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Updated July 4, 2010 - 11:13 PM EDT
Cycle of Stupidity Over Steele's Afghan Remarks
  Al-Qaeda Ties Obstacle to Afghan Peace
  NATO Admits Killing 2 Civilians in Afghanistan
  As US Fights, China Spends to Gain Afghan Foothold
Pakistani Military Threatens Major Wazir Tribe
  Pakistan's Dueling Drones Debate
  Pakistan Attack Leads to Call for US to Quit Afghanistan
Iraq Blasts Mar Biden's Call for New Govt, Unity
  US Fails to Complete Iraqi Projects
  Maliki Assures US Congressmen About Iraq's Government Formation
Iran Remembers Victims of Airliner Shot Down by US
  Saudi Arabia Denies Report on Israel, Iran
Crackdown: Gates Wants Military Interviews Cleared
Hamas and Hezbollah Begin to Embrace Non-Violent Tactics
War Is Peace, Occupation Is Withdrawal, and Nation-Building Is an Exit Strategy  by Austin Bramwell
Toward a Responsible Defense Budget  by Christopher Preble
More on Scary Russian Spies, and on What Should Concern You  by Arthur Silber
The War That's Not a War  by Rep. Ron Paul
Afghanistan War: Why Are We Doing It?  by Rep. Tim Johnson
The Stray Bullet Theory  by Robert Logan

