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Updated April 11, 2010 - 11:14 PM EDT
Karzai Threatens to Block US Offensive
  Wikileaks 2: Wrath of Farah
  Afghan Soldier Fires on NATO Troops
  Afghan Officials Say Pak Arrest of Taliban Leader Threatens Peace Talks
  Afghans Accuse Italians of Assassination Plot
  Obama Sends Letter to Karzai, Reaffirming US-Afghanistan Cooperation
Pakistani Air Strikes Kill More Than 70 Civilians
  US Officials: Pak Spy Agency Released Taliban
Iran Backs Unity Government in Iraq With Sunnis
  Maliki's Bloc Says 750,000 Iraqi Votes in Question
  Whistleblowers on US Massacre Fear CIA Stalkers
Russia Eyes US Air Base in Kyrgyz Turmoil
  1,300 US Troops Stranded at Airfield in Kyrgyzstan, Military Says
Yemen Won't Go After Radical US-Born Cleric
Thai Army Battles Protesters; 21 Dead, 800 Injured
Why Netanyahu Canceled His DC Visit, and Why the GOP Is Applauding  by Daniel Levy
The Dark Underbelly of Israel's Security State  by Jonathan Cook
Blowback: The Lessons of the Moscow Bombings for America  by Doug Bandow
Israel's Pentagon Papers  by Bernard Avishai
Behind the Afghan Fraud  by Conn Hallinan
'Two, Three, Many Afghanistans'  by Michael T. Klare

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Yemen: Warning by Cleric's Tribe
Cable Ties Kissinger to Cancellation of Chile Assassination Warning
As US Attempted to Remove Nuclear Material From Chile, Earthquake Struck
US Wants India, Pakistan to Help in Disarmament
Maine Antiwar Campaign Nabs Resolution Victory in State's Largest City
US Ambassador Says Washington, Kabul Can Disagree
2 Italians Among 9 Held in Alleged Afghan Plot
Six Afghans Killed in Blasts, Attack on Indian Company
Afghans Report More Roadside Bombs, Attacks on the Rise
New Zealand Army Attacked in Afghanistan, No Casualties
Three 'Terrorist Bands' Arrested in Afghan Capital
India to Play Role in Afghanistan 'With or Without America'
Kandahar Airfield: Just Like Coney Island
Canadians in Afghanistan
Troops Knew of Afghan Prisoner Abuse, Retired Captain Says
Ottawa Accused of Withholding Military Letters on Detainees
Bondage, Beatings and a Few Questions From the Governor
House of Pain: Canada's Connection With Kandahar's Ruthless Palace Guard
Canada Ready to Mentor Afghan Police After 2011, Says DM
In Kyrgyzstan Chaos, Russia Burnishes Its Image
Clinton Calls Kyrgyzstan's Interim Leader
New Kyrgyz Leaders Ponder Fate of Deposed President
Key Political Risks to Watch in Kyrgystan Turmoil
Ethnic Uzbeks Urge Kyrgyzstan to Stay United
The Nepotism That Sparked a Revolution in Kyrgyzstan
Pakistan Foreign Office: No Compromises on Nuclear Deterrence
Pakistan Military Launches Biggest-Ever War Games, Near India Border
Waziristan Clashes Leave Three Soldiers, 10 Militants Dead
Official: Pakistan Paid Ransom, Freed Militant for Greek Aid Worker
Indian Villagers in Crossfire of Maoist Conflict
Radiation Leakage in Delhi Panics Nuclear Establishment
Emboldened Thai Protesters Vow to Raise Pressure
Thailand: Arrest Warrants Out for Protest Leaders
Tension Rises as Thailand Blocks Some Websites, TV
Thai Protesters Call on King to Intervene in Crisis
Thai Protesters Display Dead Body, Reuters Cameraman Dead
Thailand: 'Tourists Are Safe', Say Authorities, as Tensions Rise
Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan Leader Promises Peace After Poll Win
Low Turnout as Sri Lankans Vote for New Parliament
North Korea Has Up to Six Nuclear Weapons: Clinton
North Korea Has 'Nothing to Fear' From New Nuclear Policy Insist US Officials
North Korea Denies Involvement in South Korean Ship Sinking
North Korea Warns South Over Anti-Pyongyang Leaflets
North Korean Military Threatens to Stop Border Crossing
Tokyo Court: Disclose Okinawa Papers
Japan Gets US Pitch to Buy Spy Drones
Private Efforts Help Resolve Public Tensions Between US and China
Bangladesh Claims Disputed Vanishing Island
