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Updated February 18, 2010 - 11:29 PM EST
NATO Offensive: Next Stop Kandahar
  NATO Strike Kills 7 Afghan Police in Kunduz
  US Rocket System Back in Use Days After Killing 12 Civilians
  Taliban Town Residents Skeptical of NATO Promises
  Afghan Police Vow to Hold Territory Captured by NATO Troops
  UN Slams Militarization of Afghan Aid
  Officers Blamed in Afghan Ambush That Killed 5 US Troops
IAEA Letter Fuels CNN Alarmism Over Iran
  IAEA Chief Uses ‘Technical Violation’ to Raise Fears Over Iran
  US Eyes 'More Confrontational' Approach to Iran
  Clinton: US Has No Plan for Military Action Against Iran
  Iran's 'Now What' Moment
Bombs Kill 44, Wound 100 in Pakistan
  Pakistan: Detained Taliban Chief 'Talking'
  Pakistani Government Backs Down in Judge Dispute
13 Killed in Attack on Ramadi Govt Building
  Iraq Killings Raise Fear of Growing Strife
  Iraq to Seize Security Contractors' Heavy Weapons
  US Ambassador to Iraq Sees Delay in Govt Formation
Tensions Grow as Israel Maintains 'Ambiguity' on Killing
  Israelis Share Suspicions in Hamas Leader's Killing
US Ships Arms, Blocks Humanitarian Aid to Somalia
Niger Soldiers Go on State TV to Confirm Coup
The War on Terrorism Becomes a War on Free Speech  by Jacob Sullum
A Real 'Winning' Strategy in Afghanistan  by Josef Storm
US-NATO Aggression to 'Win Hearts and Minds'  by Dan Alba
'Government in a Box' in Marjah  by Andrew J. Bacevich
That Magical Water's Edge  by Kevin Carson
Why Chuckles Greeted Hillary's Gulf Tour  by Rami G. Khouri

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Cluster Bomb Ban to Become Law – Without US
Scandals, Assassination Plan Rock Palestinian Authority
Congressmen to Ayalon: No Way to Treat Ally
Airport Efforts to Detect Explosives Expand to Handswabbing
Guam Leaders Balk at US Military Buildup
Biden Worried About Another Terrorist Attack
France Moves Closer to Unprecedented Internet Regulation
Russia Delays Sale of Anti-Aircraft System to Iran
Iran Accuses Clinton of Spreading 'Lies'
Iran Says Will Respond to Any New Sanctions
China 'A Mystery' on Iran Sanctions: Israeli UN Envoy
Netanyahu Says World Inching Closer to Israel's Position on Iran
Iran Reversal on Inviting UN Torture Investigator
Foreigners Detained During Iran Anniversary Rallies
Iran Rejects West's Call to Free Political Prisoners
Iranians Protest Bill on Rights of Women
Iran Considers Family Visit for US Hikers
French Extradition Decision on Iranian Postponed
Slogans on Baghdad Checkpoints Offer a Dream Iraq
Top Cleric Urges Iraqis to Turn Out for March Vote
Iraq's Oil Revival Could Be a Gusher for Houston Firms
Journalist Kidnapped in Central Kirkuk
Wednesday: 8 Iraqis Killed, 5 Wounded
Assassination of Hamas Man
Israel: No Reason to Think Mossad Killed Hamas Man
After Dubai, Israelis Question Mossad Methods
Hamas Official Accused of Helping Mossad Hit Squad
Britain Summons Israeli Ambassador to Meeting Over Dubai Killing
Fake Passports Fuel Questions About Israeli Role in Hamas Official's Slaying
British PM Brown: Probe Use of UK Passports in Hamas Killing
Hamas Chief: Israel Should Be Added to List of Terror Groups Over Assassination
Netanyahu Aide Dismisses 'Tooth Fairy' Peace Views
US Lawmakers in Israel 'Puzzled' by Ayalon Boycott
Red Cross: West Bank Life 'Close to Impossible'
Israel Begins Campaign to Improve Nation's Image
Israel Says It's Open to US Shuttle Diplomacy
Egypt: Hero's Welcome Planned for ElBaradei
Egyptian Security Warns Against Welcoming Rally for ElBaradei
Egypt Police Seize Explosives Destined for Gaza
Middle East
Syria's Assad Holds Security Talks With US Official
Saudis Arrest al-Qaeda Man in Major Oil Center

