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Updated July 3, 2010 - 11:26 PM EDT
GOP Chief: Afghan War Is 'of Obama's Choosing'
  Steele's Afghanistan Criticism Highlights Dems' War Problems
  Budget Deficit and Wars' Cost Draw Fire on the Home Front
  Under Cover of Dark: House OKs War Funding
Petraeus Arrives in Afghanistan as Taliban Attack
  Petraeus Emails Journalist Scheming to Get Out Pro-Israel Line
Pakistan Backlash: Anti-US Sentiment Grows
  Pakistan Bombings Erode Claim of Progress on Militants
French Oil Firm CEO Slams Iran Oil Sanctions
  Outgoing UN Nuclear Inspector Pushed Dubious Iran Nuclear Arms Intel
Iraq: 'End of Combat' Date Just Semantics
  Bridge Destroyed, Villages Hit as Turkey Expands Iraq Strikes
Russian Spy Ring May Be Last Straw for Obama Nuke Treaty
Too Scary to Fly, Not Scary Enough to Arrest
War Is Peace, Occupation Is Withdrawal, and Nation-Building Is an Exit Strategy  by Austin Bramwell
Toward a Responsible Defense Budget  by Christopher Preble
More on Scary Russian Spies, and on What Should Concern You  by Arthur Silber
The War That's Not a War  by Rep. Ron Paul
Afghanistan War: Why Are We Doing It?  by Rep. Tim Johnson
The Stray Bullet Theory  by Robert Logan

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Gates Tightens Rules for Military and the Media
Army 'Psy Ops' Gets New Name
Canada: Bomb Explodes at Office of Army Recruiters
Obama's National Security Officials, on Night Watch
Fighting, but Not Calling It Combat
Blair Was Warned of the Perils of Iraq Occupation
Argentina, Syria Trade Support on Falklands, Golan
Russian Spies in the US
Cyprus Official: Russian Spy Has Fled Island
In Spy Case, 2 More Are Said to Have Made Admissions
2 Kids of Alleged Spies Headed to Russia
Mystery of the 'Sleeper Cell' That Gave Russian Espionage a Bad Name
Suspects in the Alleged Russian Spy Network
FBI Spent Nearly Decade Pursuing Spy Suspects in Bid to Gain Counterintelligence
Clinton Treads Lightly on Russia's Doorstep
Movie Stereotype of Dangerous Spy Is Far From Real Life of Accused Anna Chapman
Russian Spy Suspect Anna Chapman: I Regret Life I've Chosen
In Britain, Accused Russian Spy's Ex-Husband Speaks Up
Turkish Air Force Destroy Iraqi Bridge
National Coalition to Announce Nominee for PM This Week
Gunmen Kill Senior Iraqi Sunni Cleric
In Iraq, a Car Can Be an Invitation to Violence
General Odierno: Al-Qaeda in Iraq Faces Serious Financial Crunch
Overcoming Taboo, Iraq Turns to Dogs to Fight Bombs
Friday: 2 US Soldiers, 5 Iraqis Killed; 7 Iraqis Wounded
Obama Emphasizes Waiver in Iran Sanctions Statement
Iran's Bahai Community Fears Rise in Persecution
Netanyahu, Lieberman Reconcile After Feud Over Turkey Talks
IDF Mistakenly Summons 7-Year-Old Palestinian Boy to Shin Bet Interrogation
Obama to Press Netanyahu on Transition to Direct Peace Talks
Despite Raid, Mostly Business as Usual for Israel and Turkey
Pick Up Pace on Peace Talks, Says Palestinian Chief
Netanyahu: No Apology, No Compensation to Turkey Over Flotilla Killings
Israeli Minister Denies Promising Turkey Compensation for Gaza Flotilla Victims
Official: Netanyahu-Obama Talks to Determine Region's Future
Longer Blackouts for Gaza, as Politicians Quarrel
Gazans Stage First-Ever Display of Classic Cars
Art Helps Student Who Lost Eye in Gaza Protest
Spy in the Sky Rakes in Millions for Israel
Israel Arrests Four Leftist Protesters
UN: No Proof of Israeli Scud Claims About Hezbollah
Scud Missiles Would Be Odd Choice for Hezbollah
UN Protests Obstruction of Troops' Movement in S. Lebanon
Kurd Leader Talks of Truce as Turkish Jets Bomb Iraq Targets
Kurd Conflict Comes Back to Haunt Turkey Before Polls
Jordan Nuclear Deal Held Up by US Curbs
Marines Launch New Operation Near Marjah
NATO Chief Warns of Increased Losses
Taliban Attack USAID Company, Five Killed
NATO Kills Over 30 Taliban in Afghan Gunbattle
One Briton Dead, Another Injured, in Kunduz Attack
The Challenge of Kandahar
NATO Chief Hopes Afghan Handover to Start in November
On Patrol With Women Police of Afghanistan
Pentagon to Open Bidding for Fuel Delivery to Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan
For Soldiers, Training Mirrors Afghanistan's Realities
French Military Affirms Afghan Hostage Journalists Are Alive
Pakistani Militants Return to Roots With Lahore Attack
Pakistan Under Pressure to Act After Lahore Violence
Punjab Govt Had Intelligence on Attack Threat
Kyrgyz Govt Arrests Uzbek Leaders, Blaming Them for Anti-Uzbek Riots
Kyrgyz Constitution Comes Into Effect
China Installs 40,000 Security Cameras in Urumqi
One Year On, Amnesty Urges Inquiry Into Urumqi Violence
Taiwan Turns to Celebrity Diplomacy
Police: 8 Killed in Thailand's Restive South
Rights Groups Eye Sri Lanka
One Dead, 11 Injured in Kosovo Blast
Russia Mulls Long-Term Plan for Volatile Caucasus
Clinton Visits Ukraine, Urging Democratic Liberties, US Partnership
UK Antiwar Protestors Win Stay in Legal Battle
Nigeria: Boko Haram Deputy Alive, Vows to Continue Anti-Western Fight
Uganda Army Clarifies on Defense Unit Recruitment

Chavez Steps Up Threats Against TV Channel

'War on Terror'
Government Loses Appeal in Guantanamo Habeas Case
Pentagon Ban on Guantanamo Reporters Is Illegal, Group Says
We Were Permanently Banned From the Miami-Dade Metrorail for Taking Photos
At Guantanamo, Prisoners Freer, Assaulting Less
Obama Orders Changes to Pathogen Security Practices
US Military
Mentor Says McChrystal Is 'Crushed' by the Change in His Circumstances
Iraq Veteran 'No Less of a Person'
US $250 Million Superbomber 'Almost as Good' as $8 Million Robot

Justin Raimondo
The Spy Scare

Nebojsa Malic
The Endless Summer of 1914

Philip Giraldi
Executive Privilege

Ivan Eland
The Second Coming of Petraeus

David R. Henderson
Supreme Mediocrity

Charles V. Peņa
Still Mesmerized by WMDs

Kelley B. Vlahos
Obama Is No Superman

Ran HaCohen
The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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