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Updated April 25, 2010 - 11:13 PM EDT
Afghans Torch NATO Vehicles After Latest Deaths
  Attacks Against Contractors Surge in Afghanistan
  Afghan Spy Chief: 'I Told MI5 That Prisoners Were Being Tortured'
  Sergeant Called in F15 Crew to Bomb His Own Soldiers by Mistake
Iraq Bombings Raise Specter of Shi'ite Militia
  Iraq Govt Says Sadr Security Help Not Needed
  US Soldier Apologizes for Attack on Iraq Families
Abbas: No Palestinian State in Temporary Border
  J Street Chief: Obama Needs to Connect With the Israeli People
Al-Qaeda Leaders Said to Have Ordered NY Attack
  Colleague Says Anthrax Numbers Add Up to Unsolved Case
Launch of Secret Space Ship Masks More Secret Weapon
  US: Hyperfast Missile to Hit Anywhere in an Hour, Alarms China, Russia
Clashes in Sudan Kill 58 on Darfur Border
Bombs, Bullets, US Missiles, Kill 29 in Pakistan
18 Veterans Commit Suicide Each Day
Damn the Torpedoes, Fools' Greed Ahead  by Fred Reed
The Real Socialist Threat Is the Military  by Christopher Ketcham
Judge Rules Yemeni's Detention at Guantánamo Based Solely on Torture  by Andy Worthington
A Kinder, Gentler Gitmo  by Adam Serwer
UK Govt Bullies Rights Charity  by Clive Stafford Smith
Yasher Koah, Judge Goldstone  by Larry Derfner