Turkey, Iraq Revive Rail Link

Argentina to 'Peacefully' Defend Falklands Oil: Minister
Argentina's Demands About Falklands Anger British
Britain Hits Back at Argentina Attempts to 'Blockade' Falklands
Honduran Leader Keeps Military Chief Behind Coup
Shake-Up at Venezuela TV Station Worries Chavez Foes
US Military
Guard Troops Wait for Promised Post-Deployment Pay
Military Court to Review Abu Ghraib Conviction
Navy Seal Killed During Florida Training Dive
Afghanistan Occupation
Afghan Offensive Tests Obama's War Plan
US Won't Talk to Taliban Until It Cuts al-Qaeda Ties
Dutch Cabinet Deadlocked Over Afghanistan Mission
Marines Find Rocket Attack's Victims as Mystery Deepens
IEDs Lurk as Biggest Threat in US-Led Afghan Offensive
Snipers Imperil US Troops in Offensive in Afghanistan
White House Says Taliban Capture 'A Big Success'

NATO Airstrike Kills More Than a Dozen Taliban Fighters

A Look at NATO Combat Rules in Afghanistan
'Python' Is British Army's Winning Weapon Against Afghan Roadside Bombs
Maldives: Taliban Met With Afghan Govt Envoys
Afghans Lend Hand to Anti-Taliban Efforts
Taliban Armory: Rocks, Potshots and Drawings
Taliban Deny Report of Baradar's Arrest
Afghan Government's Neglect of Notorious Mountain Pass Kills Hundreds
In Shift, Pakistan Plays Role in Capture of Afghan Taliban's No. 2
Pakistan: US Help Needed to Balance Indian Arms Buying Spree
Pakistan Poised for More Arrests After Capture of Mullah Baradar
Pakistani Court Rejects Bail for US Suspects
Pakistan's Karachi, a Refuge but No Base for Taliban
Maoist Massacre at Police 'Picnic' Shakes India
India Says Talks With Pakistan to Focus on Terrorism
Indian Firm Designs Armoured Car for Hotel Corridors
US Warships in Hong Kong in Sign of Easing Tension
Obama, Dalai Lama Meeting Probably Won't Be Public
China Intensifies Tug of War With India on Nepal
Impasse Feared in Philippine Talks With Rebels
Sister of North Korea Leader 'Wielding More Power'
Ukrainian Election Results Suspended on Appeal
Spain Detains Two ETA Suspects
UN: 7 Pakistani Police Wounded in Darfur
UN Calls on Sudan to Probe Attack on Peacekeepers
80 People Have Been Killed and Over 8,000 Others Displaced in Mogadishu This Month
2 Officers Accused of War Crimes Appointed to Guinea Govt
Zimbabwe Sanctions 'Must Go': Mugabe
'War on Terror'
NYC Mayor Disagrees With Biden on 9/11 Trial Costs
Father of NY Terror Plot Suspect Gets Bail
Judge Rejects Lawsuit Over 2 Dead Gitmo Detainees
France Orders 5 Former Gitmo Inmates Back to Court
More US Charges Filed Against 'Merchant of Death'

Justin Raimondo
Georgia: Nothing Is Coming Up Roses

Philip Giraldi
Some Straight Thinking About Iran

Charles V. Peņa
Yet Another Energy and National Security Myth

Ivan Eland
American Arrogance Overseas Should End

Kelley B. Vlahos
The Kid, the Pimp, and the Spineless Media

Nebojsa Malic
Spies, Lies, and Fear

David R. Henderson
Hail Christopher Preble

Ran HaCohen
Fascism Needs an Enemy

Alan Bock
Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

Edouard Husson
The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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