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Updated June 25, 2010 - 11:26 PM EDT
Obama Disavows July 2011 Afghan Drawdown
  Petraeus Expected to Tone Down Attempts to Avoid Civilian Deaths
  Obama's Afghan Strategy Remains Plagued by Problems
  Failing Strategy Survives McChrystal
  How Lessons in Dark Arts of Special Ops Led McChrystal to the Edge
US Disarray May Embolden Pakistan’s Diplomacy
  McChrystal's Exit Not to Reduce Pressure on Pakistan
Congress Passes New Iran Sanctions
  Iranian Aid Flotilla Cancelled, Won't Sail to Gaza
'Serious Rifts' Again in Iraqi Shi'ite Alliance
  Bitterness Grows Amid US-Backed Sons of Iraq
Likud Panel OKs Resuming Settlement Building
  Minister: Israel Ready to Use Force Against Lebanon in Gas Field Dispute
Korean War Turns 60
The Case Against Torture Architect James Mitchell
America Detached from War  by Tom Engelhardt
Obama Misses the Afghan Exit Ramp  by Ray McGovern
'Americans Don't Flinch' – They Duck!  by Kathy Kelly & Dan Pearson
Afghan Mission Impossible  by George F. Will
Making It McChrystal Clear  by Butler Shaffer
Afghan Mine Field  by Charles Glass

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All Quiet on the Australian Front on Role in Afghanistan
Israelis Keep the Trigger Tight
War Funding Bill Could Clear Next Week
As Generals Change, Afghan Debate Narrows to 2 Powerful Voices
ACLU: Consumers' Privacy at Risk in Internet Tax Case
WikiLeaks Founder Drops 'Mass Spying' Hint
Not So Secret: Deal at the Heart of UK-US Intelligence
Israel to Expel Hamas Politicians From Jerusalem
Peres Tells Austrian Chancellor: Terrorists Now Control the Flotillas
US Slams 'Irresponsible' Gaza Aid Ships
Fearing Expulsion, Palestinians Stay Home
Director of Censored Israeli Spy Documentary to Appeal to High Court
Israel to Reexamine Its Shooting of US Activist
Report: Lieberman Changes Policy, Invites European Diplomats to Gaza
European MPs to Israel: Lift Gaza Blockade Completely
Israel Marks Four Years Since Soldier Held in Gaza
Attacks Targeting Iraqi Forces Kill at Least 10
Iraqiya Discusses Future of Alliances With Sadrists
3 Mahdi Army Fighters Arrested
Thursday: 24 Iraqis Killed, 33 Wounded
Still Time for Iran Nuclear Fuel Swap: Think Tank
Trial of Iran's 'Blogfather' Begins in Tehran
Middle East
US Boosts Aid to Yemen
ElBaradei Makes Sharp Criticism of Police Action
Fresh Fighting Kills Eight in Mogadishu
Libya Rejects Amnesty Report on Rights Abuse
Russia Reopens Belarus Gas Tap but Dispute Goes On
Greek Minister Escapes Injury as Bomb Leaves One Dead
For Conscripts, German Military Service Is Battle Against Boredom
Venezuela to Nationalize US Firm's Oil Rigs
US Military
Dying in Their Sleep: The Invisible Plague Attacking US Soldiers
More Asian Americans, Other Minorities Recruited in US Army
'War on Terror'
TSA's Latest Scandal: Hassling Amputees
US Declares Chechen Militant a Terrorist
Bin Laden Hunter Says He'll 'Absolutely' Try Again
3 Guantanamo Inmates on Hunger Strike in Slovakia
Petraeus Replaces McChrystal
Petraeus Is a Master Tactician, but His Greatest Strength Is on the Political Battlefield
Surge Replacing Pullout? Lawmakers Rush to Confirm Petraeus Anyway
With McChrystal Gone, Other Officers May Go With Him
Obama Stresses No Discord With Petraeus on Board
Dismay in Kabul at McChrystal Sacking
From Pentagon, Messages of Dismay and Support
Report: Sources Claim Gates Backed Keeping McChrystal
Mullen Says He Was 'Nearly Sick' Over McChrystal Article
Ron Paul Bucks Wisdom on McChrystal
US Not 'Bogged Down' in Afghanistan: Gates
Obama Faces Calls to Shake-Up Afghan Diplomatic Team
Four British Soldiers Die in Afghanistan Road Accident
Seven Security Guards Killed in Afghan Roadside Bombing
McCain Says More Troops May Be Needed in Afghanistan
Pakistani Court Sentences 5 Virginia Men to 10 Years in Prison
5 Troops Injured in Khyber Blast
Kyrgyzstan Says Islamist Groups Sparked Violence
US, Russia to Coordinate on Aid for Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyzstan Weak Link for Extremists, Security Chief Warns
Kyrgyz Leaders Urged to Halt 'Illegitimate' Referendum
UN Tells Security Council Kyrgyz Tensions Persist
Kyrgyzstan Asks OSCE for Help
Audio Slideshow: War in Korea
Seoul: North Korea in Father-to-Son Succession Campaign
North Korea Threatens Harsher Punishment for US Detainee
China/Hong Kong
China Says Terrorist Group Broken Up in Xinjiang
China Says Terror Bust Underscores Enduring Threat
Hong Kong Passes Beijing-Backed Election Changes
Indonesia's Most-Wanted Terror Suspect Arrested
Philippines Massacre Key Witness Killed
Sri Lanka to Block UN Visits to Probe War Crimes

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Still Mesmerized by WMDs

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Punishing Turkey

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Taliban's Time Horizon Longer Than America's

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Obama Is No Superman

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Empire's Deal

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The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

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On 'Collateral Murder' and Stephen Colbert

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How Brainy Is Obama?

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