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Ron Paul Praises Michael Steele's Afghan Remarks
What to Read This Fourth of July Weekend
Nixon and Kissinger Joked Over Chile Assassination
Nudge on Arms Further Divides US and Israel
US Court Orders New Hearing for Algerian Detainee
UK Activists Who Smashed Arms Factory to 'Prevent Israeli War Crimes' Acquitted
Russian Spies in the US
Moscow Admits Alleged Spies Are Russian
Russian Spy Arrests Offer Bit of Cold War Nostalgia
The Spies Who Loved Me (and Did Little Else)
NY Spy Suspect Wants to Stay Here, Lawyer Tells AP
Former Intelligence Chief Warns of Threat to Britain From Russian Spies
Lawyer: Russian Diplomat Told Daughter, NY Spy Suspect, to See Police About Fake Passport
Russian Spy 'Not Some Mata Hari'
Anna Chapman and the 'Russian Spies' No Match for the Steely Cold War Agents
Russian Spy Gang Accused's Kids Face Identity Crisis
At Least 2,405 People Killed in 2010 in Iraq, Says Rights Group
Iraq Rejects Turkish Plea for Intervention Against Rebels
Turkish Deputy PM Vows to Continue Operations Against PKK in Northern Iraq
US Senators in Iraq Press for Swift Government Formation
Biden 'Extremely Optimistic' About Iraq's Democracy
Curfew Leaves Iraqis Longing for Festive Baghdad Nights
Iraqi National Movement Leader, Member Released After Month in Detention
Explosion Hits Turkish-Iraqi Pipeline
Saturday: 4 Iraqis Wounded
World Powers Tell Iran Door Still Open
Iran Pushes US on Missing Scientist
Ahmadinejad Calls Sanctions Against Iran Pathetic
Israel-Global Relations
'Israel Trying to Block US-Saudi Arabia Defense Contract'
Secret Talks With Turkey Backfire on Netanyahu
'Obama Warns Erdogan International Gaza Flotilla Probe Bad for Turkey'
German Parliament Demands Israel End Gaza Blockade
Is Likud Punishing Members Who Back a Two-State Solution?
Hamas Detains Fatah Activists in Gaza
Israel Beiteinu Aims to Make Trouble
Settlers Convinced Not to Evict Palestinians Ahead of Netanyahu Trip to US
Report: Abbas Agrees to Israeli Control Over Jewish Holy Sites in Jerusalem
Erekat Denies Report Abbas Willing to Give Israel Kotel
Reports on Transfer of Gaza Crossings to PNA False, Palestinian Official Says
Palestinian Prisoners' Families to Urge Hamas: Don't Surrender to Israel
Hamas: 10,000 Palestinians Cross From Gaza Into Egypt
Shalit March Draws 20,000 Calling for Prisoner Swap With Hamas
Israeli Troops Attack Peaceful Protest in West Bank
US: Proximity Talks Narrowed Gaps; Palestinian Authority Plays Down Reports of Progress
Villagers Attack UN Peacekeepers in Southern Lebanon
UN Chief: UNIFIL Facing Surge in Tensions Near Lebanon-Israel Border
UN Peacekeeper Wounded in Lebanon Clash
Lebanon's Politicians, Clerics Rally Behind UNIFIL After Village Attack
Lebanon: Phalange MP Raps Bid to Grant Palestinians Rights
Middle East
Al-Qaeda Is Trying to Set Kurds Against Arabs
Egypt Police Officers to Face Trial After Blogger Death
Yemen Arrests al-Qaeda Militants Over Officer's Death
Two Ugandan Peacekeepers Killed in Mogadishu Fighting
Cash Pulls Somali Children Into Insurgent Ranks
UK Aid Group Staff Beaten in South Sudan: Officials
Fugitive Suspect in Rwanda's 1994 Genocide With a $5 Million Reward on His Head Has Been Arrested in Uganda
Gunmen Seize 12 Sailors in Ship Attack Off Nigeria: Navy
Guinea's No. 2 Party Says Will Challenge Some Results
Colombian Rebels Planting Landmines in Panama, Says Official
Ecuador's Row With Colombia Over Spying Ends Thaw
Venezuela Says Arrests Salvador Terrorist Suspect
Chavez: Detained Salvadoran Wanted in Cuba
Cuba Says Dissident Hunger Striker 'in Danger' of Dying
'War on Terror'
Wife of Pakistani Man in Maine Held in Times Square Bomb Probe Says He's Getting Out on Bail
UK Stops Sikhs Turban Search at Airports
Global Activism
Clinton Says a Steel Vise Is 'Slowly Crushing' Global Activists, Threatening Some Democracies
In Afghan's Most Dangerous District, UK Troops Fear War Will Last 10 Years
Top US Commander in Afghanistan Warns of Tough Mission
Gen. Petraeus Calls for Civilian-Military Unity in Afghanistan War
Troops Call It the Heart of Darkness, the Spiritual Home of the Taliban
Roadside Bomb Kills 2, Wounds 4 in South Afghanistan
Taliban Kills Five Afghan Civilians
Job One: Petraeus Squashes Beef Over Kandahar's Grid
Australian and Afghan Troops Wounded
Jailed Former British Army Officer Bill Shaw Fears Bounty Put on His Head in Kabul Prison
British Security Worker Among Dead in Afghan Suicide Attack
British Soldier's Graft Appeal Begins in Afghanistan
Pakistan Opposition Chief Backs Talks With Taliban
8 Killed in Target Killings in Karachi
12 Arrested in Lahore Bombing
Parliamentary Panel Wants Anti-Terror Policy Changed
Ten Taliban, Three Soldiers Killed in Clashes in Pakistan
Protest Strike in Pakistan Over Shrine Bombing
Third Pakistan-China Joint Exercise Begins
Terrorism Directly Linked to Foreign Policy, Says Nawaz
Islamic Conference Brands Lahore Bombers 'Enemies of Islam'
'No Access' to Detained German Citizen in Pakistan, Berlin Says
Clashes in Kashmir, Curfew Extended to More Towns
From Bullets to Rocks in Kashmir
Kashmir Separatists Step Up Demands for End to Military Law
Kyrgyzstan Swears in Caretaker President
New President Says Parliamentary Democracy Best for Kyrgyzstan
US Largely Ruling Out North Korea in 2009 Cyberattacks
South Korean Villagers Say No to US Navy Base
Third Spy Arrested Over Assassination Attempt in South Korea
Aquino Seeks Talks With Separatists
Philippine Maoists Seek Prisoner Release Before Talks
US Urges China to Respect Rights in Xinjiang Region
Behind the Facade of Chinese Rule in Tibet
Tibetan Environmentalist Jailed for 5 Years in China
Thai 'Yellow Shirt' Party Picks Leader
Imagine Peace: Thai Exhibit on Political Crisis
Okinawa City to Sue Japan Over US Base Issue
Cambodia Arrests Two Thais Over Bomb Attack
Rights Groups Eye Sri Lanka
Indonesia Proof That Democracy, Islam Can Co-Exist, Says Foreign Minister
Clinton Hopes Russia Accepts US Missile Defense
US, Poland Sign Missile Shield Pact on Clinton Trip
Clinton, Ahead of Caucasus Visit, Decries Russian Occupation of Georgian Areas
Eads Chief Hopes to Win Pentagon Tanker Contract Despite WTO Ruling
US Military
United States: Guard, Reserve Groups Duel Over Merger Proposal
US Military Plans Hummingbird-Sized Spies
Remains of 7 US Servicemen Who Crashed in Myanmar During WWII Are Identified
Americans Still Dying
Non-Combat Death of Scottsdale (AZ) Soldier Is Under Investigation
Oregon Paratrooper Killed Just Before Returning Home
Pittsburgh (PA) Marine Killed by IED in Afghanistan
Paratrooper (FL) Had Served in Both the Navy and the Marine Corps
Yorba Linda (CA) Community Gathers to Remember Fallen Marine
Family Reels in Wake of Maine Soldier's Death in Helicopter Crash
Hundreds Attend Funeral of Miami (FL) Navy Corpsman Killed in Afghanistan
Family, Friends Say Final Goodbye to Fallen Missouri Marine
Marine From St Clair (MI) Killed in Afghanistan Is Laid to Rest
Turpin (OK) Soldier to Be Buried in Kansas, Grandmother Says
Tennessee Airborne Soldier Will Be Laid to Rest at Arlington
Friends, Family Honor Michigan Marine Killed in Afghanistan
Family and Friends Speak Out After Loss of Rome (NY) Soldier
Dade County (GA) Remembers Fallen Marine
Roadside Bomb Claims Life of Virginia Infantryman Just Days Shy of His Birthday

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The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

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