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Updated March 3, 2010 - 11:26 PM EST
Triple Suicide Blasts in Iraqi City Kill 33
  Troubled KBR Wins $2.8 Billion US Army Contract for Iraq
  Sadr Bloc, Maliki Trade Charges Ahead of Vote

US Commanders Unsure Who's Behind Iraq Violence

  Are Kurds' Days of Kingmaking Over?
  Wednesday: 37 Iraqis Killed, 66 Wounded
Dubai Seeks Netanyahu's Arrest Over Killing
  Israeli FM Calls for 'Cuba-Style' Embargo on Iran
Marine Killed in Afghanistan by US Contractors

Most Afghan Cops Drop Out Before Training Over


Airstrikes Kill Fewer Afghans, but More Dying on Ground


Seven NATO Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan in 48 Hours

Pakistan: Orakzai Offensive to Start Next Week
  Pakistan's Army Declares 'Final Victory' in Bajaur
Yemen 'Sorry' for Killing 42 Civilians in Airstrike
Tymoshenko's Govt Falls in Ukraine No-Confidence Vote
How to Fight a Better War (Next Time)  by Tom Engelhardt
Dredging Up the Israel/Apartheid Question  by Glenn Greenwald
Digging in for the Long Haul in Afghanistan  Interview with Nick Turse
War Guilt in the Middle East  by Murray Rothbard
The Kids Are Alright  by Gene Healy
Seasoned Journalist Versus Thomas Friedman  by Allison Kilkenny

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Afghan Govt Says It's Not Banning Attacks Coverage

US to Share Laser-Guiding Bomb Kits With Pakistan

Pakistan Lays Out Terror Charges for 5 Americans

Karadzic: Sarajevo and Srebrenica Crimes Are Myths

Ukraine's Orange Coalition Dissolves

German Foreign Minister Backs Obama's Nuclear Weapons' Plans


Iraq's Sunnis Bracing for Chaos After Election

Sunnis Emerge From Political Wilderness to Stand and Vote in Iraqi Election

Arab-Kurdish Rows Escalate on Iraq Election Eve

Weapons, Explosives Seized Ahead of Iraq Elections

Sistani Refuses to Influence Elections

In Iraq Election, Familiar Faces but New Coalitions

Iraq's Oil Deals Dominate Maliki's Election Campaign

Basra Protest at Anti-Christian Attacks

Iraqi VP Says His Country Wants Better Ties With Syria

UK Violated Jailed Iraqis' Rights

Tuesday: 1 Iraqi Killed, 4 Wounded

The War at Home
US: Female Veterans Traumatized by Iraq War Fight New Battle in VA Healthcare System

Pittsburgh Residents Want Sign Honoring General Hayden Removed

Air Force: Joint Strike Fighter Delayed, Will Cost Much More Than Once Expected
'War on Terror'

Muslim Leader Issues Anti-Terror Fatwa

German Court Overturns Anti-Terror Law on Storage of Phone, E-Mail Data

Communist Poland Sheltered and Armed Terrorists Including Abu Nidal


Iran: Jundallah Chief Reveals Close Ties With Pakistan, Afghanistan

UN Council Ready to Tackle Iran Nuclear Issue

China Demands Iran Nuclear Talks, Despite US Pressure

In Other News

Cuba TV Report Denies Gov't Let Hunger Striker Die

Chinese Spy Buy Caught on Surveillance Video

Britain Dismisses US Offer to Mediate on Falklands Dispute

McChrystal, Others Visit Marja, Afghanistan, as Offensive Enters Governing Phase

Petraeus Says US Took Needed Risk in Afghanistan

US Voices Concern Over Afghan Media Rules


Pakistan Kills Two 'Taliban Commanders' in Operation Spring Cleaning

Army, Militants Trade Barbs in North Waziristan

Pakistan Army Drops Pamphlets Accusing 'Taliban' of Ties With India, Israel

Australian Police Head to Israel for Hamas Murder Passport Probe

Israel Delays Jerusalem's Silwan Park Plan

US 'Appreciates' Netanyahu Delay of East Jerusalem Demolitions

Israeli PM: Israel Must Keep Jordan Valley

Palestinians Fire on Israeli Military Post Near Ramallah

Six Jailed by Jordan for Plotting to Fight Israel in Gaza


Report: Syria Willing to Consider Phased Golan Pullout

Syrian Markets to Enjoy Golan Apples

Israeli Military: Syria Offers Hezbollah Greater Support Than Ever


Egyptian Blogger Facing Military Court

Turkey Warns US Against 'Genocide' Bill

South Asia

Sri Lanka Govt Asks Parliament to Extend Emergency

Separatist Rebel Group Meets Indian Officials for Peace Talks


200 Russian Tanks Found Abandoned in Forest

Six Insurgents Killed in Russia Ingushetia


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The War Party: A Paper Tiger

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Will Eliminating Nuclear Weapons Make Peace More Likely?

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Shadow Army, Hidden Casualties

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What's In a Name?

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The State That's Still A Lie

David R. Henderson
Hail Christopher Preble

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Fascism Needs an Enemy

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The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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