Myanmar Seeks Military Assistance From India
Castro Brothers Want to Sabotage Ties, Says Clinton
Cuban Diplomat in Mexico Has Defected to US: Report
Bomb Damages US Consulate in Mexico; No Injuries
'War on Terror'
NYPD Counterterror Boss Who Oversaw Cameras Quits
Few Worry About Overreaction on Jet
Australian Airport's Security Code Taped to Security Gate
Weekend Reviews
A Complete, Complex Look at the Man Behind the Pentagon Papers
Bomb Power: the Modern Presidency and the National Security State
The Hurt Locker: Hollywood's Unsettling View of the Iraq War
Cultural Cleansing in Iraq: Why Museums Were Looted, Libraries Burned and Academics Murdered
Dutch Foreign Minister Knew Iraq Posed No Threat
Youngsters Maimed by Discarded Bombs Face Dark Futures in Iraq
Iraq Bombs Kill Child, Four Police and Soldiers
Iraq-Turkey Trade Up 50 Percent in Past Year
Saturday: 7 Iraqis Killed, 6 Wounded
Attackers Blast Open Iran Prison, Two Escape
Iranian Dissident Challenges Iran With YouTube Views
Iran to Privatize All Refineries, Petchem Units, According to News Reports
Man Accused of Links to Iran Martyrs' Group Won't Be Deported From Canada
Anat Kam: I Hope the Case Will Be Taken in Proper Perspective
Uri Blau: This Isn't Just a War for My Freedom but for Israel's Image
Political Power-Struggle Leaves Gaza in Blackout
Man Shot Dead Leaving Mosque in Israel
Israeli Army Detains 14 in West Bank Land Protest
World Must Press Both Sides to Probe Gaza War: Rights Group
In Turkey, Military's Power Over Secular Democracy Slips
Recriminations Fly After Clashes by Palestinian Militiamen
Lebanon's Jumblatt Voices Support for Hezbollah
Lebanon Army Discovers Hand Grenades in Bekaa, Tyre
Middle East
Political Stirrings in Egypt, a Land of Little Change
Kuwait Deports 21 Pro-ElBaradei Egyptians
Study Warns Against Yemen Conflict Fallout
Jordan's Abdullah to US in Bid to Revive Peace Process
Spain Aims to Revive Mideast Peace Talks
Polish Leader, 95 Others Dead in Russia Jet Crash
Poland to Hold Elections After President Dies in Plane Crash
List of Some Figures Who Died in the Crash of the Polish Presidential Plane in Russia
Plane Crash May Strain Poland's Ties With Russia
Polish President Was Often a Source of Tension Within EU
Czech Republic
They Still Believe in Him, but President Obama's Policies Leave Czechs Wanting
Cold War Warrior, Vaclav Havel, Snubbed at Treaty-Signing Ceremony in Czech Republic
Spain: Judge Appeals Civil War Probe Indictment
Sudan Set for Historic Vote, Security Tight
Fraud Warnings Intensify on Eve of Sudan Elections
Darfur Key for al-Bashir in Sudan Elections
Challenges Facing and to Follow Sudan's Landmark Elections
6,000 Demonstrators Protest Togo Election Results
Two Left in Central African Republic Election Fight After Opposition Boycott
Critics Fear Allies of Nigeria's Ailing Leader Interfering
Uganda Enlists Former Rebels to End a War
Separatists Accuse Ethiopian Militia of Killing British Oil Worker
Pirates Abandon Turkish-Flagged Ship Off Kenya
US Navy Holds 6 Suspected Pirates After Battle
US Military
US Children of Deployed Parent More Anxious, Even After Deployment Ends
Vet Home From Iraq Suffers With Medical Maladies, Red Tape
Thermal-Energy Product Improves Performance of Bomb-Sniffing Dogs
Americans Still Dying
Young Ex-USAF Troubled by His Time in Iraq Drowns Himself
'Thrown-Away Hero' Laid to Rest at Arlington After Suicide
New York Marine Leaves Behind Wife, Son and Infant Daughter
Voluntown (CT) Marine Killed a Month After Arriving in Afghanistan
Family, Friends Recall Fallen Bridgewater (NJ) Paratrooper
Steubenville (OH) Marine Dies While Supporting OEF in Djibouti
Navy Pilot (OH) Lost in Persian Gulf Was Ukrainian Immigrant
Noncombat Incident in Iraq Kills St. Cloud (MN) Soldier
Memories, Friends Comfort Rochester Marine's Family (MN)

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