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Updated June 11, 2010 - 11:27 PM EDT
Pentagon Hunting WikiLeaks Founder
For the US in Afghanistan, the News Is Bad
  McChrystal: Kandahar Invasion Delayed Over Lack of Support
  Obama Wants More Money for Afghan War, Will Congress Grant It?
  Poll: US Public Turning Further Against Afghanistan War
  Concerns Grow Over Bagram's Prison Within a Prison
US No Longer Backs Int'l Probe of Aid Ship Attack
  Russia Reverses on S-300 Missile Sale to Iran
  Foreign Ministry Warned Israel Navy Not to Raid Flotilla in Int'l Waters
  New Footage Depicts Attack on Mavi Marmara
  Israel: Wheelchairs and Medicine Not Technically Humanitarian Aid
US Slams Turkey, Brazil for Opposing Sanctions
  Russia Moves Forward on Defense Missiles, Nuclear Plants for Iran
  Beyond Iran Sanctions That Probably Won't Work, Plans B, C, D ...
Punjab Won't Allow Military Operation in Province
  US Missiles Kill 15 in NW Pakistan
Iraq MP Insists Shi'ite Alliance Still On
  Car Bomb Kills 2 Americans, 3 Iraqis
  Hoon: I Did Not Know British Troops Hooded, Tortured Iraqi Prisoners
Yemen Won't Extradite US Radical Cleric
Thousands Wrongly Detained by UK Police Over Terror Law
Pentagon Cost Saving Plan Does Not Save  by Benjamin H. Friedman
Obama Goes With Neocon Flow on Iran  by Robert Parry
The Moral Failure of American Liberals  by Jonathan Cook
Israel Without Clichés  by Tony Judt
Iran's Green Movement: One Year Later  by Juan Cole and Tom Engelhardt
A Growing Part of the Obama Legacy  by Glenn Greenwald

