Patriotism'

Kelley B. Vlahos
The Kid, the Pimp, and the Spineless Media

Nebojsa Malic
Spies, Lies, and Fear

Charles V. Peņa
Budget Freeze as Political Theater

David R. Henderson
Hail Christopher Preble

Ran HaCohen
Fascism Needs an Enemy

Alan Bock
Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

Edouard Husson
The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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