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Updated May 5, 2010 - 11:29 PM EDT
Iraq Deal Gives Clerics Final Say in Govt Disputes

Rival Iraq Shi'ite Blocs Agree to Try to Form Government


Mahdi Army Reviving in Post-Election Iraq


Tuesday: 2 US Soldiers, 5 Iraqis Killed; 21 Iraqis Wounded

Pak FM: Times Square Was Retaliation for Drones

  Link Emerges Between NY Bomb Attempt and Pakistani Militant Group
  Were US Special Forces Involved in Shahzad's Arrest?
  Army Spy Plane Snooped on Times Square Suspect: Report
  NYC Bomb Suspect Says He Trained in Pakistan
  Arrested Times Square Suspect: 'Quiet Family Man'?
NATO Forces US to Scrap Kandahar Attack
  Taliban Suicide Squad Attacks Afghan Government Compound
  NATO: Taliban a 'Strong Opponent' in Kandahar

Pentagon OKs 850 More Troops for Afghanistan

UK Defense Chiefs Open Fire on Nick Clegg

Clegg to Haaretz: I Admire Israel, but Won't Stop Criticizing its Govt


Israel Watches the Rise of Nick Clegg

US: No Focus on Qaeda Leaders in Drone Strikes

US May Push Pakistan to Hit Harder Against Militants

Gitmo Victims Win Battle to Unlock Torture Evidence
If the TSA Were Running New York  by James Fallows
35 Years Since the Fall of Saigon  by Gabriel Kolko
The Myth of Talibanistan  by Pepe Escobar
Hullabaloo in Times Square  by Garrison Keillor
Grand Old War Party  by Jack Hunter
Almighty al-Qaeda?  by Jon Taplin

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Jerusalem Divided Between Hats and Hearts

Radio, TV Marti Under Fire

Secret Erik Prince Tape Exposed

Rep. Eric Cantor Blasts President Obama's 'Naive' Foreign Policy

Kyrgyzstan Opens an Inquiry Into Fuel Sales to a US Base

Obama Tries to Appease Some American Jews Upset Over Settlement Criticism

'Al-Qaeda Leader' Arrested, Imam Killed by Gunmen in Iraq

Iraq Arrests Network Suspected in Embassy Bombings

Iraqis Try to Heal Mental Scars After Years of War

Tuesday: 2 US Soldiers, 5 Iraqis Killed; 21 Iraqis Wounded
NPT Meet/Nuclear Weapons

Iran's President Defiant in Face of New Sanctions

Russia Says Optimistic on Iran Sanctions Talks

Ahmadinejad Calls Nuclear Weapons 'Disgusting'

Iranian Leader Calls for Verification of US Nuclear Arsenal

Iran Center Stage at Nuclear Treaty Conference

Iran Slams Western Diplomats for Boycotting Ahmadinejad UN Speech

Iran, North Korea Raise Concerns at NPT Conference

Arab States Spotlight Israel at Nuclear Meeting

Ban Planning No-Nukes Call in Hiroshima


Iran to Hold New Maneuvers in Persian Gulf

Iran Navy Plane 'Was Filming US Carrier'

Turkey Vows to Avoid War on Iran

Israel's Stance on Nuclear Arms Complicates Efforts Against Iran

Direct Talks Fail to Free American Jailed in Iran

United Kingdom
UK Election Result Still in Doubt With Four in 10 Voters as Yet Undecided

British Mother Challenges MoD to Explain Why Her Son Died

'War on Terror'

Gitmo Canadian Interrogated While Sedated, Soldier Says

US Sends Two From Guantánamo to Spain, Bulgaria

Lithuanian Woman Accused of Terror Plot in Russia


Japan's Leader Tries to Backtrack on Okinawa Base

Secrecy Shrouds North Korean Leader's Rare China Visit

South Korea Vows Clear Response to Ship Sinking

Taiwan Opens First Tourism Office in China


UN Rejects Congo Call to Leave

Islamic Group to Distribute Food in Somalia

Times Square Bomb Attempt

Obama: FBI Looking for Terror Ties in Attack

53 Hours, 20 Minutes: From Terror Plot to Arrest

Did YouTube Help Nab the Times Square Bomber?

McCain: 'Serious Mistake' if Car Bombing Suspect Was Mirandized

Joe Lieberman Demands Pakistani Lose Citizenship

A Renewed Debate Over Suspect Rights

Bombing Suspect Passed Checks to Become Citizen

Suspect in Times Square Bomb Case Became Citizen After 10 Years in US

Times Square Suspect's Movements Raise Questions About Holes in Antiterror System

Times Square Bomb Suspect Abruptly Left Life in US to Return to Pakistan

Probe in Failed Times Square Attack Focusing on Pakistani Taliban

Official Complaint, US Vs. Shahzad


New NATO Idea: Awards for Soldiers Who Don't Kill Afghan Civilians

Three NATO Soldiers Among 11 Killed in Afghanistan

More Afghan Schoolgirls Ill in Suspected Gas Attack

Tribal Elder Gunned Down in Southern Afghanistan


Settlers Devise New Strategy to Scare Away Palestinian Neighbors

Jewish Settlers Blamed for Fire in West Bank Mosque

Jewish Terror Suspect 'Unfit to Stand Trial'

Israel: Palestinians Stalling Proximity Peace Talks Kickoff

After Israeli Pressure, Berlin Denies Visa to Hamas Politician

Israel Planning New West Bank Train Network, Minister Says

South Asia

Food Shortages Hit Nepal as Maoist Strike Enters Third Day

Sri Lanka to Relax State of Emergency

Middle East

Questions on Egypt Leader's Birthday

Syria Gains Observer Status at WTO

In Other News

Feingold Calls for Phasing Out TV, Radio Marti Broadcasts to Cuba

European Union Agrees to Accelerate Joint Control of Skies


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Israel, a New Decade

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