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Updated April 1, 2010 - 11:15 PM EDT
Mounting Obstacles to Forming New Iraq Govt
  Sadr Bloc to Hold 'Binding' Referendum on Next Iraqi PM
  Iraq's Election: Can This Deadlock Be Broken?
  Iran Denies Meddling in Iraqi Politics
China Denies Backing Iran Sanctions
  US: Iran Sending Weapons to Afghanistan Fighters
Afghan Parliament Rejects Karzai Poll Decree
  Karzai's Brother to Stay in Power Despite Heroin Trade Claims
  Mullen: Kandahar Is Key to Curbing Rise of Taliban
  Bombs Kill 16, Injure 51 in Southern Afghanistan
NSA Wiretap of Charity's Lawyers Declared Illegal
  Prosecutor: Agent Infiltrated Christian Militia
Chechen Rebel Claims Credit for Bombings, Vows More
  New Suicide Blasts Kill 12 in Southern Russia
  Moscow Bombings: A New Cycle of Chechen Retaliation?
US Pushes for 4-Month Freeze on E. Jerusalem Settlements
US-Cuba Relations Under Obama Fall to Lowest Point
'Reporting' on Iran Should Seem Familiar  by Glenn Greenwald
What Makes Chechen Women So Dangerous?  by Robert A. Pape, Lindsey O'Rourke and Jenna McDermit
Dennis Ross Caught Between Obama and Netanyahu  by Eli Clifton and Ali Gharib
The Obscenity of War  by Amy Goodman
Hidden Costs of US's Drone Reliance  by Brian M. Downing
Are Progressives Singing a New Tune on the Wars?  by Lawrence Samuels

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Middle East in Huge Naval Expansion
US Imported Sand to Iraq
When Military Moves a War, There Are No Shortcuts
Audit: Costly FBI Computer Upgrade Drags Further
John Yoo Bad-Mouths Berkeley
FBI Sees Little Chance of Copycat Militia Plots
UK's Cameron: US Disappointing Over Falklands
Muslim Scholars Recast Jihadists' Favorite Fatwa
Iraqi Politics
Iraq PM Appeals Poll Results, Sadr Plans Referendum
Jaafari, Maliki Mull Forming New Government
Al-Sadr Asks Backers for Input on Future Iraq PM
Maneuvering in Iraq Intensifies Over Who to Lead
Iraqi PM: Not Trying to Change Election Outcome
UN Security Council Backs Iraq Election Results
Al-Iraqiya Spokesperson Rules Out Referendum on Prime Minister
Today in Iraq
Nineveh Governor Demands Release of Detainees
Iraqi Artist Who Opposed Saddam Now Fights 'Terrorist' Label
Iraq Awards Rumaila Drilling Deals Worth $500 Mln
Two Police Officers Killed in Attack in Northern Iraq
Wednesday: 4 Iraqis Killed, 6 Wounded
Iran Negotiator Visits China Amid Sanctions Pressure
Obama, Sarkozy Push for UN Sanctions on Iran
Iran Jams Satellite Signals Carrying Foreign Media
Two Iranian Teens, Two Reactions to Their Father's Jailing
Economic Settlers Eager to Head Home
Poll: 21% of Settlers Back Resisting Evacuation 'By Any Means'
Clashes at West Bank Protest Over Detained Fatah Leader
Netanyahu Not Worried Labor Will Leave Govt
Hamas Releases Footage of 'Gaza Clashes'
ElBaradei: Western Policy in Mideast a Total Failure
Hezbollah Chief: Members Summoned in Hariri's Case
Hezbollah 'Will Not Be Silent' if Accused in Hariri Murder
US Senator John Kerry Visiting Lebanon, Syria
Middle East
US Test-Fires Trident Missile in Drill With Saudis
Turkish Court Frees 9 Officers in Army Coup Plot
Gunbattle on Kenyan Border as al-Shabaab Attacks
International Court to Investigate Kenyan Crimes Against Humanity
Somali Pirates Seize Indian Boat Off Mogadishu
Nigeria & Her Neighbors
US Embassy in Nigeria Raises Security Alert Status
Liberian President Brokers Peace Between Nigeria, Libya
Nigerian Protesters Reject Electoral Agency Boss
Nigerian Senate Approves President's Cabinet Nominees
Key Challenger to Sudan's Beshir Quits Presidential Race
Sudan Opposition Mulls Boycotting Elections
Central African Republic
Central African Republic Elections Set for May
Afghan Peace Talks End With No Headway, More Expected
Suicide Attack Kills Seven Afghan Farmers: Official
Afghan Women Flex Economic Muscle
Afghanistan Is Leading Hashish Producer
25 Taliban, Six Soldiers Killed in Khyber Firefight
Pakistani Lawmakers Target Presidential Powers
Pakistan Opens Trial of 5 Americans on Terror Charges
'DC Five' Defense Team Says Pakistan Faked Evidence
Pakistan Asking Switzerland to Reopen Case Against Zardari
Swiss Say Legal Immunity Protects Pakistani Leader
Pakistani General: Al-Qaeda-Taliban Haven Cleared by June
UN Delays Benazir Murder Report at Zardari's Request
Pakistan Moves Closer to Renaming Volatile Region
Mumbai Attack Trial Ends, Verdict Expected May 3
Suicides, Some for Separatist Cause, Jolt India
US Hopes Kim Trip Leads to Nuclear Talks
South Korea Suspends Underwater Rescue Operation
North Korean Defector Visits Washington
Young Thai Protesters Shed Culture of Restraint
Google and Yahoo in Asia

Google Has Censorship Balancing Act Outside China

Google Links Web Attacks to Vietnam Bauxite Mine Dispute
Some Yahoo Email Accounts Hacked in China, Taiwan
China Web Filter Rules Risky for Providers: USTR
Dagestan Suicide Bombings Have Russia Looking to Putin
Echoing Moscow Attack, Dagestan Bombings Underscore Russia's Terrorism Threat
Caucasus Attack Fuels Fear of Terror Wave
Russian Police Break Up Protests, Dozens Detained
Serbs Divided Over Srebrenica Apology
Serb President: Srebrenica Declaration 'Historic'
France Skeptical Over NATO Missile Defense Plan
Putin to Meet Top US Foes in Venezuela
US House May Pass Cuba Export Bill in April, Peterson Says
Journalist: Ecuador's Correa Targeting Critics
US Military
Army Chief Sees Defacto Moratorium on Gay Discharges
No Formal Reprimand for General Who Pushed Gay Ban
One Missing After US Navy Plane Crashes Into Arabian Sea
Pentagon Extends Contract Bidding

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Russia's Metro Bombings

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Honest in the Worst Way

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Does the US Government Understand the Terrorist Threat?

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Settling for Good Enough in Afghanistan

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Whither Bosnia?

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Buzzkill at the Tea Party

David R. Henderson
End the Wars

Alan Bock
Time to Move Past Camp David Envy

Ran HaCohen
Fascism Needs an Enemy

Edouard Husson
The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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