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Updated June 28, 2010 - 11:27 PM EDT

Angry Dem. Rep. Cuts Billions in Aid to Afghanistan

  CIA Chief: Only 50-100 al-Qaeda in Afghanistan
  Obama Slams 'Obsession' With Ending War in Afghanistan
  McChrystal Issued Bleak Report Before Firing
  Pakistan's Plan on Afghan Peace Leaves US Wary
  NATO Says Increased Military Ops Behind Death Toll
  Corruption Suspected in Airlift of Billions in Cash From Kabul
Panetta: Iran Has Uranium to Make Two Bombs
  Report: US Warships Stationed Off Iranian Coast
  G-8 'Fully Believes' Israel Will Attack Iran, Says Italy PM
  Iran Is Surrounded by US Troops in Ten Countries
  Russia Says Alarmed by CIA View of Iran's Weapons

US Arrests 11 'Russian Spies'

US-Israeli Relations Suffer 'Tectonic Rift'

Sadr Bloc: Maliki Not Trustworthy as Iraqi PM
60 Years Into War, US Delays South Korea Forces Handover
The President Chooses the Guru  by Robert Dreyfuss and Tom Engelhardt
Shalit Debacle Shows Netanyahu's Incompetence  by Uri Avnery
Nation-Building in Afghanistan? That's Afghans' Job  by Eugene Robinson
The Jeffrey Goldberg Media  by Glenn Greenwald
Illusions and Empire  by Charles Scaliger
Dispatches From the Rambo Republic  by Zoë Slutzky

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UK Spies Told to Reveal Instructions Which 'Turned Blind Eye to Torture'
CIA's Panetta: No Good Info on bin Laden for Years
McChrystal Violated Not Just Protocol but Obama Tenets on Media Management
Military Costs Under Review in Bid to Trim Waste
Report: Toronto Police Rough Up Journalists, Arrest Peaceful Protesters at G20
Mossad Boss Heads for Exit After Dubai Murder Fallout
Palestinians Must Ease Gaza Electricity Crisis: UN
Hamas Police Seize $16,000 in Gaza Bank Raid
East Jerusalem Fracas Leads to Heavy Clashes Between Israeli Forces and Palestinians
Israeli Soldier's Family Urges Swap
Captured Soldier's Family Begins March to Jerusalem
Iraqi Democracy Crippled by Widespread Corruption
Hundreds Displaced by Iranian, Turkish Bombardments of Kurdish Rebels
US Copter Fire Kills Three 'Gunmen' Near Mosul
70-Year-Old Journalist Released 20 Days After He Was Detained in Baghdad
Iraq Shrine City Najaf to Get Ultra-Modern Monorail System
Sunday: 1 US Soldier, 9 Iraqis Killed; 8 Iraqis Wounded
US, Israel Differ on Iran Nuke Intel
Iran Says Egypt Barring Gaza Aid Ship From Canal
Iranian Ships Could Join Wave of Flotillas to Gaza
'Syria Wants Brazil to Help Negotiate Mideast Peace'
110,000 in Syria 'Will Be Deprived of Food Aid'
Egyptian Analyst: Can't Rule Out That Mossad Was Involved in Attack
Bedouin Tribesmen Attack Gaza-Bound Convoy After Clash With Egyptian Police, Officials Say
Middle East
Thousands Demand Equal Rights for Palestinians in Lebanon
Al-Qaeda's Attacks in Yemen Urge Security Services to Change Tactics
The War at Home
Feds Won't Charge Blackwater in Sudan Sanctions Case
Man Pleads Guilty in Iraq Oil-for-Food Case
Marine Widow Battles Verizon Over Cancellation Fee
Five More NATO Troops Killed in Afghanistan
Afghanistan in Turmoil After Peace Talk Rumors
Panetta Says Afghan Insurgents Show No Real Interest in Reconciliation Talks
NATO: Afghan Ops Not Slowed Despite Command Change
Petraeus May Need a New Team in Afghanistan, Senators Say
US Service Member Killed in Afghanistan
15 Insurgents Killed by Their Own Bombs in Afghan Mosque
In Kandahar, Many Wounds of War Treated at Mirwais Hospital
Kyrgyzstan Holds Vote Only Weeks After Riots
Kyrgyz Voting Calm After Violence
Russia Warns Kyrgyzstan Could Implode After Vote
Crumbling Community Trust in Kyrgyzstan
North Korea Rejects US Proposal for Talks on Sinking of Warship
In Signal to Pyongyang, US, South Korea Beef Up Ties
Obama Says There Must Be Consequences for Korea Ship Sinking
Suspected US Missile Strike Kills 5 in NW Pakistan
Tibetan Cultural Figures Detained After Protests
Police, Protesters Clash in Bangladesh General Strike
Blast at Bosnia Police Headquarters Kills One Officer
Cameron Raised Ex-Spy's Death With Medvedev: Official
Somaliland: Four Killed in Election-Day Skirmish
Lush Ribbon of Land Winds, Like a Fuse, Through Somalia's Ravaged Capital
Shell Employee Kidnapped in Nigeria: Army
Lifetime of Tracking Killings in Congo Ends in Activist's Own
Guinea Holds 1st Free Election After Army Rule Era

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