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Updated May 24, 2010 - 11:09 PM EDT

Obama Tells Pentagon: Prepare for Korea Standoff

  US Official: At Odds With China Over North Korea, Iran
Mousavi Warns Sanctions Hurt Iranian Civilians
  Iran Sends Letter to IAEA on Swap Deal
US Hits Back as NATO Reels From Latest Attacks
  UK Foreign Minister Nixes Visit to Kandahar Base After Taliban Barrage
Pakistan: At Least 85 Killed in Orakzai Air Strikes
  Evidence Mounts That Pakistani Major Spoke to Times Square Suspect
How Israel Offered to Sell South Africa Nukes
  Netanyahu: Iran a Danger to All Mankind
  Israeli Nuclear Whistleblower Back in Jail
Japanese PM Apologizes for Failing to Get US Out of Okinawa
Congress Sends Wrong Message to Iraq  by Raed Jarrar
Israelis' Ideal State: A Country Without Criticism  by Gideon Levy
From Cold to Hot in Southern Lebanon?  by Rami G. Khouri
Full-Spectrum Indigence  by Robert Higgs
Being Muslim Is No Crime  by Stephan Salisbury and Tom Engelhardt
Iran, Sun Tzu, and the Dominatrix  by Pepe Escobar

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Stop Loss Blues
Top UK Army Bomb Squad Officer Resigns
British Bomb Expert's Widow Recalls 'He Was So Tired'
Through Soldiers' Eyes, 'The First YouTube War'
Defying Western Pressure, Syria Refuses to 'Police' Hezbollah for Israel
Yemen Cleric Urges Muslims in US Army to Kill Comrades
White House Spokesman: US Actively Hunting Awlaki
US Troops, Afghan Police Sweep Through Taliban Stronghold
Taliban Admit Kandahar Attack
Attack Prevents Ministers' Visit to NATO Base
US Tries Luring Taliban Foot Soldiers Back to Society
Four Civilians, Two Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan
In Afghan Graft Fight, US Sets Sights Lower – In Rank
Russia Gives US Afghan Drugs Data, Criticizes NATO
Jihadis Make Their Way to Pakistan Training Areas
Security Forces Kill Three Taliban in Lower Dir
Pakistanis Angry Over Detentions in Times Sq. Case
Many Disillusioned Pakistanis Look Beyond US for Work, Travel and Education
Pakistanis, Indians Clash in Kashmir, One Dead
Pakistan, India Trade Accusations in Kashmir Border Clash
South Korea to Take Ship Case to UN
South Korea's Lee Says to Take North to Security Council
South Korea Cuts Nearly All Trade With North Korea
On North Korea, China Prefers Fence
Bangkok Curfew Extended as City Cleans Up
Thai Leader Says Elections Will Come Only After Violence Ends
Heartland of Thailand, Still Angry and Divided
14 Killed in Fighting in Somalia
Somalia Business Keen to Join Forces for Peace
Ethiopian Party Accused of Intimidation Before Election
Colombian President's Brother Said to Have Lead Death Squads
Jamaica Declares Emergency in Capital After Attacks
Tension Mounts as Israel Tests Its Defenses
No Worries, Israel Insists, Defense Drill Is Just a Drill
Lieberman: Palestinians Want Proximity Peace Talks to Fail
Israel Mulls Bill to Toughen Terms for Hamas Prisoners
UN Says Most Gaza War Damage Still Not Repaired
Activists En Route to Gaza: We Won't Resist Israeli Military if Boats Seized
How Much Does It Cost to Rent in an Ideological West Bank Settlement?
Spat Over Iran May Further Strain Relations Between Allies US, Turkey
Iran's Ahmadinejad Criticizes Russian Support for Sanctions
With Death Sentences, Iran Seeks to Cow Opposition
Iran Seeks Iraq War Compensation
Iran Spy Chief Says 3 Jailed Americans Are Spies
Iran Wants Prisoner Swap for US Hikers
Top Shi'ite Cleric in Iraq Calls for Unity
Iraqi President Fights to Maintain Power in Iraqi Kurdistan
Army Closes Main Gate of Nineveh Election Office
Man Sentenced to Death in Iraq for Russian Killings
Baghdad Glazier Picks Up Pieces of War
Sunday: 2 Iraqis Killed, 5 Wounded
Middle East
Thousands of Lebanese Troops Try to Stop Poll Violence
Egypt PM Hints at Uncertainty Toward Gamal Mubarak
The War at Home
Surveillance Is Suspected as Spacecraft's Main Role
Veterans With Brain Injuries Still Struggle to Get Help
Obama Seeking More Nuclear Energy Loan Guarantees
Plans for a 13-Story Mosque at Ground Zero Provoke Anti-Muslim Backlash

Justin Raimondo
Rand Paul's Problem, and Ours

Charles V. Peña
Why We Can't Win in Afghanistan

Philip Giraldi
Shaping the Story on Iran

Ivan Eland
Defending Everything Is Defending Nothing

Kelley B. Vlahos
President Petraeus?

Nebojsa Malic
Butchery at Wakefield Prison

Ran HaCohen
From Two States to One

David R. Henderson
On 'Collateral Murder' and Stephen Colbert

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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