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NATO Chief Urges Members to Consult With Allies Over Nuclear Deterrent Changes
Japan PM Rules Out 2006 Deal on US Base on Eve of Rally
Ex-NSA Official Pleads Not Guilty to Helping Reporter
Fort Campbell Tries to Stop Soldier Suicides
Abbas to Obama: Impose Mideast Peace Solution
2 Iraq Tours, a Tailspin – and a Tragic End
Shi'ites Bury Victims of Baghdad Mosque Bombings
Shi'ite Cleric Calls on Followers to Defend Mosques in Iraq
Qaeda Confirms Deaths of Leaders in Iraq
Abu-Ghraib Families May Get Displaced Because of Arrests, Curfews Implemented by Iraqi Army Brigade
Iraq Tour Promises View of a Bejewelled Past – Despite Razor-Wire
Department of Defense Employee Dies in Iraq
Some of the Recent Attacks in Iraq
Saturday: 8 Iraqis Killed, 21 Wounded
Iran Offers Amnesty to Sunni Insurgents on Pakistan Border
Iran Amnesties 110 'Terrorists'
Iran: We'll Allow UN Officials to Inspect New Uranium Enrichment Plant
Iran's Ahmadinejad: Proposed Sanctions Not Legal
Report: Israel Helped Iran Academic to Defect
Iranian Nuclear Scientist Requests Asylum in Israel
Iran Guards to Deploy 'Bomber Drone' by Next March
Iran Guards Say They Can Replace Western Oil Firms
Ahmadinejad Blasts Obama, Seeks Allies on Sanctions
Iran Hits at 'Impudent' UAE Comment in Gulf Dispute
IDF Fires at Group of Demonstrators on Gaza Border, Six Wounded
Signs of Life for Mideast Peace Talks
Hamas Militant Killed in Mysterious Gaza Explosion
Gaza Report Judge to Attend Grandson's Bar Mitzvah
Mubarak Pledges Fair Election in Egypt
Egypt FM: Claims of Scud Transfer to Hezbollah 'Laughable Lies'
Even as Lebanon Rebuilds, Civil War Wounds Remain Deeply Buried
Lebanese to Stage March for Secularism
Yemeni Soldier Killed in Southern Anti-Unity Stronghold
Yemeni Shi'ite Rebels Kidnap 2 Saudis and a Yemeni
United Arab Emirates
Rights Group: UAE Must Investigate Abuse Claims
Dumped Body Sparks Riot in Central Nigeria, 5 Dead
Nigeria: Residents Flee Over Fears of New Violence
Ruling Party in Nigeria Is Fractured by Infighting
Two German Hostages Freed in Nigeria: German FM
Ethiopia Explosion Kills at Least Five, Blamed on Eritrea
Tension Mounts in Ethiopia Ahead of Polls
Sudan Poll Count Shortcut Raises Fraud Fears
SPLA Blames Sudanese Forces for Attack
Losing Candidate in South Sudan Oil State Says Rival Cheated
Ugandan Leader Calls for 'Nuclear Weapons-Free' World
African Union Leaders Meet US National Security Adviser
We Were Betrayed, Claim Mercenaries Jailed After Ex-SAS Man's Failed Coup
Paraguay Suspends Rights in Crackdown on Rebel Group
Venezuelan Judge Is Jailed After Ruling Angers Chávez
Seven Honduran Broadcasters Slain Since March 1
Americans Still Dying
Death of Richmond (KY) Soldier in Afghanistan Is Under Investigation
Fallen Soldier's Dad Says Son Was Killed by Suicide Bomber (MA)
Kahului (HI) Soldier Dies in Iraq; Family in Shock
Father of Slain Michigan Soldier: 'He Was Known for His Smile...he Was Always Happy'
Army Medic (TN) Killed in Afghanistan Is Laid to Rest by Family
Army Ranger (GA) Killed in Iraq Helicopter Crash Was on His Seventh Combat Deployment
US Drone Kills Seven in NW Pakistan: Security Officials
Officials: 25 Militants Killed in NW Pakistan
Pakistan: Four Policemen Killed, 12 Tankers Torched at Tila Gang
Explosion in SW Pakistan Wounds Six
Ten Police Injured in Pakistan Suicide Strike
Confessions of a Pakistani Spy
Pakistan Asks India to Handover Kasab, Ansari
Pakistan: Gilani Forms Committee to Probe Benazir Bhutto's Assassination
Kucinich: Obama Policy of Drone Strikes Helping Stoke 'Fanatacism,' 'Radicalism'
4 Killed in Violence in India-Controlled Kashmir
Pakistan: Kashmir Solution Just a Signature Away, Says Former Foreign Minister
Militants Killed in Afghan Raids: Officials
Roadside Bombings Kill 3 Afghan Civilians, Wound 2 Others
Afghan Suicide Attack Killed American Soldier, US Says
100 Foreign Militants Infiltrate Kunduz in Northern Afghanistan, Says Provincial Governor
Thailand Is Close to Civil War as Its British-Born PM Rejects Deal With Angry Red Shirts
Thai Protesters Pull Out of Talks With Government
Thai Protesters Brace for Crackdown as Compromise Rejected
The Staying Power of Thailand's Red-Shirts
Travelers Are Warned to Steer Clear of Bangkok
Rebellious Mood Takes Root in Rural Thailand
South Korean Warship Sunk by 'Strong Impact'
South Korea Inspects Salvaged Ship as Tensions Mount With North
North Korea Appears to Tap Leader's Son as Enigmatic Heir
Manila, Rebels Sign Pact to Avoid Violence
Philippines: Manual Count Difficult, Says Poll Panel
In Kyrgyzstan, Arrest of Opposition Leaders Added Fuel to Violent Uprising
Hina Replaces Communist Party Boss in Xinjiang Region, Hit by Ethnic Violence Last Year
Protests in Malaysia Against Former PM Blair
Russia and Her Neighbors
Thousands Protest in Ukraine Over Deal With Russia
Ukraine-Russia Border May Be Demarcated in May
Russia Says Polish Plane Crash Probe to Build Ties
Putin Wins Austrian Gas Deal, Scorns EU Pipeline
Russia's Medvedev Says He May Seek Second Term
10,000 Armenians March to Remember Mass Killings
Obama Avoids Use of 'Genocide' Again in Marking Armenian Commemoration
As Armenian Date Approaches, So Does Dispute Over 'Genocide'
Large Protests Held in Spain in Support of Judge
Charismatic Judge Who Pursued Spain's Fascist Assassins Finds Himself on Trial
Belgian King Calls for Urgent Talks After PM's Quit Offer
Mayor of Landstuhl Will Push to Keep Medical Center
New Zealand
3 Dead When New Zealand Military Chopper Crashes En Route to Memorial
US Military
In Army's Trauma Care Units, Feeling Warehoused
'Smears' Turn Milbloggers on Their Frontline Hero
Dismissed Murder Conviction Setback for Military
Advocate Fights for Soldiers Left to Battle Their Own Demons
Northrop Grumman Gets $114m Navy Contract

1 of Oldest Military-Style Schools in US to Close

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