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Advantage Hamas After Flotilla Fiasco
Health Agency Urged to Probe CIA Torture Claims
Kathy Kelly on the Secret US War in Pakistan
Federal Judge Calls Gitmo Inmate's Detention 'Unlawful'
Surgery Not Required to Change Gender on Passports
Sanctioning Iran
Iran Warns of 'Reduced' Ties With UN Inspectors
China Wants More Dialogue on Iran Nuclear Issue
Iran Revolutionary Guard Elusive Sanctions Target
Confront Iran on Brutality Not Nuclear Weapons, Says Nobel Prize Winner
Iran Slams West's 'Double Standards' on Sanctions
Turkey Says No Vote on Iran Sanctions Was Matter of 'Honor'
Turkey: Iran Sanctions Can Aggrevate Iraq, Afghanistan Conflicts
Lebanon Government Split Down the Middle on Latest UN Sanctions on Iran
US Military Sees No Sign of Iranian Incursion in Iraqi North
Iran Opposition Leaders Slash Plans for Mass Rally
Iranian Says He Was Kidnapped
US to Close Base Near Camp Housing Iranian Exiles
US Urges Iran to Fulfill Human Rights Pledges
Iran Opposition Struggles as Ahmadinejad Gets Boost
Allawi Accuses Maliki of Demolishing Iraq's Fledgling Democracy
Sahwa Chief, Army Officer Among Deaths in Amiriya Blast
UNHCR Says Some 60 Iraqis Sent Home From Europe
Car Bomb Kills 3 in Baghdad
Thursday: 18 Iraqis Killed, 46 Wounded
Gaza Aid Ships
Israel, US Agree on Nature of Gaza Flotilla Probe
PM' Office: Acting Deputy PM Knew About Flotilla Raid
Arab Lawmaker on Flotilla Sparks Outrage in Israel
Italian Flotilla Journalist: My Credit Card Was Used After Israel Confiscated It
91 Per Cent of Israelis: Israel Should Also Stop Next Aid Flotilla
Settlers Demand Halt to Efforts to Supply Electricity to West Bank Arabs
Israel Bill Would Demand Palestinians Pay Reparations for Boycott
Pressed to End Gaza Embargo, Israel Looks for New Policy
Hamas Rejects Israel-Approved Snack Foods for Gaza
Abbas: We Demand an End to Gaza Siege; Entire World Stands With Us
Palestinians Delay Local Elections
Arab States: Israel's Nuclear Danger Reinforced by Its Aggression
Turkish-Israeli Relations
Turkish Lawsuits Looms Over Aid Ship Attack
Poll: 78 Pct of Israelis View Turkey as the Enemy
Arab Nations Cheer Turkey for Tough Israel Stand
Turkey: 'Good Chance' of Settling Division on Cyprus This Year
Turkey Signs Deal With Arab Neighbors to Create Free Trade Zone
Middle East
Ten Wounded as Troops Attack South Yemen Protest
ElBaradei: Running for Presidency Would Legitimize Electoral Fraud
Syria Still Lives With Hafez Assad's Legacy
Genocide Verdicts in Srebrenica Killings
Cluster Bomb Ban
Global Conference: 'Much Work Left to Do' on Cluster Munitions
Afghanistan Occupation
Aussies Could Be in Afghanistan 'Until 2040'
Cameron Offers Cash – but Not Troops – to Help Fight the Taliban
Afghanistan: David Cameron's Flight Diverted After 'Assassination Plot'
Afghans Throw Stones at German Base Over Proselytizing Allegations
What Marjah Tells US of Battles Yet to Come
Renewed Threat to Afghan Supply Line
NATO States to Cut 'Fat, Not Muscle' in Budget Battle
NATO: More Trainers Needed in Afghanistan
Today in Afghanistan
Karzai Condemns Kandahar Suicide Attack That Killed 40
Militia Is Said to Be Target of Afghan Wedding Attack
Afghan Taliban Hone Hit-and-Run Tactics, Assassination Campaign
Violence, Political Uncertainty Plague Post-Jirga Afghanistan
Pakistan, US Agree to Bridge 'Trust Deficit'
Caught in the Crossfire in Pakistan
Turkey to Support Pakistan for UN Security Council Seat
China Rebuffs US Criticism on North Korea
25 South Koreans Face Punishment Over Sinking of Ship
South Korean Rocket Likely Exploded Soon After Liftoff
At World Cup, North Korean Team Goes Under Cover
23 Hurt by Bomb Near Mosque in Southern Thailand
Thai Leader Offers Reconciliation Plan
Indian Officials Interrogate Mumbai Suspect in US
Kyrgyzstan Declares Emergency After Six Killed in Southern City
Russian Troops Kill Eight Islamist Rebels in North Caucasus
Five Russian Soldiers Killed in Operational Accidents
France Should Press Putin on Rights, Watchdog Says
Biden in Sudan as Concern Over Elections Grows
Sudan's Beshir Declines World Cup Invite
US Trains Malian Troops
Rebels Abduct 30 People in Central African Republic

Swiss Held for Nearly 2 Years in Libya Released

UN Chief Welcomes Deal Between Eritrea and Djibouti to Resolve Border Conflict
Lawyers: Accused Somali Pirates Didn't Rob US Ship
'War on Terror'
New Bipartisan Bill Would Give President Power to Step in and Stop 'Cyber 9/11'
NJ Men Accused in Terror Plot Are Denied Bail
Pakistani Detained in Chile Says He Was Framed
US Military
Report Faults Pentagon's Buying of Spare Parts
Army: Bodies Misidentified, Misplaced at Arlington
Sources: Scandals at Arlington Cemetery Prompt Firings
Amputee Wins His Battle With the Army Over Bomb Injuries
Female Soldier Jumps From New York Bridge
Parents of Injured Soldier Accused of Stealing Son's Recovery Funds

Justin Raimondo
The War is Making You Poor

Philip Giraldi
A Wasteland Called Peace

Ivan Eland
Taking Bush's Preventive War Doctrine Underground (Sort Of)

Kelley B. Vlahos
Wali Karzai: A Deal We Should Refuse

Nebojsa Malic
A Meeting in Sarajevo

Charles V. Peņa
Not So New National Security Strategy

Ran HaCohen
The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

David R. Henderson
On 'Collateral Murder' and Stephen Colbert

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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