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Updated February 22, 2010 - 11:03 PM EST
NATO Attacks Afghan Buses, Killing 27 Civilians
  Suicide Blast Kills Afghan Tribal Chief, 14 Others
  McChrystal Puts Focus on Invading Kandahar
  Marjah Civilians, Surrounded by Conflict, Run Out of Food
  Petraeus: US Losses in Afghan Offensive 'Will Be Tough to Bear'
  After Dutch Govt Falls, Troops to Leave Afghanistan in August

Iraq Violence Seen Rising Ahead of Vote

  The Long, Long Shadow of Early Missteps in Iraq
  Monday: 31 Iraqis Killed, 15 Wounded
Israel Unveils New Drones That Can Reach Iran
  War Game Shows How Attacking Iran Could Backfire
  US Places Iran Nuclear Issue on Pressure Track
Report: Netanyahu Okayed Dubai Assassinations
  Killing Blamed on Hamas Traitor as Passport Showdown Looms
Petraeus: Gains Against al-Qaeda, Except in Yemen
Homeland Chief: Domestic Extremism Is Top Concern
Fixing What's Wrong in Washington... in Afghanistan  by Tom Engelhardt
Things to Ponder Before You Enlist  by Don Robertson
Russian-Israeli Relations: 'A Complex Diplomatic Entanglement'  by Mark LeVine
CPAC and the Wars  by Jon Basil Utley
Torture Under Obama  by Nat Hentoff
Behind Clinton's Tough Talk on Iran  by Mark Weisbrot

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Times of London Interview With General McChrystal
China Circled by Chain of US Anti-Missile Systems
MI5 May Face New Torture Inquiry
Petraeus: Marjah First Salvo in Long Campaign
Congressman Calls for US to Circumvent Israeli Gaza Blockade
Powell Backs Obama on National Security Record
Petraeus: Troops May Not Care if Gay Ban Repealed
Lawmakers to Press Military on Fate of Gay Ban
A Model of Harmony Is Found in a Flashpoint City for Iraqi Sectarian Fighting
Counterfeit Dollar Bills in Iraq May Affect Election
VP Calls on Holland, Sweden, Denmark Not to Deport Iraqi Refugees
Car Bomb Targets Electoral Candidate in Mosul
Four Police Killed, Two Wounded in Central Iraq Attack
US Military: 2 US Helicopter Pilots Killed in Iraq
Sunday: 2 US Pilots, 10 Iraqis Killed; 20 Iraqis Wounded
Iranian Envoy Says Iraqi Polls to Result in Strong Parliament
Iran Says Forces Kill Armed 4 Kurdish Separatists
Hamas Man Killed in Dubai
UK Offers Help to Israelis Linked to Dubai Killing
'Dubai Assassins Used Diplomatic Passports'
UAE 'Deeply Concerned' Over Passports Used in Hamas Leader's Assassination
In a Shift, United Arab Emirates May Tighten Travel Rules After Assassins' Entry
Israeli Embassy Deletes Joke About Dubai 'Hit' From Twitter
Dozens of Israelis Enter Synagogue, Raise Israeli Flag in Jericho
Checkpoint Misery Epitomizes a Mideast Divide
West Bank Shrines on Israeli Heritage List
At Least Five Gazans Hurt as Israeli Tank Opens Fire Near Border
Asked About Israeli Nukes, Clinton Avoids Mentioning Israel at All
Israeli Govt PR Website Reflects Rightist Viewpoint
Israeli Human Rights Groups Blast New 'Registration' Requirements
Israel Slams French FM Over Possible Recognition of Palestine
Makeshift Bomb Thrown at Cairo Synagogue, No Dead
Taliban Mounting Tough Fight in Marjah
Afghans Voice Their Fears Amid Marjah Campaign
Battle for Marjah Not Only Militarily Significant
Sweep of Marjah Focuses on Pocket of 'Determined Resistance'
Taliban Reject Renewed Karzai Call for Peace Proposal
Outgunned Taliban Mounting Tough Fight in Marjah
NATO Members Face Biggest Afghanistan Battle at Home
Afghan Police Move Into Taliban Stronghold
Taliban Is Just One of Many Challenges Faced by Afghan Towns
Kabul Bank's Sherkhan Farnood Feeds Crony Capitalism in Afghanistan
Karzai's Rival Warns Him Not to Cut Deals With Taliban
Army Deploying Soldiers With New Combat Camouflage to Afghanistan
Holbrooke Seeks Central Asia Help for Afghanistan
Report: Another Major Afghan Taliban Figure Nabbed in Pakistan
Sikh's Headless Body Found in Khyber Agency
Pakistan PM: Support Democracy, Oppose Mid-Term Elections
North Korea Seeks Military Talks With Rival South
A Family and a Conscience, Destroyed by N. Korea's Cruelty
Two Killed as Troops Open Fire in Bangladesh Southeast
Three More Die From Pune Terrorist Bombing, Toll Rises to 15
Thaksin Ruling Could Further Inflame Thai Unrest
Ukraine's Tymoshenko Gathers Strength for New Political Assault
Dutch Looking Away From Europe, World
Deploring Coup in Niger, UN Chief Calls for Peaceful Resolution
Venezuela's Ranchers Warn Against Arming Peasants

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