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Updated March 20, 2010 - 11:18 PM EDT
7 Years In, Iraq’s Future as Uncertain as Ever
  Allawi Edges Ahead of Iraq PM in Nearly Complete Vote Count
  In Tight Iraq Parliament Vote, Upsets Point to Future Battles
  Early Backer of Iraq War, Finally Within Grasp of Power
  Thousands Rally on Anniversary of Invasion of Iraq
US: Karzai Brother a Worry in Kandahar Offensive
  Northern Afghanistan Another New Front for NATO Troops
  As US Frees Detainees, Afghans Ask Why They Were Held
  Russians Tell US Generals in Afghanistan: Bribe the Taliban
Clinton Declares Victory in Israel Dispute
  US May End Up Boosting Netanyahu
  Experts Wonder if US Has a Real Israel Strategy or 'Talking Points'
Synagogue Bomb Suspects: Feds Put Us Up to It!
  Al-Qaeda's New Tactic Is to Seize Shortcuts
  Graham Dismisses Gitmo Deal Talk
  Dismantling of Saudi-CIA Web Site Shows Need for Clearer Policies
Pakistan Denies Thwarting Taliban Talks
Families Sue Over Guantánamo Deaths
Iraq War Triumphalism Ignores a Key Matter: Dead Civilians  by David Corn
Brazil Steps Between Israel and Iran  by Pepe Escobar
Obama Won't Restrain Israel – He Can't  by Rupert Cornwell
The Forgotten War  by Laurence M. Vance
Victory at Last?  by William Rivers Pitt
Who Needs Trials?  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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General Petraeus Tipped as Republican 2012 Presidential Candidate
Condoleezza Rice Regrets How US Prioritized Rebuilding in Iraq
Dutch Fury Over Claim Gay Soldiers to Blame for Srebrenica
Russian Exclave at Forefront of a Nationwide Protest Movement
Alaskan Activists Monitored by Military Intel Division
The Shrine Down the Hall
'War on Terror'
No Dissent in Guantánamo Detainee Review, Senate Told
Were Gitmo Detainees Allowed to Use Laptops?
Holder Defends Lawyers for Terror Detainees
Pa. Suspect Is Rare US Woman Facing Terror Trial
Attorneys: Chicago Man Providing Info on Terrorism
Irish Port Town Puzzled to Find Itself Part of a Multinational Terrorism Inquiry
UK Anti-Militant Project Stirs Muslim Unease
A Deal Is a Deal: US Will Buy Prison Even if It Won't Hold Terror Suspects
American Military Forced Into Huge Clean-Up as It Leaves Iraq
Sadrists' Strong Showing Could Mean Quick US Exit From Iraq
Key Figures Since the War Began
Iraqis Gather to Watch Hollywood's Take on a War That Has Enveloped Their Lives
Iraqi National Alliance Leads in Missan Election
FIFA Lifts Iraq's Ban From International Soccer
Roadside Bomb, Gunmen Kill 4 in Baghdad
Two Civilians Killed, Another Wounded in Saadiya
Friday: 13 Iraqis Killed, 12 Wounded
Putin: Russia Could 'Possibly' Back UN Sanctions Against Iran
New Efforts on Iran Sanctions Run Into Familiar Snags
No Let-Up in Protests Against Ahmadinejad, Opposition Leader Says
Iran Jails Former Vice President, Reform Activist
Iran Allows bin Laden Daughter to Leave: Saudi Paper
Iran Releases Opposition Leaders, Rights Advocates Say
Pakistan Gas Pipeline Is Iran's Lifeline
Netanyahu Heads to US as Settlement Row Rumbles On
14 Palestinians Injured in Gaza Strike
Poll: Israelis View Obama Favorably, Mixed on Netanyahu
Hungarian Minister Demands Action After Israeli Aircraft Sighting
New York City's Dubai Assassination Connection
Palestinian Demonstrators, Israeli Forces Clash in West Bank
Middle East Quartet Condemns Israel Over Jerusalem Settlements
Israeli Riot Police End Small Protest at Bilin
Erdogan: Israel Erasing Palestinians
Taliban Lose Control of Marjah but Remain Strong
As Taliban Makes Comeback in Kunduz Province, War Spreads to Northern Afghanistan
Marine Patrols Still Meet Snipers in Afghan Town
Spring Brings New Burdens in Afghan Valley
An Up Close Look at the Military Life in Marjah
Inquiry Into Kunduz Bombing: German Defense Minister Blasted for 'Slanderous' Statements
Losing the Battle to Keep Female Flesh Off Afghan TV
Pakistan to Ask for More Understanding at US Talks
Holbrooke: US Will 'Do More and Announce More' for Pakistan
Pakistan Seeks Civilian Nuclear Aid, but US Unlikely to Deliver
In China, Google Users Worry They May Lose an Engine of Progress
Net Produces New Generation of China Activists
Rebels Kill 20 Myanmar Troops in Shan State Ambush
India Seeks to Question US Terror Convict
US/Japan Nuke Pact Files May Have Been Chucked
Russian Rhetoric on Arctic 'Playing Games:' Canada FM
Al-Shabaab Arrests Journalists in Somali Town
UN: Somali Rebels Join Forces in Cyberspace
Nigerian Armed Group Claims Attack on Oil Facility
Admirals, Others Face Trial Over Turkey 'Plot'
US Military
Likely Successor Emerges to Lead US Forces in Iraq
In Choosing Its Battle Names, the Military Must Know Its Target Audience
Wind Farm Plans Stir Up Storm Over Military Radar
EADS Asks Pentagon to Extend Tanker Competition Deadline
Weekend Reviews
Whatever Happened to Conservatism?
War on Film
Terrorizing Ourselves With Overreactions
Why The Hurt Locker Hurts
Decline of a Great Power?
Ajami: You're Not in Exodus Anymore

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Do We Want Our 'Government in a Box'?

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Down the Rabbit Hole in Afghanistan

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The Show Goes On

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The Left-Right Conference on War

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Fascism Needs an Enemy

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The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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