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Updated February 26, 2010 - 11:18 PM EST
House Overwhelmingly Renews PATRIOT Act
  House Democrats Strip Torture Ban, Pass Intel Bill
Attacks Strike Afghan Capital, 18 Dead
  Afghan Army Prepares 18-Month Nationwide Offensive
  DoD Takes Over Afghan Police Training After IG Cites State Dept Failure
  Afghan Group Counts 28 Civilian Deaths in Marjah
  Millions of Dollars Leaving Afghanistan by Plane for Dubai
Odierno Seeks Combat GIs in Iraq After 'Deadline'
  In Reversal, Secular Sunni Party to Contest Iraq Vote
Pentagon Rejects Iran Claims of Links to Rebels
  Clinton Cites Iranian Effort to Sway Iraqi Vote
Missile Kills Pakistani Militant Leader: Official
  Clinton to Pakistan: Tax the Rich, Increase Social Spending
  US Expands Weapon Sales to India, Pakistan
Syria and Iran Affirm Ties, Rebuff Washington
North Korea Threatens War Over US-South Korea Exercises
German FM Pushes for NATO Nuclear Drawdown
More Terrorist Blowback From US Foreign Policy  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Guantánamo Deaths Deserve a Closer Look  by Robyn Blumner
Do You Have to Be Jewish to Report on Israel for the NYT?  by Jonathan Cook
Fortress America?  by Stephen M. Walt
War Politics: Numb and Number  by Norman Solomon
Four Gitmo Prisoners Released to Albania, Spain  by Andy Worthington

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Azerbaijan Sees Risk of 'Great War' With Armenia
US Steps Up Military Aid to Yemen
Caught on Tape: DoD Employee Selling Secrets
Medvedev Objects to 'Endless' NATO Expansion
Allow Terror Trials in Civil Courts, Gates Says
2 Indicted in Foiled NYC Subway Bomb Plot Case
Blackwater: Senate Panel Says the Contractor Is Armed and Dangerous
Iran: Jundallah Leader Confessed to 'Extensive' US Aid
Despite Pressure, China Still Resists Iran Sanctions
Israel Delegation in China to Discuss Iran Nukes
China Faces Balancing Act in Iran Nuclear Issue
Iran Wants to Discuss Japan Offer to Enrich Uranium: Report
Iran Leader Says Opposition Has Lost Credibility
Iran: US Should Stay Out of Mideast Affairs
Iran Parliament Head Defends Nuclear Policy
US Presses Brazil on Iran Sanctions
Iraq to Reinstate 20,000 Officers From Saddam's Army
Facing Extinction: Christians in Iraq
Iraqi Journalist Sees Threats to Press Freedom
Explosives-Laden Vehicle Seized East of Fallujah
Contractor Linked to Iraq Death Loses $25m in Fees
British Colonel Blew Whistle on Abuse of Iraqi Prisoners
IED Blast Near US Convoy in Amara, No Casualties Reported
US Senate Set to Make Symbolic Iraq Pledge
Thursday: 6 Iraqis Killed, 5 Wounded
Assassination in Dubai
Team Spent Months Planning Ruthless Execution in Dubai

14 of Dubai Murder Team Used 'Real' Israeli IDs

More Israeli Names Match New Dubai Suspects List
FBI Keeping Quiet on Dubai-Linked Credit Cards
Hamas Assassination: if Mossad Did It, Israel Wonders if It Was Worth It
Mabhouh 'Survived Two Previous Hits'
Australia Warns Israel Over Dubai Assassination
What Do Two Britons Living in a Small Israeli Kibbutz Have to Do With a Death in Dubai?
Israel Practices 2-Front War
Irish Foreign Minister Makes Ground-Breaking Gaza Visit
Netanyahu: 'Heritage' List Won't Change West Bank Status Quo
More Clashes Over Israeli Claim to Shrine
Mayor's Housing Offer Sets Off Row in Jerusalem
Close Gaza Tunnels? Some Palestinians Say Yes
UN to Urge Hamas, Israel to Probe Claims of Gaza War Crimes
Israeli Government Videos Portray Europeans as Gullible
Lebanese President Makes Unprecedented Russia Visit
Turkish Court Frees Ex-Navy, Air Force Chiefs
Turkey's Religious-Secular Divide
Turkish Military, Political Leaders Meet to Defuse Tension
Chief of Algerian Police Killed by Colleague
Sarkozy Describes France's 'Blindness' to Genocide in Rwanda
Explosion Shakes the Center of Kabul
Taliban Defectors Accept US Approach but Wait for Promises to Be Kept
US Says Marjah Operation Going Well
Afghan Flag Hoisted Over Marjah for the Second Time
Marjah: Under Their Flag, but Still Under Fire
Can Afghanistan Taliban Absorb Blow to Quetta Shura?
NATO Chief Defends European Role in Afghan War
South Korea Endorses Sending Troops Back to Afghanistan
Two British Servicemen Killed in Afghanistan in 24 Hours, Taking UK Casualty Toll to 265
At New Bagram Prison in Afghanistan, Some Inmates Buoyant
Pakistan to Deliver Suspected Insurgents to Afghanistan
NATO Oil Tanker Blown Up in Peshawar
Pakistan Intends to Alter Blasphemy Law
Probes: US Soldiers Not Target in Pakistan Attack
What Lies Behind Pakistan's Taliban Arrests?
Zardari Urges Aggrieved Baloch Leaders Not to Resort to Violence
India-Pakistan Talks
First Official Meeting Between Pakistan, India Since Mumbai Attack Is Strained
Terrorism Lingers Over India-Pakistan Peace Talks
Communist Rebels Ambush Philippine Troops
Philippine Police Arrest Another Terror Suspect
China Warns US Over Future Taiwan Arms Sales
Four South Koreans Detained in North
US Warship Docks in Georgia for Joint Training
French Minister Defends Sale of Warship to Russia
British DM Accused of Cover-Up After Troop Data Reclassified
Renegade German War Hero Who Saved French Port Dies
Venezuela Annuls Election of Anti-Chavez Mayor
Venezuela Rejects Report Citing Rights Violations
Chavez Hopes to Ease Tensions With Colombia
Spanish Oil Firm Repsol to Drill Near Falkland Islands
Ousted Honduran Leader Calls Charges Persecution
US Military
2 More Air Force Units Fail Nuke Inspections
Military Spouses Angry That DoD Halts Job Grants
Prosecutors: Law in Green Murder Trial Valid
EPA Sharply Criticizes Military's Guam Plan
Top Marine Opposes Possible Repeal of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

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CPAC Sends Founding Fathers Spinning

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The State That's Still A Lie

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Hail Christopher Preble

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Fascism Needs an Enemy

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Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

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The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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