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Updated June 8, 2010 - 11:29 PM EDT

Tues: Bomb Kills 2 US Troops; NATO Toll 24 for June

  Monday: 10 NATO Troops Killed in Afghanistan

US: Taliban Can Join Afghan Reconciliation if Severs al-Qaeda Ties

US Tones Down Calls for Aid Ship Attack Probe
  Egypt Eases Blockade on Gaza Indefinitely

Livni Offers No-Confidence Vote on Netanyahu


IDF Beatings, Abuse, Doctored Evidence Emerge

Iraq Complains as Iran Shells Kurdistan

Kurdistan Pres: Allawi Bloc Has the Right to Form Govt


Monday: 21 Iraqis Killed, 72 Wounded

Pakistan PM: US Abandoned Demands to 'Do More'

Pakistan FM: Taliban Leadership Has Fled

Army Analyst Arrested as Wikileaks Whistleblower
US Cluster Bomblets Linger After December Yemen Attack
Zionist Joke: What Have We Ever Done to Them?  by Ira Chernus
Instead of Another Ignored Report  by Akiva Eldar
US Arrogance Claims the Japanese Prime Minister  by Amitabh Pal
The Longest War  by Rep. Alan Grayson
King David Rules  by Jeff Huber
We Bought the Bullets  by William N. Grigg

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Helen Thomas Retires in Flap Over Israel Remarks

Israel's Voyage Into Isolation

Guantánamo Spending Nears $2 Billion

WWII Bombs: Slightest Movement Can 'Trigger a Catastrophe'

CIA Medics Honed Torture Techniques on Detainees, Group Charges

Senate Panel Zaps Pentagon Mad Science Agency

Lobbyists Flex Muscles in Engine War


IAEA Chief: Iran's Nuclear Program Special Case

US Presses Its Case Against Iran Ahead of Sanctions Vote

Iran TV Shows Video Said to Be Missing Scientist 'Abducted to US'

Civilian Toll of Iranian Raids in Northern Iraq Enrages Kurds

Web of Shell Companies Veils Trade by Iran's Ships


Iran Red Crescent to Send Two Aid Ships to Gaza

Israeli MP on Gaza Aid Ship Barred From Leaving Country

Israel's Restrictions Haven't Weakened Hamas's Grip Over Gaza, Analysts Say

US Seeks New Ways to Deal With Gaza After Boat Raid: Biden

Assad: Syria Prepared to Act Against Israel's Siege of Gaza

Turkey Calls on Israel to Accept Probe Into Raid

Barak: IDF Will Not Be Investigated

Jewish Dems Slam Kucinich for Slamming Aid Ship Attack

Crisis May Hurt Turkish-Israeli Trade

Arab League Chief to Make First Visit to Gaza Strip


Israeli Navy Says Slain Palestinian Divers Were 'Terrorists'

Report: IAEA to Discuss Israel's Nuclear Activities for First Time

'War on Terror'

NJ Men Accused in Somalia 'Terror Plot' Appear in Court

Border Patrol: Grizzly Bear Sanctuaries Put US in Terror Jeopardy

In Other News

Clinton Pleads Case for Honduras

Germany to Slash Armed Forces by 40,000 Men

Gates Brings Reassurances to Azerbaijan Leader

American Lawyer Denied Bail in Rwanda


Yemen Says Second al-Qaeda Suspect Surrenders

Yemen Arrests 50 Foreigners, Clashes Hit South


Blast Hits Police Compound in Southern Afghanistan

US: Sacking of Afghan Officials an Internal Matter

Sons' Choices Sow Peril for Afghan Farmer

Convoy Guards in Afghanistan Face an Investigation

Karzai's Isolation Worries Afghans and the West

Convoy Guards in Afghanistan Face an Inquiry

Army: 5 Soldiers Implicated in 3 Afghan Killings

South Asia

New Budget Highlights Pakistan's 'Survival Mode'

Sri Lanka President Meets Tamil Political Leaders


North Korea Promotes Kim Relative in Reshuffle

North Korean Leader's Son Gives Interview

US War at Home

Ex-CIA Agent Pleads Guilty to Raping Drugged Muslim Woman

Former Blackwater Seeks New Owner

Depression, PTSD Plague Many Iraq Vets

Military Intelligence Taps Social Networking Skills

Accidental Overdoses Alarm Military Officials


In Chinese Admiral's Outburst, a Lingering Distrust of US

Top Official in Interim Kyrgyzstan Government Resigns


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Our Enemies, the Israelis

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Wali Karzai: A Deal We Should Refuse

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A Meeting in Sarajevo

Charles V. Peņa
Not So New National Security Strategy

Philip Giraldi
More Spin from Israel

Ran HaCohen
The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

Ivan Eland
Israeli Attack May Have a Silver Lining

David R. Henderson
On 'Collateral Murder' and Stephen Colbert

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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