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Updated March 11, 2010 - 11:27 PM EST
Civilians Among 17 Killed in US Drone Strikes
  US Drone Strikes in Pakistan Tribal Areas Boost Support for Taliban
  US Aid Group Attacked in NW Pakistan; 6 Dead
House Votes Against Ending Afghan War

House Roll Call Vote on Afghanistan Withdrawal

  Gates: Afghan 'Transition' Might Begin Early, if Conditions Permit
US Troops Kill Iraqi Reporter and Husband
  Early Iraq Results: PM Battling Secular Challenger
  After Playing Down Election Violence in Iraq, US Military Reassesses
Iran, Israel Spoiling for a Fight?
  Israeli Envoy Claims Iran Nears 'Nuclear Capability,' Threatens Attack
  Obama Openly Embraces Iran's Opposition, Much To Their Dismay
  Shell Stops Selling Gasoline to Iran
Israel Rules Out Concessions for Peace Talks
  Rachel Corrie Family Finally Puts Israel in Dock
  Officials: 50,000 More Settlement Units Planned
  Israeli Settlement Plans Give Obama Little Room to Maneuver
Obama Eyes 'Compromise' on Gitmo Closure
UN-Backed Troops Kill 90 Rebels in Eastern Congo
Victory in Iraq at Last (Not!)  by Leon T. Hadar
American Elites Abandon Their Faux Regret Over Iraq  by Glenn Greenwald
Wall Street Journal Stands by Its Man, Chalabi  by Jim Lobe
Anthrax and the WMD Fear Lobby  by Alan Reynolds
Premature Withdrawal  by Tom Engelhardt
Hopeful Signs in Iraq?  by Robert Dreyfuss

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The Missile Shield Deadlock Between the US and Russia
UN Report: Much of Somalia's Food Aid Diverted
Fighting in Somali Capital Kills 17, Rebels Behead Two
Netanyahu Outwits Obama Again
Pentagon Eyes More Than $800 Million for New Nuclear Cruise Missile
Bush Intervened in Northern Ireland Dispute
Budget Deficit Sets Record in February
Army Seeks Answers for Afghan Civilian Deaths
Five Afghan Civilians Killed in Roadside Attacks
Taliban Claims Attack on US-Afghan Base
Miliband Urges Political Solution for Afghanistan
Welcome to Afghanistan? No, Norfolk
Ahmadinejad in Afghanistan
Iran and US Trade Barbs in Kabul Visit
Iran Leader: US Playing 'Game' in Afghanistan
US Calls on Iran to Play 'Constructive Role' in Afghanistan
Official Rules Out Any Future Talks in South Waziristan
Taliban Talks Likely on Karzai Agenda in Pakistan
Pakistani Spy Chief, Crucial to US Aims in Afghanistan, to Stay On
India to Buy 29 Russian Fighter Jets
Putin Eyes Multi-Billion Dollar Deals With Old Ally India
India to Acquire 10 US-Made Military Transport Planes
North Korea
North Korea Has Medium-Range Missile Division: Report
Report: North Korea to Replace Top Diplomat in Geneva
North Koreans Seek Asylum at South Consulate: Activist
Dalai Lama: China Aims to Annihilate Buddhism
Hundreds Held in Pre-Emptive Tibet Crackdown
Google Prepared to Quit China Over Censor Feud: Executive
Ukraine's Yanukovich Eyes Coalition, Govt This Week
Arrests in Fatal Russian Train Bombing
'War on Terror'
Behind the Scenes, Crafting the US No-Fly List
UN Spurns US for Not Looking Into Torture Claims
'Jihad Jane' Indictment Shows Terror's Evolution
Boyfriend: Terror Suspect Never Practiced Religion
US Military
Mental Health Evacuations Spike in War Zones
Lockheed Martin Wins $17 Million Navy Contract
Tanker Deal Gives a Lift to Boeing Shareholders
Study: Law Officers Struggle to Readjust After War
Military Funds Elective Cosmetic Surgery
US Military to Step Up Video-Game Training
West Bank Settlements
Israel Apologizes for Embarrassing Biden on Settlements
UN Chief Slams Israeli Settlement Plans
US-Israel Row Highlights Quandary Over Settlements
Israel Building Plan Runs Into Heavy Fire
East Jerusalem Lies at Core of Conflict
US Condemns Israel's Plans to Build Housing in East Jerusalem
Arab League Calls for Ending Support for Talks
European Parliament Endorses Goldstone Gaza Report
Israeli MPs Press Biden for Clemency on Spy
Israeli Ad Inspired by Hamas Killing
Israel Allows UN Bomb Squad Into Gaza
Palestinians Delay Honor for Attacker
Gates Keeps Up Pressure on Iran With Gulf Visit
Iran Speaker Lashes Out at 'Thuggish' US General
Brazil, Germany Clash on Iran Nuclear Sanctions
Iran Tops List of Jailers of Journalists in World
Families: 3 Americans Detained in Iran Call Home
First Iraqi Vote Results Likely on Thursday
Battle Over Iraq Candidates' Ba'ath Links Heads for Courts
Iraqi Sunnis Demand Voice in Politics
Who Will Help Iraq's Widows?
Britain Begins Inquiry Into Iraq Abuse Claims
New Matt Damon Movie May Bring Iraq War Into Mainstream
Wednesday: 8 Iraqis Wounded
Middle East
Yemeni President 'Will Crush Activists' but Welcomes Talks
Lebanon Resumes Defense Talks on Hezbollah's Military Wing
Nigerians Recount the Night of Their Bloody Revenge
Nigeria Governor Indicts Army Over Jos Massacre
Soldiers Kill Two as Tensions Run High in Nigeria Massacre City
Nigerian Christian Villagers Flee Threats of Fresh Attacks by Muslims
US Official: Sudan's Elections to Be Crucial Test
South Sudan Defends Independence Referendum
Libya Accepts US 'Apology' for Kadhafi Joke
Report: Al-Qaeda Releases Two Hostages Held in Mauritania

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